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Types Of People in Girls Hostel || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

How much am I falling short of?
That girl hasn’t paid the rent yet. Though this pickle is 2 years old,
it still smells fine. But, this is almost over. Not a problem.
Only two more months to go before winter. Ma’am, I attend classes nearby. So, this hostel
would be perfect for me. I wanted to know the rates. Rates are cheap here. Single room is Rs 4000,
double room is Rs 3800 and common room is Rs 3600. If you want hot water supply too,
you’ve to shell out Rs. 500 extra. You know what is great about this place?
There is free wifi for single rooms! You’ll get one meat meal a week,
rice and curd and even farm fresh tomato pickle. Also, the hostel gates will be closed by 10AM.
I won’t let you meet your boyfriend near the hostel. Initially, I used to let parents visit their daughters,
but some of them scammed me. So, no parent visits allowed. If you are fine with the rules,
you can pay the money. Also, I don’t let any girl into my hostel.
I only let well behaved girls in here because I don’t like a girl who makes me
and my hostel hang our heads in shame. Is it clear? Ma’am, I’ll opt for a double bedroom.
– Sure. We have vacant double bedrooms. But, I’ve a request. – And that is?
– See to it even my roommate is well behaved like me. Why is that?
– I read the Geeta and light incense stick at nights. So, I don’t want my roommate to complain.
– God fearing, are you not? Sure, I’ll see to it. I’ll move in here tomorrow. Why does she light the incense stick
at night before going to bed? Why should I care anyway? Ma’am, why is there no hot water?
– It is maybe because you didn’t pay the extra fee. I did! I’m only being given one bucket of hot water.
– How much more do you want? A whole dam worth of water? This is ridiculous! Hell with her complaints! Ma’am, I lost my soap!
Ma’am, I lost my lipstick. Ma’am, I lost my safety pin.
Ma’am, I lost my dress. Ma’am, I’ll be moving out from here.
– But why? There is no salt in the food,
no electricity, no, heater, no wifi. Also, this hot weather is really irritating me.
– ‘And you are irritating me.’ Ma’am, first fire him!
He looks like the devil’s own son. Don’t worry about him. He is 40 and still unmarried.
So, that must explain a lot about him. Why is there a man
inside the girls’ hostel? You dirty, scoundrel! How dare you laugh at me!
– All hostels are like this. You need to get used to it. I’m going to complain..
– I’m going to get things repaired. – That’s better. Are you really going to get things repaired?
– Of course, not! I just said it to calm her down. I’ve 5 years of experience behind me
to know that repairing is the last thing I should do! Sandra, where to?
– To the shop, ma’am. Is it? What for?
– To buy incense sticks. – How many do you burn everyday? Well, I burn incense sticks even while studying.
My dad asks me to. You know about me. You’re the manifestation of culture.
Do you mind getting me a box of incense sticks too? Ma’am! – What is the matter?
– Come here quick! I can’t. I’m too lazy for that. What is the matter?
– I just spotted Chitti with a guy. Are they inside the hostel premises or outside?
– Outside. She escaped my wrath because it is outside.
Had it been inside, she’d have been deadmeat. Don’t worry about it.
You go have your lunch now. It is time. Shit! Did she spot me!
– Ma’am! Ma’am, come here now! He dropped his sweat in the sambar.
– Maybe he ran out of salt. What a hypocrite you are! You didn’t complain
when a cockroach fell in sambar the other day. A cockroach?
– He is only pulling your leg. Kittu! I’ll make sure this doesn’t get repeated.
– Alright. Didn’t I tell you not to do
such things when girls are around? I’m sorry, ma’am.
– Can’t you follow instructions? Idiot! Kittu, I’ll increase the rents from next month.
This way, I can build 4 more new hostels. Ma’am, could you do me a favour?
– Yes? I ran out of facepack.
Could you make Kittu go down and buy me one? Well, we stay in 4th floor.
He may die if he goes down and comes up. I’m sorry, I can’t kill a loyal servant
over some make up. But, if I go down like this, people would get scared.
– They any way are scared of you. Alright, if you insist! Ma’am, it is me!
– Now go to your room! Hell with her! Turn the screw tighter.. This is what I said! Kittu, next time she asks you to do something,
just go do it. She is scaring us all to death. Chop them pieces smaller!
– Ma’am, I need a favour. – What is it? That girl is lighting too many incense sticks.
– Yes, even I’m not liking so much smoke. But, there is nothing we can do.
She is only being religious in lighting those sticks. Anyways, what is the time?
– It is about 10AM. Why do you ask?
– It is time Gossip Sarika was here. What do you both gossip so much about?
– Why do you care? We women have a lot to talk about. The girl in Room number 12 is waiting for you.
– Stop pulling my leg. Now get back to work.
– You haven’t gone to the market? – How did you know? Gossip Sarika would know all.
– How come you are so late today? I had some work. Anyways, you know what,
Sindhuja is stealing bottles of pickles. Screw her! She is way too hefty,
so neither can I slap her or yell at her. I’ll kick her out next month.
– We both know you can’t. Whatever! How is AC, by the way?
– AC? We don’t have an AC here. I was talking about Arushi, the complaint box.
– You know what? Forget about her. She has come to this hostel
because her home is even worse off. In 5 years of my experience,
I never got a damn thing repaired. But because of her incessant complaints,
I got so many things here repaired. I’ll make her pay for all those repairs.
She shouldn’t have fooled around with me. Yeah, whatever.
– So, what else? Shit! My ears have started bleeding! I hope everyone is back in their rooms.
– Ma’am.. This is too much smoke coming from this room.
– Also, it doesn’t smell like incense stick’s smoke. Spy on what they are doing.
– Get me a chair. Hey, open the door! What are you upto? Take it out of my face!
So, cigarettes are the incense sticks you’ve been buring? Is this the culture you talk about so much?
Is this what Geeta taught you? You cultureless..
– Don’t say it out! You complaint about his sweat and about
Chitti going out with a guy, but not about this? Ma’am, I’m innocent.
– ‘Ma’am, I’m innocent’! Such actors you both are!
Now, vacate this place immediately you both. Please, ma’am!
– Can’t you follow instructions? Vacate right now! I’ve experience of 5 years behind me.
– Please, ma’am.. Put those sticks away! And get out of here.
– Ma’am, please. Greetings, people! I’ve never been in a hostel.
I made this video based on what I heard from others. I hope you liked this video. Do like, share,
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