Twitter Dashboard App: Schedule Tweets, Engage Audience
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Twitter Dashboard App: Schedule Tweets, Engage Audience

hey guys about a month ago twitter
launched the beta version of their twitter dashboard app for small
businesses now the purpose of this app they say is to help these small
businesses who are just starting on Twitter better engage and connect with
their audiences so come on let’s dive into some of the
features of dashboard you can easily schedule tweets by selecting the create
tab then the compose icon once you have composed your tweet select next and schedule a tweet or save
the draft and you’ll see all your schedule tweets and drops in the create
tab dashboard also provides you with a snapshot of your analytics in the
analytics tab you’ll see your account analytics and also your individual tweet
analytics ok now let’s get into the nitty-gritty
of the custom feet dashboard automatically generates a custom feed
for you with your mentions and tweet with your business name this feature sounds great but if your
business name is the same as another business like – your custom feet is
going to be filled with irrelevant tweets it’s kind of frustrating the
biggest drawback for me is that in order to make any changes to your custom feed
you have to do so from their web app at dashboard so my overall impression of the app the
user interface is very similar to twitter app which keeps things clean
consistent and easy to use the custom field is a great idea and if you have a
unique business name a lot of the work is done for you making
it super easy to engage with your audience the analytics are fairly basic here but
all you need if you’re just getting your feet wet in the Twitterverse so here’s
my verdict for Twitter dashboard I give it 3 out of 5 stars and here’s
why if you’re seeing Twitter you probably won’t have the need for the
want for a standalone app you just won’t use it enough but if you’re a small
business on that’s just getting started and Twitter
you might really like the ability to schedule these tweets on the go and to
have a quick snapshot of your analytics my biggest gripe however is that I
really wish the Twitter mobile app would just like to schedule tweets on the goat
would be so much easier so let me know what you think to use to
your dashboard do you like it you wish the twitter app would just like to
schedule tweets on ago let me know in the comments below as
always thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel see you next time

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