Twitter Integrates Periscope and Snapchat Introduces Memories
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Twitter Integrates Periscope and Snapchat Introduces Memories

Hi My name is Ileane and I’m with and what I want to talk to you about today is the constantly changing landscape of social media there’s a lot of updates that are going right now this is july 2016 and we’ve just had two fantastic updates to two different social platforms that I want to cover and those are Twitter and Snapchat so I’m going to start off today talking about Twitter and Twitter analytics is something that I’ve covered in a previous tutorial and I actually have a PDF download that you guys can get and all you have to do is text the words Ileane. that’s I L E A N E to 44222 and i’ll send you my Twitter analytics guide but — you guys about about Twitter really quickly because to start started talking about live video and i just noticed this this morning and maybe because i don’t really use the twitter app that much but I’ll start using it now more often I see now that i can go live on periscope see the periscope live button right there from within the twitter app now i’m not going to go live right now oh but uh I don’t you love it when you’re in the tunnel it doesn’t let us right – it still doesn’t let you flip the camera back before you start recording so anyway I’m not gonna go live on periscope right now but I just thought this is we were talking about social media strategy in july of 2016 we need to definitely cover the fact that you can go live on periscope right from your twitter app now with that let’s move on to Snapchat and we’ll quickly and just make sure I don’t have anybody else with any questions Larry if you have any snapchat questions i’m not sure if you got memories yet snapchat has a new feature guys and it’s called memories and it’s been rolling out I don’t think everybody has it now because I know started rolling out in the west coast and I don’t know if it’s over the world but now if you notice right underneath the button where I would take my snap let me point to it here okay my little quicktime thing came up and i don’t want to cover the method but we’re right underneath it is another little circle button ok and that’s where you can make your memories so what it does it will go into your camera roll and look at your previous snaps ok so these are all the snaps that i did that I saved to my camera roll not every snap that you save I mean that you did but the ones that use specifically indicate to either add to your camera roll or add to your memories because you’ll see the option to add it to memories as well and I can do that I can also save from i mean i can also upload from my camera roll see that option at the top here i can also upload from my camera roll so if i wanted to upload and actually these are screenshots that was taken of his team snapchat will eat will send you a snap and that you know hey you got access now the screen is very big can’t see you can see the full screen on blab okay great can’t see anything just you all wow okay are you on your phone Larry J frankel can you see the false ok you can see the full screen on glad now know your desktop ok well i know that it looks different in the replay on fire tour so I’m glad you let me know that cause when I give those guys some feedback i will let them now that you’re having a hard time seeing so you might want to check it out on black because I’m I i have this going in this hey as a screen share member i’m gonna screen share within a screen share because you know I’m tech-savvy like that just joking ok so memories so team snapchat me a snap and let me know that hey tap on the screen to see more and happy chatting and let me know a little bit about how it works slight up from the camera to open memories okay I’m not gonna send this so that that’s another thing this is a little bit of a i want to say that it’s a bug because if I don’t want to send that I have a hard time that little arrow there is only in the screenshot that’s not really wet it okay good now i see what I had to do i had just wipe down your camera roll isn’t backed up by snapchat ok gives me a warning about that ok so i’m not going to share a memory so how do I get out of that no I don’t want that ugly thing don’t want to do that not sure how I get out of the guys if I don’t want to share a memory oh ok i guess i had a double swipe looks like what I had to do was double swipe down guys and then that gave me the ability to go back to the home screen so yeah because that was a little confusing to me because I was trying to figure out okay nevermind i was just kidding I don’t want to share memory so now this is my prediction out why this may be a miserable experience for some folks and i’m definitely going to stop screen sharing now because this is weirding me out this may be a less-than-desirable experience for some snapchat puris and one of the reasons why is that now you can basically anything that you sent over to Instagram you can stand it to snatch it uh a person could it theoretically be on snapchat and we never see them because they could just send over pictures you know graphics that they made promoting their blog for the latest blog post like we don’t Instagram you know we may not it may lose some of that authentic intimate engagement that we currently have one snapchat and i think that with some of those accounts that you follow you’re going to start noticing that in which case my recommendation to use to just unfollow those people because arm you know you can just follow them on Instagram and get steak thing and you know Facebook you can open some people just are sharing stuff from their phone on facebook and so I think it’s going to be interesting times guys it’s one of the innovative things that these abs to do this when they come out with something different snapchat was that app that you didn’t think you need it you know in fact most of us and my age group you know beyond Millennials us boomers you may want to call us or i call it snapchat for seniors we felt that you know it was just for the younger folks we didn’t really need snapchat but as they added the snapchat stories it became something more unique because you could string those 10 second videos together and combine them with still images and tell a story it could just be the story of your life or it could be the story of a trip you’ve gone on our place you went to visit or something you’re working on the show the behind-the-scenes either way it was telling a story and I think that it’s going to lose a little bit of that storytelling uniqueness now that people are able to just upload some pre format or pre-templated graphics into their snaps and we’ll see you know I think the users may actually determine which way that goes but just to bring the point back home is think about your strategy and what you’re going to do with those i think i did one of the memories the other day I actually recent an apt a snap that I did a couple weeks ago and you know always save time and it was a cute snap it kind of was not in line with the story that I was may have been telling at that particular moment it was just like out of the blue here’s a here’s an old snap and so I kind of tried to come back from that and turn it into a story of i finally got snapchat memories and this is what i just did I posted my first memory and I gotta save that for me it was a little less than rewarding experience from the snappers point of view because i like the fact that snapchat makes you think it makes you be creative and you know but you don’t have to be too creative you’ll have to have a masterpiece with the perfect angle and you know it’s just like fun creativity you know and so this may take some of that away been every means to be seen but guys I love to see what you come up with in terms of how you can use this more strategically maybe I’m just limiting myself right now and I haven’t you know got a chance to think beyond all that but once one thing somebody just say is that you don’t have to worry about buying a geo filter let’s see what Morris has to say there are photos that have taken and that I want to share as a story but couldn’t but with memories now I can absolutely wonderful wonderful thought yeah I have that but those store those photos were the ones I Sharon and grant they were like photos that was just like taking photos that was specifically taking them just for instagram and i was thinkin tarnishes that was not jet and mostly no you can’t do that I can share with certain people you know we could always share them privately so just for somebody who hasn’t you know you snap chat before you know you can we could for last few months and i’m not sure when they made that change but I know it’s been a while that we could if I was just sending Larry a private snap i could upload things for my camera roll and I guess that went over well and so that’s why they decided to roll that out even on the front side so that could be part of your stories so I mean you know like i said maybe I’m just you know being a little cautious so with memories introduced to help a senior’s yeah and it was introduced I do believe honestly you know I think Larry said that as a joke but i do think that one of the push backs from the brands because you know everything that happens always revolves around the brands and by that i mean the people with the mullah and they didn’t they didn’t like the fact that the snaps would go away and you know like you can’t ever use this content again you know we spent you know $5,000 making his 10-second snap or or a hundred and fifty thousand dollars making a snapchat story that last for you know 15 minutes or whatever but now they can they can show those stories again and again and repurpose them and use them here and there and wherever so yeah it took to quell some of that objection to join the snapchat do you think that chat will have live streaming next to compete actually snapchat kind of um is almost internet live streaming category because people had to watch within 24 hours now the course they weren’t seeing it at the moment unless they just so happen to be on phone where you’re doing it now arm i could see them making it so yeah we could see who’s live snapping right now but because of the fact that is only 10 seconds that would be very difficult now what they would have to do first is lengthen the time of the snaps that have to make them at least a minute or two first you know because you try to catch something in 10 seconds i have problem doing it in you and I’m watching it not even in life it real time you know like a comment on somebody snap and it was like really the comment was for a snap three snaps ago and they work a little confusing huh i’m not talking about that now but but yeah you know and and that’s the bigger picture Larry day concerns me is that all of these apps are starting to be like each other because live stream is the thing so you know i just showed you how you can periscope right from within Twitter and we know that Twitter bought periscope and we knew that eventually one day this was gonna calm and you know but in the meantime as they’ve been planning it you know Facebook’s roll help live video and you know early adopters like larry and i have already been playing around with lab and fire talk and huzzah and all these other live streaming apps so it’s almost like 1220 also have done that last year when it was hot so it remains to be seen whether that will bear fruit for twitter because I do know that now they are showing sporting events they did some of the wimbleton tennis matches you could watch them right on Twitter and of course they have a deal with the NBA or the NFL one of those end I’m not sure what the point first person but they got some sports stuff from the base and deals with everybody who’s who’s who in the world sports and it only makes sense because you know the sporting and and the hip-hop scene rr-really a big part of of twitter as well as the political scene and you know like right now there’s a lot of of unrest political unrest and in the US there’s a lot of protests going on and those things are our kind of being captured on these live streaming apps you know the one that was Donald facebook live that you know let’s set situation where the young lady boyfriend was shot by the police over in Minnesota but anyway don’t want to get off topic here just want to you know you have to think about the impact of these things and not just how they apply to social media and you know our strategies you know the live video thing is all about life and that’s all part of life ok and so with that guys we got a chance to look at the Twitter dash or app and we also got a chance to look at snapchat memories and i would love to hear from you i love to hear about the strategies that you’re using and if anybody wants to come on and be interviewed and show me all the hot stuff they’re doing on their snapchat or the Twitter or Facebook live you know or black or any of these platforms you can get in touch with me on my speed pipe you have to leave me a voicemail and that’s speak pipe dot-com / Eileen and if you want to support the efforts of on the content that i provide and the value that i offer you can support over on patreon and that’s /i so pretty much just look for Eileen and you’re like finding everywhere and I like to thank j Franco and Larry snow for being here I so appreciate you and with that i will see you on the next event here on fire talk take care bye oh yes

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