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hey it’s Dell and this is tweet alerts
tweet alerts allows you to display tweets right on your stream okay guys so
you guys are going to want to head on over to your web browser and head on
over to tweet alerts TV and you’ll be greeted with this page what you’re gonna
want to do is you’re going to want to log in to your tweet alerts right login
to your twitter make sure you guys authorize the app alright cool so now
that you’re in your dashboard guys you’re going to see a couple of tabs up
here and we’re gonna be going over to design overlay so right here you guys
can actually set up a couple styles for your tweets right on your OBS or
whatever broadcasting software you use you have a template you have a couple
options choose the one you’d like you have the layout so it’s between four
compact and of course you can see all the changes that happen automatically
right here on the previous screen you can change the primarycolour
secondarycolour and also background color just in case you want to change
the color of the text the border width you can add order to take the border off
you can add it to be more squarish or more roundish the border color you can
also change the font the font size the max width just in case you want a more
elongated and you can remove or include the watermark
there’s also animations guys so that way when the when you get notified with a
neat suite this is how will be presented into the live stream you can also have
it when two leaves change the animation to that you can also have an alignment
top left right bottom i don’t leave after how many seconds a delay you can
also add a sound value over the sound and then the sample tweet text
okay so the next thing guys is gonna be the tweet alerts so this is going to be
a feed that automatic displays whatever at you put at or hashtag you can give it
a start time so we can start and then your number of maximum tweets in the
feed you can show that we picture never or always show a user avatar you can
also add a blacklist just in case you don’t want a couple words in there and
use your blacklist just in case you don’t want any users to appear on your
stream the next guys is gonna be tweet wall overlay this is going to control
pretty much how many tweets you get to see on screen space between them max
tweets 715 you just want to show one two three and then you can also see the
latest changes and that’s pretty much it guys once you guys are ready you guys
can head on over to the top middle of the preview box and just copy this
overlay URL so now that you have copied it you want to open up your OBS guys
gonna add a brand new scene and it’s gonna be a browser scene for the name of
tweets and right here we’re going to add new address that they gave us with our
modified version of it so now that we add that to OBS you guys can see that I
have the tweets up and running and the way you guys can test it out is by going
over to your design overlay going under animations and just hitting try and
that’s pretty much I guess that’s how you add tweets to your live stream thank
you guys so much

5 thoughts on “ – Display twitter tweets on your stream 2019

  1. Dude all your vids are sick. Straight to the point, no bs, easy to understand, and the tips have really helped my streaming out.
    Keep it up bro.

  2. Thanks for helping me out! I picked the wrong URL (The link at "Design Overlay" tab) at first!
    Didn't notice the other one -until you pulled it up!
    Cheers!! 😀

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