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Twitter Mapping Tool Social Media Monitoring

Hi everyone Larry snow here and in this video we’re going to be taking a look at an app called social bearing social bearing provides insights and analytics for twitter but it applies it right on a map so the search results anything you find will be geo-located to a particular map now the geolocation is a little off so the longitude and latitude is off just a bit to protect privacy but this is a good tool i think for the protection professional for an open source intelligence tool so let’s take a look over here on and we have our inputs right here find tweets find a handle or look up a handle geo which is where we are going to spend a little time on people followers and friends and here are some of the social bearing features but you can take a look at that when you come to the website so for us we’re going to take a look at geo let me click on the Geo tab it will refresh now we can put in keywords or hash tags or we can just go right to the location so i’m just going to right to the location and i’m going to type in a so start with something simple here and we’re going to take a look at let’s say Boston Mass just like the location will say ok and we click search now one of the things that social being bearing has to be in compliance with is twitter’s api so when you do use this either you save you know a drop you know a throwaway type of twitter account or use a an official twitter account if you want to stay that way or you can use your actual twitter account which is what i’m going to do doesn’t matter either way it’s only going to read your bio and stuff and that is required by Twitter because Twitter wants to know who’s using this data ok so here’s your geofence the circle and I can turn that on our off over here on the the user interface now one of the things that we didn’t take a look at in the previous video with sentiment until it does provide that in the advanced search but it has a nice a social bearing put it together in a nice package here with the color codes so you can take a look at what’s what’s the sentiment is terrible and they pick up on keywords like never frozen let’s try another one now this is a a traffic that’s a block to stop delay those are called negative or terrible sentiments the great is the bright green and so they look at grow and back when I like the fact that the the key words are highlighted let’s take a look at good work shippable Patriots hello so you get the idea right so you can have in a in a geolocation area and I did two kilometers from the central location of boston massachusetts and these are pretty near time this is 12 minutes ago 29 minutes ago 19 minutes ago 42 minutes ago so it’s pretty near time I can zoom in a little bit and get a little bit more detail on all of these here but so that’s good right so you can clicking around you click on each one but the great thing with social bearing is if i scroll down like this it gives you uh percentages it gives you the source to treat my job’s a that twitter handle is twenty-nine percent of the traffic in Boston right now top domains shared tweets overtime gives you a hash tag cloud a word cloud for that area that we just did the geo location on and then it gives you all of the tweets that the ones we were just that was clicking on it gives you all the tweets right in a nice dashboard view and you can take a look at how many who is following them who is following the back and follow his followers how what’s the reach so great insight here even from a social media marketing perspective but more so from an open source intelligence perspective you get to see the connections of the people right not in a matrix kind of form but certainly you can go that way and also we also have down here languages so this is a fantastic resource of for your investigations or open source intelligence protective intelligence and over here on the on the left side we have just the pictures so it now is it down so we did all tweaked types right that was a big chunk we saw and I just click on pictures over here on the left side and it shows only the pictures only the tweets that have pictures in them only length only verified accounts and then all the tweets again another feature that this has over here is that will refresh every 10 seconds it will refresh up to two thousand tweets so if I click on that button it will have a nice countdown click off of that just wait for that to refresh ok this is eight new tweets found and again you can scroll down zoom in zoom out scroll down to the latest tweets are now every single cell that’s the lawn so every 10 seconds is going to refresh and if there’s no new tweets built it and show you and read mean tweets right up here will show that on the screen what’s even better let me turn that off what’s even better for this so using this tool is that you can download this all is a CSV you can export a max of five thousand tweet so we can download a CSV we can download each of these charts download the image of all those charts tweets over time we can have a sort function over here we can also auto-refresh too so if you’re not looking at the map you can have the same tools down here and then you can start the tweets by retweet favorite engagement followers I can’t say enough good things about this tool its social bearing social bearing com go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments post in the comments below thanks for watching is a quick video on social bearing calm for open source intelligence hope you like the video if you did give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to the channel is you get notified of more videos that they go up don’t forget to go take a look at Larry Snowden me for more tips advice tutorials and open source intelligence business of security and social media marketing and download a free ebook brand branding and marketing social media marketing for your protection professionals and i’ll see you in the next video

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