Twitter Media Studio – How To Use Twitter Media Studio to improve your Marketing
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Twitter Media Studio – How To Use Twitter Media Studio to improve your Marketing

– In this video I’m gonna share with you how you can use the Twitter Media Studio to improve your Twitter marketing. So just to explain what the
Twitter Media Studio is, it’s a place on Twitter where you can upload content, post it on Twitter, but you can add different
elements to improve that content. For example, when you’re uploading videos, you can add thumbnails,
titles, call to action buttons, the links, all of this other cool stuff you can do within the
Twitter Media Studio. And in this video, I’m gonna
show you how to use it. So let’s dive into the computer. The first thing you need to do
is go to If I go to the library here, this is where all the different pieces of media content I’ve
uploaded to Twitter go. Let’s say we’ve got a new
video that we want to upload. We can click Upload Media. Let’s say I’m gonna choose this new video that I want to upload to Twitter. Whilst that’s loading,
if you have any questions around the specs around the
types of video you can upload, how long they can be, how big they can be, this FAQ page here, which
I’ll link in the description, answers every question you could possibly imagine about
the Twitter Media Studio. Things like where you go down to video specs and formats here you can see that it needs to
be under a gigabyte, 16×9. Lots of different elements here that will answer most of your questions. There’s also a search bar. If you’ve got any other
questions, you can ask there. This has been really useful for me. So let’s go to one I’ve pre-made. Once you’ve uploaded a piece of content; it could be an image or a video. Video is really good for extra features that you can add in the
Twitter Media Studio. What you need to do is click
on that piece of content. Now there’s a few things you can do here. First of all, you can
change the thumbnail. So you can upload a specific thumbnail. So in this one I’ve already
uploaded a thumbnail, but you can change your thumbnail there. It could be whatever you want it to be. Add a thumbnail to the video. You could also add a title to the video. So just to show you what this looks like, when this specific video has been tweeted using the Twitter Media Studio, you see here on my profile
that the tweet’s got a title. Underneath it’s got a description
as well of that video. It’s also got a call to action button that people can click while watching. Imagine how useful this is to
drive traffic to your website. Whilst people are watching the
video, people can click that, and it goes to whatever
website you choose. Let me just show you
what it looks like here. We can add a title here. Our Story. Whatever you wanna say. Description, this is a
video, blah, blah, blah. Describe what the video is so people can clearly see what that is. And you can then choose a
category for that video. So let’s choose entertainment. And then the call to action here, you can choose the website that you want as the call to action
button, so, for example, I can add our website here. And that there, if you look, this is where this pops
up here on the video. That’s the website that comes up. You can also add subtitles. You can add SRT files
just like on Facebook, just like on LinkedIn,
just like on YouTube. A great site to get your
subtitles made is They can charge a dollar a minute, and it’s super, super quick
and easy; great company. So you can upload an SRT file there so that your video has subtitles. And there’s lots of different cool features that you can do here. And you can just see how this improves the quality of your video content. It’s not just a random video uploaded. It’s got all the different
individual elements that help you get the most out of that piece of video content as possible. So once you’ve done all that, click off it once you’ve saved it. Now we’ve got that in
the Twitter Media Studio. We can either tweak that now, so for example, I could
share this as a tweet now. Hey, check this out,
whatever, blah, blah, blah. I’m not gonna write it now. You can write a tweet now and click tweet. You could also schedule
that tweet within here. How amazing. You don’t need to use
external scheduling tools. You can actually schedule tweets within this tool, which is great. We don’t tend to schedule many tweets or any tweets anymore, but again, if you’re scheduling stuff, you can use this really well. And yeah, it’s just a really cool way to improve the quality of your content and the different features you’re getting from
your content on Twitter. So check out the Media Studio. There’s loads, loads of
cool features on there when you’re uploading a video to Twitter. It’s going to improve the content that you’re uploading to Twitter. And if you’ve enjoyed
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  1. If I tweet or reply to someone with a picture? Does the picture automatically save in media studio? And also even I will delete the tweet or reply with picture. The picture will stay on media studio?

  2. Thanks for the quick and informative information. It was not clear for me initially what this is option was on Twitter.

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