Tyler Bate sends WALTER crashing to the arena floor: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff
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Tyler Bate sends WALTER crashing to the arena floor: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

100 thoughts on “Tyler Bate sends WALTER crashing to the arena floor: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

  1. Big Strong Boi is never to be underestimated. Also, The Ring General doing a leapfrog is scary. I knew this guy was Thanos.

  2. After this performance both men deserve a standing ovation i wanted Tyler to win but this is match of the year worthy 5 star match

  3. The crowd was amazing. The match was fantastic and the intensity was awesome. WALTER vs Bate was the best match of the PPV.

  4. A match for the ages. Impressive fight by the challenger. But after this, i am even more impressed with the champ. The champ stayed champ as he should have.

  5. Walter is overrall the most dominant and dangerous wrestler on NXT uk. The main roster is ready for him and I can't wait to see him as universal Champion on the raw brand in 2020.

  6. Our B I G S T R O N G B O I Tyler Bate could very well get himself his 2nd 5 star rating!! It did for me, that's for sure what a damn good match, I was in distress as much as Mcguiness was during the match (First 5 star match being that one tag team title match with mustache mountain and U.E on NXT TV)

  7. I think Tyler needed to use more joint manipulation on Walter like Pete Dunn… seems to work on a bigger advisory than trying to over power him…just sayin'

  8. Why the Comments are Disabled for the Rock returns and Own Cena? We all Hate that Cena. He cannot act or wrestle. We sick of him. If animals could've talk they would say the same thing.

  9. I'm 35 and have been going to British indie shows since I was 12. To see UK nxt wwe ppv last night was both surreal and amazing
    Long way from watching all star wrestling in Leeds 20 years ago

  10. NXT UK Takeover was a very Good Event. Congratulations to the new Champions. Tyler Bate was the Show stealer. He is really a Big Strong Boy 💪

  11. I feel so bad for nxt cause this ppv was so under looked cause of all out and Royal quest which were great but nxt takeover uk was the ppv people weren't going to watch out of all three

  12. i just say one word that is 6 star match dave meltzer if u not give then i think ur opinion doesnt matter to nxt and ur bias

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