UFOs  Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Sun
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UFOs Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Sun

The sun, the star that sits at the center
of our solar system without which there would be no life on this planet. It is known that without stars and the energy
they radiate they is no chance for life, the sun has been the focal point of many religions
that all recognized its importance. But how about life elsewhere in our solar
system and beyond? Does our star hold any significance for them? It is possible it does as there have been
many UFO sightings associated with the sun let’s take a look. Welcome to IF …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. There has been a number of websites that have
put forward that idea that extraterrestrials are interacting with the sun. They Base their claims on images that have
captured using a variety of different means. One of the most prominent sources for the
images used to make link between UFPs and our star is the Solar and Heliosphere Observatory
(SOHO). This program was designed by NASA to look
into explore the internal structure and outer atmosphere of the Sun. The giant telescope has given scientist a
view into the swirling chaos of the gases that are hidden beneath the sun’s surface. This is not the only thing that this modern
technological marvel has captures it has admittedly by NASA captured images of over 3000 comets. But SOME claim the device has captured more
than that and they say that images of unidentified objects can be seen entering and exiting the
suns fiery atmosphere. As evidence they pointed out a NASA video
that is seemingly showing many UFOs shooting out of our sun and around the SOHO satellite. A UFO YouTube channel named “solar bug”
has been sharing the images and video of these anomalous objects. To help with spotting these alleged alien
craft he enlarges screenshots of the black white film this reveals a number of strange
triangular objects. These things, whatever they are can be seen
traveling at high rates of speed and “Solar bug” says that these are craft from another
world. So what could they be doing on sun some have
made a link to the alien spaceships and solar flares others say they are there to drain
off some of the suns energy? Our star being some kind of galactic filling
station. The channel posted one of the best videos
in regards to this theory its titled ‘Is this a massive UFO feeding off sun energy?’ give it a watch. Some of those that have watched this video
are sure that this is some kind of alien ship one comments states
“The fact that the UFO is a different color and shape to the rest of the connected line
is what convinced me to upload this. I was not a great believer in this plasma
sun energy theory, but this has got me thinking.” Another channel that has been investigating
the alien sun link is ‘STREETCAP1” this channel say that it found evidence of a massive
alien mothership operating around the sun. Streetcap1 narrates theory that The UFO may
have been using the suns energy to fuel itself or to recharge in some way, he notes the appearance
of the object pointing out that the UFO glows white, when compared with the sun’s yellow
plasma. The speculation is that this tells us the
craft is made from a different material than the sun’s surface. These UFOs also range in size from being about
as big as the moon all the way to ships that are larger than the earth. These objects were for the longest time hidden
from us, we did not have the technical capability to get highly detailed images of the sun,
and now that we do we are seeing a lot more than we bargained for. These images have also been supported by a
group of Russian scientist who 10 years ago claimed they had spotted hundreds of objects
orbiting the sun. The hostile environment has led many to the
idea that these craft are not piloted craft but could be drones, the erratic movement
of such large objects and the harsh conditions have given rise to the idea that they could
be some kind of drone. Maybe being used to funnel energy from the
sun and onto alien civilization elsewhere in our solar system. As is always the case there are those that
oppose these ideas they say that these anomalous images are seen because the telescope is using
such a massive zoom, they are just out-of-focus anomalies appearing to give such shapes in
the final image. They also say that the cause of these pictures
could just be coronal mass ejections from the sun – which are an unusually large release
of plasma and magnetic field from the solar corona, which often follow solar flares. Maybe we can look to the past for answers. The ancient alien theory and the contact they
were said to have had with our ancestors may offer some clues. We as a species have long looked to the sun
as the giver of life. Yes, it easy to say that superstition played
a part and that the patterns of day and night and the seasons were easily recognized and
highly important to the first peoples but could there also have been some knowledge
passed on from contact with an ancient alien race? The summer solstice, the point when the sun
is at its highest point in the sky was a highly important event in many ancient cultures,
thousands of ancient structures from all over the planet were constructed to mark the date
of the solstice. The summer solstice was a time of great spiritual
import and marked some of the oldest religious practices we know about. The worship of the sun was abandoned by many
as organized religions like Christianity and Islam spread the worship of the star was considered
idolatrous–and thus something to be forbidden. If we travel back to civilization like those
of ancient Egypt and Greece we see strong ties to the sun and the importance of sun
worship and a long history of claimed interaction with extraterrestrials. The Egyptian peoples honored Ra, the sun god. For people in ancient Egypt, the sun was a
source of life. It was power and energy, light and warmth. It was what made the crops grow each season,
so it is no surprise that the cult of Ra had immense power. The Greeks honored Helios, who was similar
to Ra in his many aspects. Homer describes Helios as “giving light both
to gods and men.” The cult of Helios celebrated each year with
an impressive ritual that involved a giant chariot pulled by horses off the end of a
cliff and into the sea. In many Native American cultures, such as
the Iroquois and Plains peoples, the sun was recognized as a life-giving force. Sun worship has also been found in Babylonian
texts and in a number of Asian religious cults. Today, many Pagans honor the sun at Midsummer,
and it continues to shine its fiery energy upon us, bringing light and warmth to the
earth. This brings us to the idea that these peoples
were worshipping the sun and that the gods associated with the sun were actually aliens. Many of the sun gods and goddesses are humanoid
in form and ride or drive a craft of some sort across the sky. The vessel varies It may be a boat, a chariot,
or a cup for the Greeks and Romans, the sun god rode a horse. Hindu traditions, a culture that is also heavily
connected to ancient alien theory, the sun god Surya travels across the sky in a chariot
pulled by either seven horses or a single seven-headed horse. The chariot driver is Aruna, the personification
of dawn. In Hindu mythology, they battle the demons
of darkness. This is when the idea of the gods being ancient
aliens becomes popular and the idea that modern extraterrestrials are one and the same as
the gods of old. The universe and our place in it has changed
drastically in just over few thousand years, and now we look more to science for our answers. This is when the idea of Gods fades and the
idea of aliens grows. This having many saying “Yes, the ancient gods were definitely aliens.” And from this scientific point of reference
it makes total sense that they would need a huge energy source to meet their demands. Our sun fits that demand perfectly. Energy from the sun is delivered in the form
of electromagnetic energy. It is not potential energy in the usual sense
of the term potential energy which is usually taken to mean energy that is a consequence
of the position of an object. The energy that is emitted from the sun and
travel through space is electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic energy of sunlight (or
any other light) is manifested entirely in the oscillating electric and magnetic fields
of the light. UFOs are often said to able to manipulate
electromagnetic energies in order to fly in the way that they do, so maybe the energy
they use to fly is harvested from the stars? What do you think are extraterrestrials flying
into the sun, are the anomalous objects orbiting drones harvest energy or is this just errors
in the technology being used to image our star? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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  2. UFOs are typically out of my orbit but this was extremely informative thus it gets an automatic like from me! Good stuff, bro. Extremely well written.

    "She heard alien and thought they said illegal alien and signed up!" 👈 Mad props if anyone knows what movie that is from. 😊👹💀👻👽🕵🕴👣

  3. The 2 theories, I have come across, is refueling, and the Sun being a stargate. I think some UFO, might be solar filaments, and CME, but some could be ET craft.

  4. Alien wife:
    "The sign said 92.96 million miles to the next fueling station, but NO YOU just had to push your luck Henry. Now we've gotta call Triple Alien for a tow!"

  5. I've been watching videos about the UFOs taking energy from the Sun.. I guess is to power up their flying machines to travel long distances and when that energy is out, they crashed on Earth..🤔
    Thanks for sharing another amazing video..💖

  6. RIP dear Streetcap 1. I hope that you've found all the answers, wherever you are now. We miss you brother 💔💫🌹🔭

  7. Can't get my head around the concepts involved here. A lifetime of Icarus and Daedalus and many other "don't fly too close to the sun" tells me that it's not possible. The sun is only 8 light minutes away……

  8. 👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀 Awesome Extraterrestrial Aliens/UFOs episode, I once seen an Extraterrestrial Alien UFO 11yrs old 1977 here in SF & also @Ozzfest 2005 while Black✟✝️✞Sabbath was jamming on stage! I'm going to Roswell UFO Museum, Little Álé'Inn motel campgrounds & Area 51 Extraterrestrial Alien tourist visiting center @Matty Robert's Storm Area 51 rendezvous with Mauricio Ruiz (Strange Universe Strange World), (Rex Bear Leak Project), Brent+Blake Cousin (3rdPhaseoftheMoon) & Tyler Glockner (SecureTeam10) reporting live & Bob Lazar is going to lead us the way to the Extraterrestrial Aliens & UFOs inside the Hangar 18 Area S4 facilities & if the military Air Force jetfighters, stealth boomers & Camo Dudes pointing guns & rocket launchers at us are saying everybody go home, nothing to see here now, goodbye please leave the facilities now & at that point I'll just smoke more weed & for the munchies go buy a roast beef Arby's sandwich combo meat meal at the Arby's restaurant food truck & some Budweiser beers at the Budweiser beer truck who both are sponsoring Matty's Storm event & go watch the rock bands playing the desert with Bob Lazar & all the other ufologist, hopefully Ice🔫T & Black✟✝️✞Sabbath will hit the stage jamming in the desert sands & who knows, the Extraterrestrial Aliens might show up with their UFOs kicking up dust & making duststorms in the desert dunes or maybe drop a gigantic ocean liner ship on the desert dunes like in Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ahh hahahahehehe….lol! 🤘

  9. The KARDASHEV Scale for categorizing advanced civilizations,

    Category I: A Civilization I, able to work with energies at a Planetary Level.

    Category II: A Civilization II, able to work with energies at local Stellar energy like a sun, etc.

    Category III: A Civilization III, that's able to work with energies on a galactic scale, such as see The Empire in Starwars. The craft we see in pictures around the sun could be of Category II type.

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