Understanding the Losers Who Use Instagram Live
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Understanding the Losers Who Use Instagram Live

(upbeat music) (arguing) – All right, I said all right! We all know why we’re here. Needless to say nothing that
happens here leaves this room. – Are we ever gonna call Homeland Security to track this guy? – We are. To that end, I want you
to meet Doctor North. He’s a behavioral
psychologist out of Langley. Doctor. – Yeah, we’ve been tracking your guy and, it’s unconfirmed, but we think he makes Instagram live videos. – Doctor North has created
a profile of people who use Instagram Live. – We wanna empower you so you
know what you’re looking for. – I’m sorry, I just transferred
here from the X-Files. What’s the prob with Instagram. – Not Instagram, Instagram Live. – Open your ears kid. Streaming yourself says
“whatever it is I’m doing, is already not interesting
enough to hold my attention.” – I’m asking you to
measure the kind of mind that decides to inflict that on others. – What causes this kind of madness? – We run a number of risk
factors, but a major one is being a Democrat running for President. Most stream themselves
with a dog they just bought to seem approachable or pretending to like Iowa. – Disgusting. What about moms who broadcast their adult children eating dinner? – Mom’s are more a on Facebook Live. That’s where you find your Boomers, ugly people you went to high school with. It doesn’t come up on Instagram. – Basic I’m sorry, go on doctor. – What has come a factor across
every Instagram Live Video, (squeaking) fear. – What do you mean? – Every broadcaster is
telling us one thing, “I am terrified of being alone.” – They don’t look scared to me. – Look closer, think how
broken you have to be to broadcast yourself learning
a new song on the piano, or looking at a super moon, imagine thinking anyone give a – I never watched an Instagram Live video because I’m not a dork. Can I see one? – Yeah, I have one here – I wanna remind everybody that the bureau does provide counseling so ah take care of yourselves. – This is Paul Willohan,
he’s a musician/model in Jersey City. – Yo, what’s up Willofam! I’m on 6th Avenue, New
York City what’s up. Look check it out they got
some tall buildings and crap. Yeah so what’s up, ask me questions. – Why is he starring at us? – Stop! – [Paul] Ask away!
– Stop it! – Why is, – [Paul] Anything! – What am I watching? Why is he doing this? (scared cries) (message alert) – Oh yo, what I had for lunch? Um yo, I had the freakin
spicy italian from subway. Yo, they got this garlic butter sauce that is freakin fire dude! – Why? – Yeah, so check my profile
for the link to my SoundCloud. – Jesus Christ, – [Paul] Check it out. – stop it! – Pay special attention to the discomfort in the body language, the demand for question. He has nothing to say,
but he needs to be seen. – Where can we find these psychopaths? – I don’t like that word, psychopaths. I makes it too distant. See, I believe that all
of us have an Insta-liver lurking inside and all
it takes is just a push. A push not texting back,
or nights spent at home. Something to say “I better
broadcast some to people who are only half paying attention.” Anyone of us can be driven by need to broadcast ourselves making
a mediocre meal at home, or standing in line at Six-Flags. Loneliness is lethal. And all it takes is a
little too much time. – Hey! His SoundCloud really is fun! – Yeah hah! – It is! – I like it! – Is this him? – Wooo! – Hey its Grant. If you like College Humor
and what to support us, sign up for Dropout. For the low price of .005%
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100 thoughts on “Understanding the Losers Who Use Instagram Live

  1. I once did an instagram live where I shaved off my eyebrows and drew on new ones. Can confirm this is 100% true.

  2. 2:17 That is totally NOT how an overhead projector works. Where the phone is would just be a solid black silhouette.

  3. I'm going to instagram live me watching this video!!! Come check out my desperate need for attention and love! It's gonna be so lit.

  4. The guy sitting behind the girl didnt say a word. Was waiting on him to admit his love for Instragram Live or something

  5. I'll be honest, a lot of the time, I don't laugh out loud at many internet videos. But this, was hilarious, and Grant was amazing

  6. Their censoring their videos because YouTube is being a female dog and keeps on hurting their YouTube creators.

  7. ugly people!!!!!!!
    losers trying to justify theire existence using instagram live,,,AAAAAAA….. finally something smart n funny


  9. Is nobody gonna talk about how they got the overhead projector to show a video from a smartphone WHICH IS NOT TRANSPARENT?

  10. Sat whatever about people who have no friends, but to me, being that kind of live-streamer demanding attention is so more pitiful.

  11. Me: watching this while doing an Instagram Live
    Me: *heavy breathing noises*. “Ummmmmm…..”

    (I’ve never used Instagram Live but I know a few who do…..)

  12. great acting but some really jarring cuts in this video. Were they meant to be an 'homage to something I'm not familiar with?

  13. Grant behavioral psychologist needs other videos. Can't wait to see him profiling from the crime scene or something ^^

  14. Hey fuckwits, no one likes the silent censoring. It's not the censoring that's the problem, just beep it like every censor in the history of censoring?

  15. Ummm this breaks my brain…
    How did nobody in the comments realise its impossible to do that on a projector? 2:15

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