Twitter Adds Chronological Conversations to its Apps
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Twitter Adds Chronological Conversations to its Apps

(Image source: Twitter) BY EVAN THOMAS Twitter has added a new conversation mode
to your stream, in hopes of making chatter easier to follow. Up until now, to see a discussion between
Twitter users, you’ve had to click or tap on one of those tweets to expand and read
the rest. (via Twitter) The new conversation grouping strings each
message of a discussion together with a line. As many as three connected tweets will show
up in your timeline to indicate the presence of an ongoing conversation. And in even bigger news, these conversations
are now in chronological order, rather than the newest-first display the rest of Twitter
follows. In other words — a discussion now reads
like a discussion, by default. VentureBeat says that makes such conversations easier
to follow. “One of the most common complaints about Twitter
has been the inability to clearly see related tweets or to group tweets and replies in [an]
easily viewable way. This answers that objection …” (via VentureBeat) But, TechCrunch says, each conversation is
an island of chronological tweets in an ocean of otherwise newest-first content. Users will
have to keep that straight. “… conversations, while making linked tweets
easier to read, arguably make the timeline itself harder to read. Twitter is emphasizing
atomic units of conversation over a ‘big stream of sayings’. For better or for worse.” (via
TechCrunch) Assuming it works, though, GigaOM thinks it’s
good news for Twitter’s business model. More comfortable conversations mean more people
are likely to stick around for longer — and bring in more ad revenue. (via GigaOM) Other improvements rolled out Thursday include
the ability to share conversations with anyone via email, spam-reporting functions for individual
tweets on Android and a lighter-weight Android client. Twitter is rolling out the updated
apps starting Thursday on iTunes and Google Play.

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