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Two Grannies, One Lamborghini | Donut Media

Hey there! [Peggy]
Up, up we go Up we go! Grannies got the Lambo today, grannies got
the Lambo You call it Lambo, I call it ‘Ghini’ Ok, there it is, wow! Purrs like a kitten
[Laughing] Some kind of roar, roars like a lion you’re
talking to me. You know how to do this, don’t you? Backwards. Where’s the back-up camera? But you know, it’s just a car. How do you see out? Can you see? Well, I’ve got it in reverse. Oh, it says
brake. It’s smarter than we are. It’s smarter than we are [Laughing] Oh, Audrey this is going to be a heck of a
day This is an adventure. Here we go baby. Ok. You go, you go girl. Go girl. Maybe they’d put us in the Rose Parade. [honking horn] We’re Lamborghini queens. Lamborghini queens. [Singing] Hey Lamborghini
queen, you look mean. Hi, dude. Oh my g-d, that lady looks so dorky in her
helmet on top of her baseball hat. She should be having herself a Lamborghini, that’s what
I’m thinking. Yeah, we could tear rubber, but that car ahead
of us is just going to damn slow. Hi, yeah take a picture. [Engine revs] I know, but that checker, that’s even better
looking. That checker was cute. I know. He was looking at you. Was he looking at me? Oh my g-d. Yes he was, and I think he’s the right age. Is this gonna? Where are we going to put the
stuff? Uh, I’m clueless. Got to be a big trunk. What is, what is in that trunk? I don’t know, but it’s not a trunk. It’s not a trunk. No, it’s not, that’s the horses. That’s the engine. Do you see it, where is the hooky-doo? It’s
right there. [Laughing] This is too funny, you know? We got this car
for the day and can’t get our dang groceries in it. You know what? Do like they do in Zimbabwe,
we’ll just put these on top of our heads. I give up. Is this your car? Yeah. Kind of- sort of. Nice. You got room for me? Could I go? No, there’s no room for the groceries, there’s
no room for you. We can’t put you in the trunk if we can’t
find the trunk. [Laughing] Oh lordy. Dude, go chat him up, chat him up! What do you think?

100 thoughts on “Two Grannies, One Lamborghini | Donut Media

  1. Omg it was painful to hear that old Jew witch cackle through the whole video. I was waiting for her to pull out her broom and start riding it. Horrible

  2. Lamborghini? Wow cool!

    Then realizes its just some old af Murcielago…

    Nah man not cool… -_-

  3. Donut casting crew: ya know what would be funny
    Me: what
    Donut Casting Crew: lets give two grandmas a lambo for the day and see what happens
    Me: that is the funniest thing I have heard all day. Lets see em get it out of the driveway.

  4. That moment when you save up 90k for 5 years and finally buy your dream Gallardo, just to sit at a red light and watch two grannies roll by in their wide body Murci 😂😂.. Ultra flex! 💪🏽

  5. Riding in car with grandma

    Me: nice car grandma i like it
    Grandma speeds up
    Grandma: hang on sweetie were about to kick this twin turbo into gear
    Grandma accelerates to 150 mph in about 3 seconds

  6. you call it lambo i call it ghini 😎😎 i’m the coolest person in the world brack obama probably digs me he probably regrets marrying Michael

  7. When U see A Lambo Then U See Its A Girl Then U Roll Down Ur window and she rolls down her window and you see its 2 grandma's and u saying oh hell nah

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