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TweetPush Review | Best Twitter App for Marketing

hey its Jay with rave review and IMwithJay
today we’re looking at tweetpush and we’re gonna see if it’s the best Twitter
app available so Twitter many of us have had Twitter
accounts for many years but a lot of us have really not really sold into Twitter
to get the most out of it I mean Twitter is a massive platform
with longevity and is a great platform to get information out quickly to
quickly engage with customers and people with questions and actually engage with
people who maybe are upset a lot of times I’ve seen where Twitter gets used
when people are unhappy with the service of a company they actually tweet them
because it gives them a platform to be able to communicate so it can be a good
thing it can be a bad thing sometimes but ultimately it’s great to be able to
interact with your potential customers your customers and just other people
that are fans of your products so couple more Twitter stats for you there’s about
30 330 million monthly active users so that alone tells you there’s a huge user
base that you could be reaching out to and that you can be communicating with
connecting with it’s a global audience you know about 69 million of those
people are in the US but that leaves 261 million that are international so if
you’ve been wanting to be able to communicate and get outside us in a way
that maybe you haven’t been able to before
Twitter’s a great global community of people to be able to connect with and
interact with and also if you’ve been wanting to target like a younger
audience there’s a lot of Millennials on Twitter with about 36% of Americans aged
18 to 29 using Twitter and very actively so it’s a great platform it should not
be ignored if you’re not using Twitter to not only
market but also to interact with your audience or build your audience on
Twitter you definitely should be considering that so back to tweet bus so
what is tweet tweet push is a cloud-based application
that enables you to not only manage your Twitter account or accounts it also
introduces Twitter automation into your Twitter marketing strategy which is
really what separates it from some of the free tools that are out there
TweetDeck was a tool that’s been around for a long time twittering and of buying
it and it’s a free tool that you can use to do Twitter management and it’s
actually a nice tool for Twitter management but there’s not really a
whole lot of automation in that platform and even HootSuite which I own and I use
is a great platform for Twitter management but is not a great platform
for like some of the Twitter automation I mean you can schedule stuff you can
create a huge calendar I mean it’s a powerful platform and you can do a
little bit of automation with RSS feeds but you can’t do some of the other
automation I’m going to show you can do a tweet push so that’s really the
Twitter automation piece is what separates tweet push from a lot of not
only the free but some of the paid competition out there so let me give you
a sneak peek of tweet push so if we click on inside you got a dashboard here
where you can quickly see some stats and stuff I’m still testing it out so
there’s not a whole lot of here and haven’t really done a whole lot with
scheduling tweets and that kind of stuff yet but you can obviously you can get
jumped to wherever it is you want to get to really quickly so what I’m going to
just show you first you real quick is the my tweet section and it just takes a
second here to load you can see here on the left side you know you got my
connections you got trends automation campaigns that kind of stuff so what
you’ll see here I’m connected up to my rave review account I actually have it
connected to my IQ renovation account as well you can see here it just gives me
some of my you know most recent tweets now one thing you’ll notice here is that
you’re either thinking okay Jay why don’t you use pictures I thought
pictures or images were a big thing or video well the reality is I do so let me
show you something real quick so here’s this tweet from yesterday and you can
see here this is the actual tweet and it actually has a nice big old box image
box video along with it but wheat pushes kind of hit in
tune that out I think that’s just for speed and for easy use I have seen some
pictures show up but in and mostly I’m not seeing the pictures of the video
show up so they keep that in mind as you’re looking at at the interface at
least with your tweets so I think that’s their speech so you know you can quickly
see what you know just check your stuff here the other nice thing is you can
search tweets and the really nice thing is you can search tweets by location and
I haven’t really seen that now you can do advanced searches with even just the
web-based Twitter app where you can search by location and then you can
really introduce some of that the query language into like HootSuite or
TweetDeck but it’s a little more complex a little more advanced they’ve made it
real easy here so I’m just going to type in you know we’re on that within Raleigh
and let’s just say I want to search for something with SEO in it see what comes
back so I can kind of see and these people you know are gonna be you know
he’s going out and doing an advanced search looking for probably within a
vicinity of Raleigh and looking for people you know that are tweeting that
have SEO or something in this year maybe a probably could have done a hashtag SEO
to get something a little more specific but anyway you can kind of see I can
sign it save your results and if I wanted to go and either retweet these
tweets or like these people’s tweets or go follow these people and be real quick
too easy to do it here I really like that you can target locations and
something with Twitter that I don’t think people do enough I don’t do it
enough but targeting specific locations and really kind of digging in especially
if you’re doing local marketing you can really target within your local market
or find people in your local market that are active on Twitter and start engaging
with them so and then of course here we have friends tweets it’s going to be
some of the people that you follow you can see here they’re different tweets
but you can see here that you know in general it’s not showing images and
stuff I’m pretty sure that most of these I mean one of the big things with
Twitter is you gotta make sure you almost always tweet with an image not
everybody but you know especially if you’re trying
to advertise so to say I’ll market something you definitely want to image
or a video or something like that so but I think for speed it’s kind of editing
in dab so you can see just the crooks of the tweet and engage with it and see if
you want to engage with it and then of course you can look at the people you
follow your followers this is all basic you know Twitter management most people
have that you can look at the engagements of people who have either
mentioned you in a tweet or people who are favorited your tweets so you can
engage with them you can kind of keep up and keep track with that aspect of thing
the other nice thing is this trends so that’s something that you don’t
necessarily see in some of the management applications because they’re
not focused on on that there again I love the fact that you can easily target
by location so if I just wanted to do United States and then do a search for a
keyword so there again if I wanted to do SEO again and do a search you can see
here you see every once while there’s a an image you know that shows up I’m not
sure why sometimes an image shows up and sometimes it doesn’t and I also don’t
know if that something they may change in the future where they actually show
you the images and videos for the tweets so anyway but you can kind of see here I
can get a trend you know idea of what you know some of these training tweets
that are out there and then the other nice things you can do hashtags and here
like if I just want to see ok what’s trending right now in the United States
you know I could do a search and it can give me that or even better if I wanted
to really niche down into my specific location I can do that and I get you
know some of these are going to be the same but then some of them might be
specific to my area which is really kind of nice that you can there again with
this location-based targeting it really kinda opens the door especially for a
local marketing or even if if it’s not your local area I mean if you’re doing
this for somebody you can actually target specific areas or if you’re just
want to target if I wanted to go target New York City I can I could do that so
that’s pretty cool so next up I want to show you some of the automation which
really separates tweet from some of the other management
platforms out there so the first thing you have is the follow unfollow
automation so you can turn this on it’ll go out every so many minutes and based
on keywords hanging that can include hashtags it’ll go out and follow people
that are you know you’re tweeting with those hashtags or whatever so if you’ve
got a specific niche or you’ve got a specific thing you’re going after which
I definitely encourage you to do you could go in here and you can auto follow
people and a lot of times when you follow people they follow you back so
it’s a good way to just build your you know your Twitter audience as well as
you know interact with people and kind of start start just doing some of that
Twitter social action and then of course you’ve got the unfollow as well which
basically is the same kind of settings set an interval and then unfollow after
so many days so and that should be the fact that anybody that you followed if
they’re not following you it goes the it’ll go and look and say if they’re not
following you back then it goes back then it just done follows them so
because if they’re not following you there’s a pretty good chance unless
they’re seeing or monitoring hashtags or monitoring certain things the keywords
that type of stuff they’re not going to see your tweets if
they don’t follow you so obviously you want to kind of have somewhat an equal
balance of you know these people that you’re Auto following or that you’re
following you want them to follow you back at all possible and then in here in
campaign you can create campaigns so basically you can give it a name start
time end time you can do a posting interval keyword hashtags RSS the
YouTube URL so you can different you know just pull in and do these automatic
campaigns over the course of several days which that can be really cool
especially you know thinking about for rave review to an affiliate marketing
you know making these YouTube reviews is that I could throw my youtube url on
there and set it to post every you know every six hours or every 12 hours and
that’s one thing with Twitter to keep in mind is that it is very active very
active so it’s not like Facebook where you post it you know post something once
a day and you probably don’t really want to post it again
a lot of sense Twitter’s a little different in that you can post maybe not
exact same tweet which you can post you know similar tweets throughout the day
because it’s just such a it’s always moving it’s always moving forward and
it’s you know it’s really good to tweet multiple times a day so any way you can
do this is where you can do some automation in your your Twitter
marketing there again you know RSS feed specially me adding in some authority
content into your feet so if you’re an SEO person and you want you know
automatically tweet and stuff from search engine and wants or Moz or
something like from their blog stuff intro to you know introducing that in
with your tweets as well just mean it makes you look like an authority so a
little speaker trick there anyway that’s where you can do some automation with
the campaigns and then you’ve got your auto reply here which is really a cool
feature especially in specific niches that you can take keywords or hashtags
and anytime anybody tweets with those now you got to be
careful with that you could end up replying to all kind of stuff but I
think if you’re like you know you have a nice list so maybe you want people that
are gonna tweet with SEO and search engine optimization as hashtags you know
you could probably narrow it down you can set a time range so that makes sense
to you know you’re not it’s not like at 3 o’clock in the morning your time you
know you can set it down to your business hours whatever posting interval
you can upload images that type of stuff and then you can add you know different
replies so it’s not like you have one reply you can actually add multiple
replies down here that so that when you reply to people you have like a certain
set maybe you have five there are ten different replies and it could just be
stuck well hey you really liked your tweet or something like that I mean you
know just different possibilities there with the automatic reply and there again
it’s a way to engage automatically and then when those people maybe come back
and engage with you then you can jump in manually to you know via your phone or
via the web interface or via this dashboard reply to them and engage with
them about whatever it is you know that you’re tweeting about
and then here it would be your scheduled tweets so as you’re doing some of this
automation it’ll actually show up here with the scheduled tweets and everything
and then accounts you can log accounts and then logs and stuff you can see kind
of results of what’s been going on with your with your Twitter activity and then
settings and stuff so basically you know pretty straightforward there but
hopefully that sneak peek is help giving you an idea of not only the management
aspect of tweet bush but the automation side of tweet push so let’s look real
quickly at the just a tweet bush product because you know the front-end you get a
certain amount of features I think you get one account off with Twitter but if
you have multiple Twitter accounts like I do and like many marketers do you’ll
you’ll definitely want to go to the pro version so let’s kind of look at the
sales funnel here you know this is the JV page I’m gonna kinda you know
basically you know there again web-based app you can schedule stuff you can do
automation so really cool really cool tool really like in this but here is you
know the funnel so let me just show you kind of what so tweet push pro with the
pro version you know you get multiple Twitter account so that’s probably the
biggest thing and then there are some advanced Twitter marketing features that
it’s not really defining for me what’s in that pro version but to me the main
thing is that multiple Twitter accounts that if you do anything where you have
multiple accounts you definitely want to go for the pro upgrade and then the
agency enables you gives you the rights to actually use this for your clients so
you actually recently saw some friends on Facebook where they’re doing a kind
of an automated Twitter build your account service and this would be a
great tool I’m not sure what tool they were using but this would be a great
tool to do that type of thing where you can easily go in and it might even be a
foot in the door you know so like if you’re doing local marketing again you
have a mess around with Twitter much but you can see the potential here
especially with the location targeting that you could take this into your
either existing clients or new clients and say hey I you know for a certain
amount of month low amount of month I’ll do some Twitter
marketing for you and try to bring in some people through that Twitter
platform and you know what the agency upgrade gives you that capability to add
in their accounts and manage their accounts as well and in there so that
gives you an idea of what that is so yeah so that’s that’s the main of
courageous the pro where you get the multiple accounts and the agency where
you basically get license to do this for your client so to sum up tweet push is a
cloud-based Twitter marketing and Twitter automation platform and it’s
that Twitter automation piece that really separates it from some some of
the free tools as well as some of the paid tools out there that do not include
those features so if you’re really looking for a comprehensive Twitter
marketing platform I mean tweak Bush is doing a really good
job of combining the best of management and the best of automation into one
platform so as a bonus you’re gonna get some bonuses with tweet push but you
know see different markers doing you know these included bonuses and there
might be some variety there but I’m also gonna do an exclusive some exclusive
training videos I used Twitter a fair amount I’ve actually found some really
cool stuff with the Twitter media aspect of things where you can really take
advantage and get be able to analyze what you’re doing with Twitter as well
as there’s things that I do almost every time I sent out a tweet and I’m gonna
let you know what that is but in the video in the training so they’ll
probably be I don’t know either two or three just exclusive video training of
my things secret things I do with Twitter that I think are helping me
you get drive traffic and get the most out of Twitter so if you pick it up
through my link you’ll get not only the bonuses that probably a lot of
everybody’s talking about as well as you’ll get this exclusive stuff of what
I’m doing because I use Twitter every day to market different stuff and I’ll
you’ll get my exclusive kind of secret stuff that I’m doing and things that I
think are helping me get the most out of Twitter if you had any questions leave
comments below and happy to hear from you if you like this
review please hit subscribe button share it with your friends I’d appreciate it
have a great day

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