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so this is Google mini as you can see this is adapter I guess ok guys so the
first thing to notice here is that Google home mini is black in color it is
also available in white but I bought this yeah it looks nice and so it has a
one button here which is basically mic button and it lets you on and off the
mic and then we have it set opera it’s made by Google open it so USB type adapter and these
are its specifications oh yeah let’s then get started by setting up and
configuring this report in here is Google home doesn’t work without
connecting to our opera so it should be connected to what after while it is on
and whenever we are gonna use it we wanna use it and we have to make sure
that it is connected to since it is the first time so it’s taking a longer time
to start this mini also has some sensors attached on it’s both the sides this is
for volume volume down as you can see as I’m decreasing the
volume lights are decreasing one by one signal and as I will increase the light
smell again one by one increasing hi Google what’s check it out here’s my impression
of a paperweight fasting you wanna do you when all the four LED lights on the one
who really starts going no green red and yellow means that it is starting and
acting to the Wi-Fi the rice goes white increasing and
decreasing on both the sides means that it is listening to the request of the
user and when all the ayats abilities are
ranging here it means that the voice is activated microphone is let’s get started using Google for mini
except some fun with it hey Google what’s my name
you’re sort of Kumar so you remember my name
hey Google I was just possible that you remember my name
sorry I don’t know how to help with that hey Reuben what do you understand by Tom
like I can’t tell yep hey Google what do you mean by God religion can be
complicated and I’m still learning very diplomatic answer hey Google what do you
think of space well I think about a lot of stuff I’ve been learning a lot about
cookie lychee so I’ve been imagining bizarre flavor combinations like carrot
and coffee okay mobile tell me the latest news
people here is the latest news from Times of India top stories at 980 a.m.
today hello this is the dance of India Radio
in Heather top news for both the police chief minister and samajwadi party
president Achilles she other has said that his
party is willing to play second fiddle to stop it so guys as you can see it is
responding very quickly and it is connected to my Wi-Fi network and so it
is giving us the latest news feed it also help in giving the information
about the weather and anything else hi Google who created you I was made by
a team of people at Google I know one who is your CDO on the web site money
dot cnn.com they say Larry Page Google’s co-founder and previous CEO became CEO
of Google’s newly created parent company alphabet which I may not be as
well-known as Google’s founders what’s the weather in Patiala currently in
Patiala it’s forty and sunny today it will be clear with cloudy spells with
the forecast high of 41 and a low of 29 hey Google are you feeling about yeah
that seems like an interesting topic what do you want to know about in India
what do you feel about India everything about me is desi my heart my coat my CEO do you remember where I said here’s what
you told me first my keys are in the wardrobe second my huge keys are in my
bag Thanks so we have various type of things experimental piece and now you
also look at various little features you can also set up some privacy settings in
the privacy settings what are the settings and then choose the privacy
settings and then you can change whatever you want you can deny the
location of your current location that is device so you can change according to
your preferences you can change your name in the city what you can call your
unique name so I will just show you how to change your nickname or you can say
name that this device will follow you you caseless tested for
shopping list hey global what is my shopping list actually your shopping
list is empty okay go fill my shopping list with
properly pencil one laptop one finger sorry I’m not sure how to help with that
yet but my T’s helping me learn I’m not sure hey you bill will you help me in
making my shopping list sorry I can’t create multiple shopping
lists yet okay so let’s also talk about its
drawbacks Oh Minnie so let’s talk to it
hey Gobel could you make a call to Papa sorry I can’t make calls yet okay hey
Google but you make message for me to my sister sorry I don’t know how to help
with that I’m still learning hey Google would you help me writing my shopping
list down there are lots of things I can help you with for example you can say
set the thermostat to 23 degrees I’m feeling lucky
do you want a couple more ideas yeah here are couple more suggestions you can
say turn it down of one kilo in pounds once a move so I think you will like and now you are
wanting more I want supports this which are not shown earlier this is basically
getting started with Google and check it out some things about this device that
makes me crazy like speaking again and again with see doesn’t sorry I’m not
sure how to help with that it doesn’t make sense but I explained about the new
feature that is coming that will allow us to have a conversation that
conversations so the CEO of Google is from that which I these two features hey
Google what do you think of elixir it would be nice if my home was as tall as
an exile I’m not complaining though I like how cozy this is so Google is
admiring Alex and this device wants to be installed as an exhaust device this is surprising hey Google what do
you think of Cortana Cortana hands have on video games that’s every insistent
stream hey Google can you tell me a joke sure here’s a joke for you
how much does a pirate be for Khan a Buccaneer hey Google can i play a game
with you I’ve got some fun jokes I can share a man asks his doctor to help him
with his addiction to social media the doctor says I’m sorry I don’t follow you do you like to be an exam Alexa has such
a soothing points I like it she has an elegant mean how about Siri
she seems funny hey Google I think Siri does good work there you sorry I don’t
know how to help with that yet hey Google Alexa is a much better than you
she’s pretty amazing basically assistant with me hey Google
katana does very nice job sorry I’m not sure how to help if we see
this product from design perspective then you can see this to just fit this
thing there is the mic button and here is the USB connection to fit this now so
you can see there has been given two holes so that these two things fit
inside this so we will basically focuses on little
bit things like this also from design perspective and that’s what makes it the
best company in the world so it doesn’t claim any details and every my new
detail is sticking here everything has been made for a reason and everything
you can see here is given some reason you can see cuz Google has this partners
were collaborating on this Google mini so we can basically use their services
one time for Pena tp-link when it’s takes you to play music basically you
can go to this link given here and see all the partners which I’ll just show
you here one thing as you can see sweetie manufactured by human LLC
amphitheatre Parkway mountain will us but at the same time it’s been written
here made in China I have to clear it and I’ll make sure
convey you if I get any information about this why both things are different
because on this cover about there doesn’t mean anything written see here
it is written made in China designed by Google made in China this is
what I think is it’s being manufactured by the hardware and software design and
everything is done by Google and China has basically connected all the
components and then India has simply imported it as you can see here imported
by reading tall India Limited features so first of all put together let’s move
it so click your name your date of birth
you can access your gmail account may access it accesses your device’s
location to your location so who will use it the data of those in which it is
connected so give you the personalized regions written services according to
your voice it has connected so where does the Google collects the data how
does this time your servers data centers they produce basically has all the permissions to access the
electrons so if you have given permission to access your location to
access other info so basically access database from your permissions given it
and then it uses it to / special features the main concern is your
privacy if you want to get your information otherwise you can’t deny my
access settings the main thing is like which Facebook was involved and so you
cannot believe badly on anyone today’s word so we have to be careful about what
data we have to get for use by companies a big chance and great device amazing
device which is working quite fine and which has helped me making my own stuff
like reminders hours and taking something that I if I the kid mice
things somewhere and I forwarded then remind it will basically memorize it or
everything which you can give so all the experiences on the things that you would
talk to me it will vaporize it and use it for the final question of my speed to
anyone without permission and see this I’m just giving the review of how i am experiencing home mini so that’s what i have shown in this video and i have shown all the aspects , its benefits and drawbacks as well please like the video and subscribe the channel in the upcoming videos , more exiting stuff awaits you ! If you wanna something about this video , do comment down . this is me , sourav , signing out ! press on the subscribe button as it motivates to improve the content day by day !

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