Uma Hagenguth, COO of APPICS | The Future of Blockchain Technology in Social Media | ICO Review 2018
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Uma Hagenguth, COO of APPICS | The Future of Blockchain Technology in Social Media | ICO Review 2018

BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM Oh uma of the ethics team thank you so
much for taking the time to join us this evening so can you can you tell us a little bit
about the ICO what your your business is and and how you’re creating that on the
black chain sure so applix is a what we call next-gen board
based social media app that lets you monetize the time and creativity you
spend on social media I’m not gonna go into too much detail of like I think the
technical things because a lot of people are already familiar with cement which
is the first blogging site that was that was announced and launched in May 2016
connected to an underlying blockchain called Steam when we found out about
this my team and I when we found out about this project that for us was like
the spark that inspired us to to really really take this seriously a lot of
people are familiar with already the mechanism of turning likes into currency
but what makes us really because we’re one of the first SMT smart media tokens
it’s gonna launch once technology is Allen which is happening this year
yeah we’re planning on publicly launching in q3 this year basically what
the epics app is all about is giving users the ability to earn without having
to understand any of their underlying technology so to make it very user
friendly it’s it’s sort of like an Instagram but where you earned and then
we have content being filtered very differently than you see on any other
platform including steam it because our moderators are actually influencers who
already have knowledge in their particular category and so that’s how we
are going to structure in moderate Khan’s and that’s just one of the
features that really differentiates us from all the other platforms that’s
really cool with regards to just kind of revamping the whole social media
business model I think when I watched you guys is video that’s one of the
things I was drawn to right away as almost you’re like creating a platform
to give the value to the people to the users and not you
know a shareholder is on on Wall Street and things like that can you can you
speak to a little bit to the process of you know starting a business and really
keeping that in mind kind of staying at the ground floor creating value for the
consumer and how you guys are able to do that with your protocol sure
so basically prior to ethics we had a marketing agency so my background is
literally that I got lucky because I have good I had a mentor from an early
age on to be also the co-founder of epics he’s the CEO Tom Winchester
he’s a Bitcoin pioneer and he’s been in space since like 2011 it was it was a
daily thing for me to do to like check the claim market cap but then on the
other side we were still so much in the in the mainstream space because we had a
marketing agency actually in Germany and then we had you know on the other side
blockchain technology this tool that basically allows you to to do things
that weren’t possible before like for example turning likes into currency or
giving giving posts value and then redistributing that to the users and so
and like I said in 2016 when steam came out it was kind of like the perfect
match right now we have a blockchain that is made for the social media space
where you already mechanism it’s integrated and all we have to do is
build on top of that and bring in our expertise and yeah create our concept
bring our vision to life so specifically would content creation what do you guys
what’s vision for building out epics and and you know kind staying true to the
creators and not you know the advertisers or the economy or at a
monetary incentive you know what’s your plan to accommodate scalability and
growth um yes so what we’re all about is really giving the users or at the
empowerment of the users so that means that they can decide the direction of
the content how the pants or payouts are going to happen and then this is why I
also mentioned the categories because I think it’s so crucial in today’s so
median landscape to half of the way where content gets filtered and
moderated in like a in like a meaningful way we’re just gonna set that to no so
we’re gonna start with 15 categories we’ll have a charitable one as well like
it giving back category that’s gonna be static and then there’s gonna be people
who are knowledgeable in the space who can and will actually delegate to opens
to them so that is one of the ways and my favorite one where it’s all about
community building the user is not from us so yeah and I think that’s also how
it menus page food to yourself right is when you let the people who are in a
certain field decide on what conjugates seen can you speak to a little bit to
you know to steam it platform building on that protocol and kind of that
motivation to build out their their their capabilities yeah um so first of
all the schema community is amazing we like I’ve never experienced such a
supportive community online even when you just blog there like it’s amazing
how support if they really are and then I was speaking actually at steam fest
one and two and Amsterdam and Lisbon where the community comes like they all
gathered together and then the steam and ink team is there as well so we get to
meet you know the founders the developers and so we did develop some
close relationships and we we started talking also to the developers what was
possible what we could do and then and we actually started working on our
concept before SMT was was announced but when it was that was like an amazing
opportunity for us to get in because it’s that’s really what we ever want it
right is to have in technology that’s cooking and then we can build on top of
that and so what they did was basically decide they wanted to focus more on the
steam blockchain rather than the steam accom which doesn’t mean they don’t care
about steam it they do but it’s about like scale about scaling the Steam Mop
chain and protein you can do because now people like my team we can come in be
bringing our expertise and we just yeah build on top of
this amazing technology and so for that right now we’re actually working on a
couple of initiatives that are going to emphasize that I can’t I’m not sure if
I’m officially about to say what it is exactly but we are working on something
that is going to be really huge and for the name basically what’s happening in
the development and research nice nice nice that you could keep it under covers
but now just just going through your website I see you know a plethora of
active influencers and and you know acting and music can you speak to how
you’re bringing those players to the black chain and crossing that bridge
with them as well technology we common so right now we are at a phase where
we’re done like a global tour so I was speaking out a lot of crypt events but
then are a lot one of the last steps was actually in LA spoke to so many
incredible celebrities influencers who have a voice and we really want them to
be able to to share a message that’s so important right like there is an
alternative if you want to have one there is no hope to earning more to
gaining more power in a network where where you are actually there’s one of
the like the source of the revenue for the company and so received amazing
feedback and everything for us has been mainly through relationships just
because we’re such a transparent well networked team and yeah so a lot has
just been coming from that I mean I always say we even started with around
like 20 people like that you’ve seen the promo video like they just started
working on this vision together with us you’re not it was like before we ico
because everyone was just so passionate about this vision and so that’s the kind
of feedback we’ve received from from a lot of people like
wish I could give you the names now like that we’ve been speaking to again
there’s a lot going on right now we are we’re getting partnerships together and
all of that but there’s gonna be announcement very soon so do you do you
have you been able to see a big benefit with having the experience in marketing
in you know those connects and clientele to Megan making this transition easier
for for the project and for the team yeah 100% with that kind of background
with ethics and we’re just bringing in all of our like creativity everything we
have our tools our network and I think that’s one of the things that makes us
like so so unique and special is because in the crypto space there are not a lot
of teams I would say that bring in both like the they combine the two because I
always say like I’ve met so many genius people at these conferences amazing
ideas but then when it comes to the execution they’re so focused on the
technology that the marketing the branding that these important aspects
you know really launch and make this successful they they are not there and
so these key ingredients we do have in this way I always say team is super
important and you know we have that yeah that’s awesome that’s what I that’s what
I speak to a lot is is not so much you know that the economic sort of coin or
the token or the protocol or you know all that coders stuff because I’ve been
today the customer never really sees that what
they see isn’t what’s in front of them the platform the vision the energy you
know the message you know so I think that’s very essential and in having a
successful ICO and that’s what I noticed what you guys right away is like I
connect it to it if it’s okay with you I’ll be able to play one of the videos
that you guys just posted yesterday at the cardi B video that was a pretty cool
that was pretty cool I didn’t see you in there you didn’t you didn’t make a cameo
what’s going on I can make you upset funny funny guy
which state of state money put into the Paseo obstacle area cardi bigbang offset
who kisses mo’fucker Scott God who take your bitch as the party guard that’s it
your bits in the party God who that be dad’s Martian God who they don’t pick in
the purse God who got the freaks in the trucks fried and downs go ahead like a
bitch in a bitch and bitch bitch will wanna be caught it but I’m MJ
moonwalking the bitch who walk into your clique I’m moving walking in the city
with this bitch I put them up and Bronx I keep the pump in the trunk
picture your bed to jump Chuck may leave your bitch in a slump your bitch want
party will cut cut here body and revoir eclipse dummies all over my buddy shiny
all over my buddy quite a guys yeah I mean that’s my team they’re still in LA
right now setting up our office so I went straight like back I’m in London
right now for the global blockchain Expo where I’m speaking at tomorrow thousand
ten and ten crypto investors show for promos team and so yeah we’re just like
everywhere but um yeah I mean teams they’re doing an amazing Bob and yeah I
love the video as well so that’s pretty cool like you said you’re in London now
you’re going somewhere else to speak all over the world essentially is that
something that’s new to you since starting in cryptocurrency or marketing
yeah it is it is pretty new speaking about this entire crypto thing even
though I have been in the space like I said 2013 14 15 ongoing I’ve been doing
a lot of research and yeah now it’s getting better I mean it started really
in like even spreading the word and Hamburg we had meet up meet like small
meetups events in Hamburg and Berlin and Potsdam and all these like places and
now just to see how the space is kind of evolving and there’s more and more
people gathering together I think tomorrow blockchain like Expo and London
I think that’s gonna be huge as well no I love love to see how much is happening
in the space and they love to connect with like-minded people what I yeah I do
want to mention is right now we are super focused on just writing the word
about X because it is not so much like for example people are like oh you’re
you know promoting the ICO but I’m mainly really just promoting the
message of the epics it’s something that that it sells itself
it’s not it’s not a hard to sell something that I always tell believe
here in social media you’re using your phone every single day like you’re on
Instagram then APICS is just something you would you would naturally love and
you would download and be a part of and so all we have to do is really take take
care of that everything else is working smoothly that we have a team that
operates well the technology side is working and the marketing side so like
bridging both of them coming together there and then delivering the product
that’s awesome I guess I guess with being you know a woman co-founders
startup young visionary you know what’s your vision for the future what I always
like say – it doesn’t really matter like who you are in this kind of age that we
live in it doesn’t matter your your your gender doesn’t matter your age you know
all these things that you know before or something where you go to a job and
you’d apply and you know there’s people looking at I mean it’s in general it’s
gotten a lot better but now with this amazing age that we live in where you
can literally create things from scratch and you just you know data people
together there are no real barriers so the only barriers that are really in
your head and so all these mind blocks that people have but in reality I don’t
really think like I don’t see myself in a position where I’m like mine or I have
a lot more like to prove or things like that you know what I mean like maybe I
do it like in my subconscious mind I do have thoughts like feelings like that
but in general I would always say it just just focus you know to be focused
on on what you’re building on what your mission is on what you want to do and
everything else like comes together so I’ve never really experienced um any
like bad really really bad situations like that where it’s like okay I’m a
born entrepreneur and I’m different but at the same time what I’m saying is also
do use it like if you are woman watching space or then take space like I always
say bring in feminine aspects and you can do that as a man as well we just
talked about it branding marketing like these are like
kind of feminine aspects that are very very important in such a like tech and
male-dominated industry yeah what I’ve learned
my girlfriend sees in the astrology and so I’m a Pisces so I’m pretty fluid and
have a lot of characteristics that pull from like emotion and you know essence
and state of being right and so you know I think it’s very very important
especially when you go somewheres they to you know one of these black tank
conferences and the room is just full of one type of person it’s easy to kind of
get lost in that in that person but I think what you guys are doing is
bringing a different point of view and ultimately I think that can be a major
advantage because nobody essentially nobody sees the world the way that you
see it um and and winter with your founding team and all of those creative
spirits you’re bringing together to you know redefine what can be on the
blockchain and I think that’s pretty cool so salute to youth you know on that
process right now so the first round is going to be the presale investors that
are also going to be able to test out the app and then we’re bringing in more
and more people to really test out the bugs them all out and then afterwards
have a more openly testament where there’s the schema community a lot of
listen my name is Bo you can sign up on our homepage you can sign up for it you
can send us an email on epics com we can also do is actually participate in our
bounty program which is you all you have to do is to go in I see Odin epochs calm
and then there is you generate your address like a link and then whenever
you share something or you post or you like something that you actually get
stakes which are later on gonna be epic Stoke ins that are going to be your
wallet so pretty it’s a pretty good initiative for people who are not sure
if they want to invest or even if you are an investor um yeah you might you
might still want to do this because I guess one of the question
I know my community members would have especially here in the states with
Facebook and Google you know having the Terms of Service and the privacy and the
big court sessions on that can you speak a little bit to how consumer privacy
your accounting for that and maybe learning from some of the mistakes that
these big technology companies have have made previously yes so of course like a
big concern especially when it comes to block chain is always privacy right I
mean everything’s on the blockchain and it’s transparent so one of the things I
can say is we do a lot with like user with with the UI for example that where
we do want to give the users a kind of privacy where not all of your
transaction history or not your action history is gonna be shown on your
profile so that opportunity really dig deep in order to you know find whatever
they want and then again it also like this this conflicting topic of like
privacy and then having blockchain technology as a tool my take on it is
that like if you want full control and ownership of what you post and what you
do then that comes you know with having for example being able to to have
everything transparent so well what I mean by that is not that you have to
completely of course everything has to be shown it’s more of a saying like
where where you are where you know that your data is not is not like locked in
where you give it to to a company or like you do with other with traditional
social media right your data is owned by these companies but now so whatever you
want to choose to put on there that is your choice the data goes in the
blockchain and so it’s it’s not that I think the beautiful thing about it is
that nobody owns it and so that’s the beauty of blockchain and yeah that’s
that’s what I love about it actually that’s awesome that’s awesome well you
know again I thank you and your team for not only taking the time to speak with
me and my community today but you know really for it does yet
effort and passion that you all are bringing all too often I kind of weed
out those that I allow to speak directly to my community and you know a lot of it
is just you know one guy with a website and a white paper and he goes and raises
a hundred million dollars I don’t think that necessarily helps the crypto sphere
right but when you have a group of visionaries like what you guys have been
able to do looking to correct the problems that the technocrats have
created and implement a new innovative procedure that gives power back to the
people I think that’s very very amazing so you know anything you need from me
down the road just let me know I will be here and I look forward to meeting you
one day hopefully at one of these big conferences you know and wish you the
best of luck on your journey as well thank you appreciate and like we see
this as sort of the same thing that happened with the internet right like
the transitioning you like you can see Matt off a lot of companies are jumping
on this like Bitcoin thing in this Bitcoin life are those who are right now
in the process of creating real products with real teams behind them and that
don’t really put the emphasis so much on watching but rather on the company or
what they’re delivering and so I think that’s what we’re doing why we really
stand out in the space and that’s what we’re that’s what we’re also doing but
then again we’re so focusing the product and everything else just comes you know
absolutely awesome well thank you again for joining us they always do the best
of luck and your venture and you know safe travels have fun and you know hold
it down over there in London – thank you thank you you

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  1. Very cool! Sounds like a great powerful new project like the name Appics very smart. Thanks for sharing. I was checking out the page before and the group is on fire.

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