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(music playing) (Kelli) So, Hi! Thanks for joining us for another episode of 2 Reds Make it Write. Today we’re going to talk about a tool that is a lifesaver for us if you do Twitter chats. (Rachel) Absolutely. I don’t know about you Kelli but following a Twitter chat online is really complicated and it’s a skill that I don’t necessarily have even though I like to participate professionally all of the time on Twitter chats. (Kelli) Oh yeah, it makes my eyes burn. (Rachel) Oh my gosh, absolutely. So much information and it’s not necessarily in order. So we would like to put some order to that by introducing you to TweetDeck. (Kelli) TweetDeck. We do have a chat every Tuesday night at 8:30 Eastern standard time. #PatinsIcam that we would love for you to join and try TweetDeck for maybe the first time to keep up with our chat. (Rachel) We will even give you professional growth point for joining us. (Kelli) Yeah let’s do that. Oh we always do that. (Rachel) No, we are just doing it for you. (laughter) (Kelli) So TweetDeck, here it goes. (music playing) To get started with TweetDeck all you will need is your Twitter login information. Once you have that you will go to And three columns will automatically pop up. These are the default columns when you first initially start with TweetDeck. My home column, my notifications and my activity. Let’s go to settings. This is where you will find the accessibility settings that are built into TweetDeck. I currently have the light theme, which is
a white background but for contrast purposes I can change that to dark columns. I can make them more narrow, make them wide or just remain at the default setting of medium. I also have different font sizes that I can play around with. Play around with these settings and figure out which one creates the less eye fatigue when you are following these really fast Twitter chats. So speaking of Twitter chats, ours is #PatinsIcam. This is one that you will definitely want to follow. All I have to do is type it into my search bar, I hit enter and you will see a column quickly just developed all the way to the far right. So anytime someone uses the #PatinsIcam you have its own column to be able to easily follow that. You also have a way to personalize where you want the columns placed. Simply by dragging and dropping. Placing them where you want them to make it easier for you and that’s following a hashtag . If you want to follow a certain individual, all you have to do is type in their Twitter handle here and we will follow PATINS Project. To create their own column so anytime PATINS Project tweets, now they have their own column so it’s visually easy to follow them as well. So, also if you want him tweet from the TweetDeck, you just go to tweet and the other last accessibility setting that I do want to talk about is adding image descriptions to our images or videos. So I’m going to add an image here before I tweet it and select one. And I have 2 Reds make it Write and here at the bottom it says add description. This is where we want to always add image descriptions before we tweet so that screen readers can have access to read so everyone can participate in Twitter chats and get the same experience. So I’m just going to write, if I can type here, 2 Reds Make it Write text on bricks. So I hit apply so now a screen reader will be able to identify this image based on the entry that I made and then I just hit tweet. So that is a really quick version of talking about TweetDeck. We do hope that you would start joining our Twitter chats again on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 Eastern Standard time. We would love to have you do that. If you use TweetDeck for the first time, give us a shout out that would be awesome to know but following tweet using Tweetdeck and following Twitter chats will absolutely make your life so much easier. (Rachel) So, in a nutshell, that is TweetDeck. (Kelli) A lifesaver for sure. (Rachel) Absolutely. Thank you so much for being here with us this week. (Kelli) And remember, you don’t have to be a redhead (Kelli & Rachel) to make it Write. (Kelli) See you next time. (music playing)

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