Twitter Launches Bing Translation For Tweets

Twitter Launches Bing Translation For Tweets

Twitter Rolls Out Bing Translations for Tweets
to Apps and Web Twitter, soon after re-introducing Microsoft’s
Bing translations to TweetDeck, has now announced global rollout of the feature for its desktop
( and apps (iOS and Android) platforms. The micro-blogging website on Friday in a
tweet revealed the news, saying the feature was powered by Microsoft’s Bing Translator. he official Twitter support page notes, “Tweet
translation is available on, Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, and TweetDeck.” With the new feature, users can tap on an
individual tweet in a different language and the Twitter app (or desktop version) gives
an option of translation with a globe in the upper right-hand corner of a tweet. Tapping
on the globe translates the tweet. Once translated, users can see the translated version beneath
a phrase, as “Translated from ‘language-name’ by Bing.” To adjust the tweet translation setting, users
will go to account settings after logging-in and locate the Tweet translation section.
Next, change the ‘Tweet translation’ setting by checking the box next to Show Tweet translations. It’s worth noting that Twitter has been working
on Bing translation service for a long time and a report in June showed screenshots taken
by users showing Twitter for iOS testing the feature. The feature again popped during the
FIFA 2014 on apps before disappearing from all platforms completely. Twitter on Thursday officially announced the
rollout of ‘while you were away’ recap feature that was said to be in testing, and was also
being reported to have been seen by some users. The company in a blog post revealed that the
feature is called ‘Recap’, and would be visible to users with a ‘While you were away…’ heading.
Twitter said Recap would begin rolling out to iOS users, and soon for Android and Twitter
on Web.

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