Twitter Rate Limit Bug
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Twitter Rate Limit Bug

So uh, this is the uh, rate limit bug I was talking about before this is Tweetie for Mac. Refresh and we can see bad request “Rate limit exceeded” So now, Let’s go to Twitter for iPhone on my iPad… This is the official Twitter app click it here it takes a second to launch as we can see, let’s just pull down it looks like we’re getting new Tweets on here with no errors whatsoever everything refreshed at 12:37AM you go back over here Refresh “Bad request, Rate Limit Exceeded” back over here pull down… refreshed at 12:38AM and you can see new tweets So, there you have it.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Rate Limit Bug

  1. noticed you also have tweetdeck on your ipad, have you had any issues with it.
    I cannot get my desktop version to update.

  2. and the official apps are not subject to the rate limit because they are not using their own public API.

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