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Types Of People @ Tiffin Center || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Hurry up! It is time the customers would be here.
Yes? How may I help you? I need a job.
– Sorry. We’ve no job vacancies. Any sort of job would do.
– I’ve that idiot as an helper. I don’t need another. I don’t even need salary.
Just serve me food three times a day. Now this is interesting. Fine, you could help me
by clearing the dishes off the tables. If I find you hard working, I may even offer you a salary.
What is your name? Shivani.
– I see. Alright, you can start working right away. But stay away from him.
– Big sister, please.. You are as old as the Earth
and you call me big sister? Call me ma’am here on.
You may get to work. Who is the owner of this place?
– Are you here for breakfast or for the owner? I’m here for both.
– First have breakfast. By then you’ll know who the owner is. Fine. I’ll have Bondas. Kittu, serve this man a plate of Bondas. Man, I’m too hungover. Excuse me! The Bondas are as hard as glass pieces.
– That is because you are holding glass pieces. Excuse me! I need chutney.
– Kittu, serve him chutney. Ma’am, he is eating only chutney and not the Bondas.
– Serve him chutney right on top of the Bondas then. Breakfast is done.
Time for tea. Get me a tea, please. We don’t make tea. This is just a tiffin center.
– Don’t yell. Are you drunk? You bloody drunkard! How dare you ask her that?
She boozes only after it is dark, not in the morning. Kittu, you mind coming here?
– I’ve some work to attend. – It won’t take long. What all do you got?
– Here is the menu, sir. One Idly, one Vada, one Poori, one Uthappam,
one Bonda, one Tawa Idly, one Tawa Bonda. Dosa is the only thing you didn’t order.
– Fine, I’ll have a dosa too. Show that guy this receipt. Here you go, sir.
– Get me chutney, please. Chutney! Serve me some more.
Some more. Instead, put the chutney vessel on his table. How disgusting. Sir, how many days ago did you last have a meal?
– Trying to be funny, huh? Go get me some chutney. They ran out of this chutney. Do you got coconut chutney?
– No, sir, we don’t. Do you got any other chutney?
– There is ginger chutney. – That would do. But that chutney was made some days ago.
– How about this chutney? This chutney was made today. Don’t worry.
– Thank God. He literally ate all the chutney. Ma’am..
– Yeah? What are you staring at. Clear the table. I’m feeling weak. I’ll take a leave today.
– Why would you feel weak? You eat thrice a day. Cut the crap and clear the table.
– This man ate like an animal would. One Idly, please.
No, I’d rather take a Vada. Not Vada, I’ll take Bondas.
Forget it, I’ll have a Dosa. Kittu, come here and take her order.
– May I have your order? – One Dosa, please. What did you do? Call your owner.
– But why, ma’am? – Call the owner now. Yes? How may I help you?
– He is spilling his sweat everywhere. Perhaps, he ran out of oil to cook with.
– What? I can use sweat instead of oil. I’ll try this. I mean, it was just an accident.
– Screw this. I’m out of this place. Kittu, because of you, I had to close down
my grocery store and even the girls’ hostel. Ma’am, you had a hostel?
– Yes, I had. – What happened to it? A girl like you instead of lighting the incense sticks
was lighting cigarettes. So I had close it down. I’m now left with this tiffin center
but this idiot seems hell bent on ruining this. I’ll stab you to death if you repeat this.
Get to work! I’ll order something else after I’m done with this.
– You’ll anyway take the whole day to eat this. – Cut it! Why is he staring at me?
Shivani, I feel that guy sitting there is staring at me. Oh, I’m blushing already.
– Why should you blush? Go ask what his problem is. Shall I get you anything else?
– Step aside. You are blocking my vision. Kittu, this guy is coming everyday
and is staring the crap out of me. I suggest you smile at him. That’ll make him
come here without fail. It’ll help our business. Are you sure?
– Yeah. – Alright. Why is he coming here?
– What is the total bill, please. – Rs. 200. Keep the change. I’ll come again tomorrow anyway.
Here is tip for you. Cute boy! See you tomorrow. I wish he tips me Rs 100 everyday.
– Get back to work. Pack me a parcel of two plates of Idly.
– Show him this slip and wait till he makes the parcel. Wait. Do you know who I am?
– I don’t. – I’m Naveen, Nizampet Naveen. Now where is Nizampet?
– My brother-in-law is a corporator here. What is it you want?
– I’m too important to wait. Don’t you dare order Himayath Nagar Harika.
– Harika? Who is she? Idiot!
Sir, pay me Rs. 240 and wait until he makes the parcel. How dare you ask me to pay up?
My brother-in-law, Mallesham is a corporator. Mallesham? The guy who lives next street?
– Yes. – He is a carpenter, not a corporator. Even that guy owes me money.
So, you better get going. No one is around.
Time is right for me to flee. Where is the customer?
Kittu and Shivani! Where did this guy go?
– I didn’t see any guy here. – Did you Shivani? Then who ate from that plate? God?
Why don’t either of you two keep a watch over the customers? I’ve lost Rs. 20 because of you.
Hereon, you’ll only get two meals a day and you’ll do the dishes at all my friend’s restaurants.
– I can’t even do the dishes here. Get back to work you too!
Don’t you dare repeat this again. I better be careful with these two. Greetings, people! I hope you guys liked this video.
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