Twitter – How To Manage Your Followers And Unfollowers
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Twitter – How To Manage Your Followers And Unfollowers

How to manage your followers? Or how to unfollow those who don’t
follow you on Twitter? Hey it’s Eric and welcome to the last video of the series use Twitter like a pro we have previously seen how to rapidly add followers now we are going to take a
look at how sort those followers and unfollow those who don’t follow you or unfollowed you to make this easy you are going to use tools that
makes it a child’s play the first one is Unfollowers and the second is JustUnfollow as you can see we can use both for Twitter or Instagram but here our
main focus is going to be on Twitter. When you log in to unfollowers here is what you are going to see now the first thing that I want you to
focus on is the amount of people that you can unfollow. So as you can see you can unfollow a hundred accounts
per day and you can follow 50 accounts per day now for JustUnFollow the amount of unfollow is the same so 100 accounts but for the follow you have 25 so we have
25 lesser accounts here. So how do we use it? For unfollowers you take a look at new unfollowers here all you have to do is just click on unfollow to stop following those who stopped
following you now for JustUnfollow its the same process you go to recent
unfollowers and just unfollow all the people that you find here. Now if you want to
use the follow feature those are your Fans so people who are
following you and you are not reciprocating. All you have
to do is click on “show fans” and follow them. And here is where you find it on
unfollowers now that’s all for this series of How To
Use Twitter like a pro. Apply what you have learned,
ask your questions I can always create a Q&A video to answer them subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure to visit my blog: for tips and tricks for lasting
online success stay awesome 🙂

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