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Twitter – What You Should Be Tweeting – Twit Tippin Tuesdays

bjbjqPqP Hi! This is Don Crowther with
Let s talk about what you should be tweeting if you actually want to use Twitter to help
you make money. The first thing you should know is that only one in about every 50 to
100 posts that you make to your Twitter account should be anything that sells anything. Most
of your content should be great content that people actually want to know about in your
particular target market. And so this brings up a very, very key concept which is, you
should regularly be posting other people s stuff to your Twitter feed. As we do that,
you need to understand two concepts. The first one is aggregation and the second is curation.
Aggregation means gathering lots of content into one place. Curation means sifting through
that content and only giving people the very, very best stuff. It s curation that actually
makes money using Twitter. Let me give you an example of this. When I was in college,
we have five million books in our library. That meant if you went and looked at books
on economics, there were three floor to ceiling books just on the subject of economics. But
that s aggregation. But I had a favorite librarian. And I would go to this librarian, I would
say, Of all these books on economics, what are the best two that I should read? That
s curation. And so that librarian which showed me these are the two and I would read those
and learn what I needed to know about economics. That s what you should be doing on your Twitter
feed. It is taking large amounts of content, screening it and only tweeting the very, very
best stuff. If you do that and earn the right to promote by having 50 to 100 different great
pieces of content before you ever try to sell the next thing, you ll do very, very well
on Twitter. This is Don Crowther. Just go do the stuff. 00:02:15 TwitterWhoAndWhatToPost-TT-2011-06-21
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3 thoughts on “Twitter – What You Should Be Tweeting – Twit Tippin Tuesdays

  1. Hi Don
    I saw that advice on your video at Jeff Walker's PLF live event.
    Very common sense and useful at least for me.

    I look forward to new stuff like that.

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