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Twitter Lists Explained

So I spend quite a lot of my time on Twitter,
love Twitter. Met quite a lot of people over the years that I have been online using Twitter.
A lot of people ask about Twitter lists who don’t understand what they are. So I wanted
to spend some time today explaining how I use lists and why you should. So I am on my home page, my profile page on
Twitter at the moment and I am just going to explain to you how to navigate and build
lists. So lists are just in the basic navigation here, and you can see the lists that I have
created. You can create, as far as I am aware, as many as you want. So I have mine divided
up in personal categories, so I have got one for Snooker that has got snooker players I
might want to read about and interact with. Business, people who Tweet about business,
that could be Business Publications. Venues, that might be local restaurants. Web Developers
for example, people who are talking about lots of geeky stuff. So, I am just going to
explain how you add people to lists. So lets build one. So if I go to the search
box, lets just pick Magento. Magento is an e-commerce platform for those of you that
don’t know, and lets view people. This has given me a list of people at the top and also
Tweets about Magento. So lets just have a look at the top people that Twitter suggests
for Magento itself. OK, so this is Magento itself, so I am interested
in what they have got to say. So we click the little person icon and “add or remove
from lists”, and then you can see the lists that I have got already. I am going to create
a new list just to show you how this works. I am going to call it Magento and I am going
to leave this as a public list. The difference between public and private lists is fairly
self explanatory. If you leave your list as public then other users, people that follow
you on Twitter can see this list. They can also follow this list themselves rather than
building it. If you mark it as private then no-one can see that list and also the people
you put in that list don’t know that they are a part of either. So you make your own
decision as to whether you want it to be a public or private list. Once you have set
it up you can change it, so you can make that decision later. Save this list, and then I
am going to put Magento in my Magento list. Magento Connect so I am going to add them
to my Magento list, its done. Lets have a look around, Magento Tutorials, ok this looks
pretty good. Lets just scroll down and see who else we can find here. Chief of staff
of Magento, Karen looks pretty cool lets add her. Ok, so that is one way of adding people
to lists. You can add people to multiple lists as well so if you have got a Local list like
I do and a Web Developers list and someone is a local Web Developer you might have them
in both lists. Lets find another one, ok Magento Group. So lets just have a look more at their
profile, ok here’s that button again so that you can add from here as well. Ok, that is
my list created I have a Magento list and a bunch of people in it. If I now go back to my profile and go back
to my lists and lets just click on my Magento list. So now you can see that I am looking
at all the Tweets from the accounts that are in that list. This is my little personal magazine
of Magento stuff. Now what I am noticing here is this Magento Connect account is just spamming
links everywhere so what I am going to do, I am not really interested in a lot of spammy
links, I am just going to remove them from my list and they are gone. If I just refresh
the screen you will see they are gone. Again there is quite a lot of these accounts
that are spamming but just for the example you can see why you would use lists. I use
them personally because there are far too many people in my home feed for me to follow
and there are all sorts of different Tweets from different sources about different things
and it is quite difficult to concentrate on that and have conversations. I might be talking
to people locally, I might be looking for things to do at the weekend with the children,
I might be interested in what’s happening in Web Developer space and what’s new and
in the news there, but it means I can have different conversations about things. It also
means, something that I have found quite interesting is for particular categories of Twitter accounts
you notice how many of them engage in a particular category and how many of them just spam lots
of links. So for example, lets just show you one of these lists. I’ll just show you the
one that amuses me quite a lot actually, the Social category. So this is my list of Social
Media Experts, so lets just look down here at who is actually engaging and who is just
dropping links everywhere. OK, so link drop, link drop, engaging Dwain is a nice guy. Link
drop, link drop, link drop, link drop, link drop, another link drop. So you can see that
a lot of these, Hi Natalie if you are watching. Natalie doesn’t do too much link dropping,
she is a good girl, but you know you can see that there is an awful lot of people in here
that are global Social Media Experts that are just Tweeting link after link after link
after link and there is very little engagement. People that know how to use Twitter know it
is all about engagement, its all about talking to people. You will find links in my feed
of course but you will find me generally commenting on people or re-Tweeting things that I find
interesting, having conversations with people, having a bit of fun, you know being sarcastic
that’s kind of my humour. Follow me @tillison and chat with me there. I would love to hear
from you.

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  1. This is a great way to organise the crazy world of Twitter – to cut through all of the inane chatter that I contribute to 🙂

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