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Hi. This is Mike Smart here with today’s tech tip. As you become more and more adept and
more and more comfortable with using Twitter, I wanted to show you you a nice tool that can
help really make things a lot easier for how to use Twitter. It’s called TweetDeck. One of the
problems with Twitter, if you go to the Twitter web page, it’s just
that there’s not a lot of stuff going on. You’ve got one column here, got a little information on
yourself, and if you want to change, you’ve got
to click on the column and wait for it to do that. If you want to go to notifications, I click and I wait for it to load. “Discover” is the same kind of thing, and the
features of all these columns is rather limited So it’s not really all that great of a
tool for actually using Twitter. Much better, and much more
powerful, is what’s called TweetDeck. TweetDeck is available in a lot of
different forms. You can download it and put it on a program on your program There’s a Mac version, a Windows
version. There’s a Chrome App version. You can also access it through their
website. What we’re looking at here is the Twitter application loaded onto a macintosh screen. The
nice thing about TweetDecks is that it allows you to have
multiple columns open at the same time. And you navigate through—you can see I have my home column at the top, notifications, messages, and you can
navigate through even more columns, by clicking on this little navigation bar on
the left hand side. For example, here’s my EdTech column
here’s my mnlead hashtag. Here’s my 287 edchat hashtag, and here’s
my edchat hashtag. You can broaden this out a
course across the whole desktop. I’m just desktop I’m showing a small portion
would normally I display. So you can see a lot of different feeds at the same time and you can move back and forth between those feeds pretty easily. Another neat thing about TweetDeck is it allows you to kind of refine these things. Say for example I want to refine some
of parameters of the edtech column, I just click on the little refinement
icon to the right of the title. I can change the terms. I can change
users to any kind of a specific user that
posted in edtech. I could be me, it could be verified users. I can type
different types of engagement, for example, if i just want to see popular
tweets, I can see, show me anything in the
ed tech column that’s had at least 15 retweets and that will
show me what people have really kind of valued in
the last hour or so. I can put it back to zero. I can show previews of different sizes and
I can also tailor my alerts. If I really want to follow a column I could have
something make a sound or have something pop up when he gets in
there. Also, it’s really easy to remove columns. I just click on the Settings icon, click Remove, and it’s gone. If I want to put
it back in or I want to add a comment back in I just go to add column. I can put search. Let’s put in hashtag EdTech. Hit return. Add column. And then my EdTech column is back in there. If I want to move it over, I can just drag the little bar to the
left of the top column. And just drag it back quick where I like it. TweetDeck is a great program for doing
all sorts of things with Twitter. Much more powerful and much more easy to use than the
regular Twitter page. Also, if I want to get it, just do a Google search for TweetDeck, and you’ll come here and you can see you’ve got your
options. You could sign in on the web and use it as part of a web page. That’s okay but I don’t necessarily recommend it.
Here I can download the Mac version, the Windows version, or the Chrome App. You then sign in with
your Twitter account, set some columns up and off you go! Have fun!

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