Tucker: Nunberg brilliantly played the media
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Tucker: Nunberg brilliantly played the media

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Nunberg brilliantly played the media

  1. Populist. Don't you mean proud nationalist, who are angry that the Marxist socialist are trying to hijack our countries by flooding them with the 3rd world poor who will vote for them.
    It's time to cull the so called ruling elites

  2. Seems like these lib women all have such obnoxious voices! AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Kamala…..could be that the hideous substance they are saying influences their voices, too 🙂

  3. This stupid woman is a sick pup of the Obama jerks we in the U.S.A vote for the person, and we hope he or she has been vetted, unlike Obama. Smart?

  4. tucker, the woman is insane, dum godbless our great president trump and our great nation, thyank you all fox crew for have true great channel for us Americas people

  5. The Russians did not influence the way that I voted,and I doubt very seriously if it made 65 orv70 million people vote for President Trump.

  6. can cristy can be sued as well? she has to know that Russian is dealing with hillary earlier. i can't stand her arguments. she thought she is intelligent but aha…

  7. i have said that for years, Russia done nothing mattered but the united states did, the political scum in the united states done it to themselves and then blamed the Russians and caused trouble by blaming Trump also, the united states does everything they say the Russians do, it is stupid to think they don't

  8. When I was young, we prepared for the Russians. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, hide under your desk. Haven't the left matured enough to know that they aren't coming. They keep using words like possibly and maybe to lead us the wrong direction. Fake news

  9. The only evidence that there
    happens to be plenty of is
    that this woman is completely
    deluded. One cannot have a
    reasonable discussion with
    that kind of mentality.

  10. Russia is working with Democrats. It makes no sense for Russia to help elect a free market President while Russia hates free market values.

  11. Who is this CRAZY BROAD? I voted for Trump because Hillary Clinton was a LIAR and a CRIMINAL, not because RUSSIA influenced me to vote for him. These crazed Hillary-Loving-Pundits
    just can't accept the fact that Hillary LOST because she was a horrible, corrupt, evil shrew, but hey, run her again in 2020 and see what you get.

  12. Tucker, 6:37 in, how the hell is Russia anti Hillary..? Uranium one deal..! And they practically financered intire campaign, laundry money through the Clinton charity foundation..! How the hell is Russia anti-Hillary, Fusion GPS and a false. Dossier paid for with Hillary money, no doubt from the Clinton charity Foundation..!


  14. What is so great about Russia? Their gdp is the size of Texas!!! What have they done since Sputnik? Anybody driving a Russian car? What a line of B.S the Dems are trying sell to the American people!!!

  15. She is so smart that she's stupid she's still trying to pull one over on ordinary people she thinks that because she has a high-powered education that she can just negotiate her way and make us believe this BS we never believed it and we still don't. Trying please!

  16. Tucker… This is just another example of Jeremiah 17:9 in the Bible… The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked , who can know it Jesus said that when the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch. It is not a matter of human intellect oh, it is a matter of spiritual blindness. God tells us to repent, that our sins may be blotted out.

  17. The stupidest smart woman I've ever seen but the took Ben shapiros saying "facts don't care about your feelings." And changed it to facts don't matter when you are all feelings

  18. Why is CNN and MSNBC still on air? They’re a joke. The Enquirer doesn’t have anyone in the White House claiming to be a reporter. So why are the fake news station allowed in there?

  19. She's like all other far-left delusional lying democrats. They gleefully smile, offering no evidence to support their claims and don't understand why we don't just blindly trust them. It's as if they are in an alternate universe where everything is reversed

  20. 👍💪🇺🇸 THANK YOU TUCKER! Great reporting every time I hear you Tucker! These Democrats are all morons bought off by George Soros

  21. That woman is an idiot, but then again all Democrats are idiots! Give the little big mouth a gun and send her on the front lines where lots of bullets are whizzing by her brainless head every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month, then watch her grow up fast!

  22. Grooming Donald trump!!? Unrealistic & utter nonsense regarding Russia. A diversion but a dangerous one this woman is deluded, jrb Fife UK 🦋

  23. Wow, I dont know who is more stupid, Samantha Powers or Christy Setzer. Wow they still do not get it. They are fools and this is one of the many, many reasons Trump will win 2020.

  24. The new definition of insanity is telling the same outrageous lies over and over on TV and believing you look like a credible source of anything.
    I wouldn't trust that women's recipe for boiled potatoes.

  25. This poor woman doesn t have a clue about anything,she uses the Dems' talking points as facts…I hope she sidn t get paid for her appearance here,she reminds me of that other crazy cow,Kirstyn Powers,whataheck happened to that crazy goat?

  26. Hillary interfered with russian (Chechnya) elections. She inferred the elections weren't honest resulting in riots and upheaval.

  27. Russia Russia Russia
    tell my why Russia would want us to put a strong conservative government in place. They do not want a strong opposition on the other side of the table

  28. Talk about weak minded, the poor democrats the still have the rest of their life’s to be miserable, and try and make the rest of us miserable too!

  29. Get this idiot Russian did it push off the show! What a waste of time! These kinds of people shouldn't be put on air! Why give them any time or platform to spread their lies??

  30. Does any American get influenced by Russia? NO. As Americans do we give a flying f what Russia thinks? No. So who really is being influenced if in fact they are influencing anyone? Oh i know its that imaginary ghost we had as kids that we blamed everything on.

  31. OK….. the left still believes that they are right……that proves the right is right. We have or had, too much governement and people have enough of that, because it did'nt improve the lifes of the biggest part of the population who want to work for a good or better life. In the EU are country's with five governements… In Belgium the workers get only 45 % of there wages, the rest go's to the state. That use it to " help " the ones who dus'nt work or the ones who are on the payrole of the state. The country is not more then 300 km in his longest lenght, has 3 reagional governements above the ones of the city's, villages, provinces and so on. And then the one of the state Belgium. And all those governements discuse and parole, parole, parole in favor of there own interest and then at last… the EU governement deside about everything in detail that has to do with EU citizens…. Belgium has two kings, two queens, a lot of princes and princeses and the politic wont them just play a theater role as in some Disneyland. Whyle the politic itself has nothing to do then safe there own jobs. Then they are surpriced that after the last elections some months agoo, that still has no lead to new local governements, have again the people voted for more right and far right party's. Ah, that's also a fact, the green party had more votes too. From a minorety to a bit less minorety. And the French speaking part of that litlle spot on the earth, know for chocolate and french fryes, there is the left wing more the favorit, the more south feeling population with the tradition of South European country's….. fiesta's for free….. nice when one is on a pension AFTER a life of hard work.

  32. Obama said He knew about the Russians, but said they didn't affect the election , but when Hillary lost all hell broke loose, and Trump became the worst target for slander than I've seen in my lifetime. He is undoing Obamas horrible policies, could this be the reason?

  33. What was that saying? Young and dumb and full of cum? What a moron she is.Brain washed like the rest of these like these Millennial ‘s. She disagrees? Who in the hell is she in the first place? 🥴🤪

  34. Why bother my man that Lib Christy who is a numb nut, and doesn't want to listen to something she doesn't comprehend when it doesn't fit the answer she painstakingly rehearsed.

  35. @ 9:51. That look of absolute orgasmic elation on the face of this political hack (from new heights communications) as she didn't give in to the common sense communication of Tucker Carlson but yes alas feel the butt hole tighten and the heart muscles constrict as she saves her job and gets that $10,000 bonus as she has resisted Tucker's bullets of truth. Alas now she can return to her colleague(s) and begin the process of 'movin' up the ladder'. The first stop.. is the editor's office after 5.

  36. This woman is totally full of crap. Tucker took her to task. She believes, she believes, but offers no proof. No hope for her. She is mentally irregular.

  37. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, why do you do interviews with leftist trolls. Their skulls are so thick, you can not teach them anything!

  38. Yes dear, the Russians are “there”. They live in “Russia”! Believe me, there is no Russian reality worse than the Cold War which all allied nations participated in way, way beyond the actual threat! If anyone thinks for one split second that Russia 🇷🇺 is any worse threat than China 🇨🇳 or India 🇮🇳 or Mexico 🇲🇽 or Great Britain 🇬🇧, you need to ice to Portland! You will have friends and believers there! Ciao

  39. She is smart? In what way? She is disaster, leftist liberal scum…..that's all! I despise DemocRATS……..they are enemy of American people who LOVE AMERICA…….

  40. Tucker! Please do not invite stupid idiots like this woman to your program. Your ratings will go down, normal people can't take this BS anymore. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THE ENEMIES….

  41. Lol they just don't see if lol sorry Tucker she is a lost sol no mater what you say dogs still walk backards she not going to see but it thanks for the lol

  42. What about Google what about Google what about Google what about Facebook what about Facebook what about Facebook! At least two and a half million votes, possibly 10 million swayed to Hillary.

  43. And yet the Russians, i.e. Putin, wrote false dossiers against Trump, bought plutonium from Hillary Clinton, paid Bubba millions for making speeches and God knows what else to help Hillary win the Presidency. Who are you going to believe? Your eyes or their lies?

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