Tucker: Media pushed Democrats toward impeachment
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Tucker: Media pushed Democrats toward impeachment

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media pushed Democrats toward impeachment

  1. No President deserved impeachment more than Trump. It's truly sad for the American people that he forced the Democrats to have to take it this far. But that is their constitutional duty when a President breaks his constitutional oath by doing the things that Trump does. It does make it a little easier when it becomes clear that that President is a narcissistic psychopath.

  2. 1:23 – "Will there be any consequences for the lying, warmongering, bought CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., and, more importantly, for their paymasters? 90% of MSM is owned by SIX corporations, who are all owned by "international bankers". It's a sham, money in politics, "the tribe" first.

  3. The democrats want to be able to claim trump was being impeached during the 2020 campaign. This was about the next election and nothing more.

    They knew he wouldnt be impeached. That's why they waited

  4. Dems have been pushing for impeachment, media is pushing the Dems for impeachment, and who owns media. Michael Bloomberg is one of the billionaires that controls the media and now he is running for president.

  5. Schiff, Nadler, Polosi, CNN, AP & MSNBC pushing too much HATE dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media is promoting it!

  6. Notice the signs behind Yang say 'Humanity first' rather than America first. That is the modern Democratic Party summed up; putting the interests of foreigners on par with Americans.

  7. Adam Shittf is actually Kevin Spacey with a slight makeover.He is trying to get revenge against the right who BLEW his spot up and ruined his career.Yeeaaaa his revenge plan isnt going to great and he will again end up face down in a pile of poop

  8. I guess that's one main reason I don't own a TV.. no sense in watching.. The Democrats are going down.. they are going to lose their party.. as more and more walk away..

  9. No doubt rabid jackal MSMs are still trying to create fake news narratives, efforting to push TDS/OCD on as many as they can infect…

  10. No true journalism anymore except Fox news.   The rest don't investigate the truth.  They just air sound bites and have become propaganda puppets for the DNC..

  11. Hey Fox News!!!!! Hannity and Tucker’s videos are being censored on YouTube!!! There are several videos that only allow 1-2 second plays!!

  12. “Far more serious than what Nixon did”. I’m sorry but no matter how much you hate Trump you can’t possibly say the false charge of withholding aid to get an investigation of a political opponent is worse than the proven true charge of breaking and entering into the opponent’s campaign headquarters and then committing a mass of obstruction crimes covering it up.

  13. Repub extremists do not vote for the best of the country. They are hard line party voters who will vote for anyone in the same party, no matter who they are.
    Mandatory background checks for all politicians. Abolish the honor system.

  14. Is this show for the right wing extremists. It's kind like a pep rally at a high school football game. Is this supposed to energize the hard line party vote? Silly plan. Mandatory background checks on all political candidates. Party line voters don't vote for the best interest of the country. They vote for who is ever on the party ticket, no matter who they are.There useful idiots for the party.

  15. Lyin' Cryin' adam schiff is a poor excuse for a human being and his party & constituents are just as despicable.
    Andrew "Boomer" Yang ?!… I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Don't turn your back on that one !

  16. Seriously how good you are having it in the US that all you can talk about is this non-existent scandal …. 
    are there no real problems?

  17. I can see it all now walking around Hollyweird asking all the perverted stars if he has gone to far. Lmao what an imbecile.

  18. Wait..trump won..and he's guilty of what? A president can get a blowjob in the oval office by an intern and that's ok? Missing something here

  19. Hey genius (Tucker) Fox News is the media, it’s about time y’all assumed responsibility for all the irresponsible fake news you broadcast

  20. The fight against the corrupt liberal media and politicians must continue. They must be held accountable, their actions and narrative scrutinized and exposed when necessary. I don't believe for one second that they have changed their intentions. They are in damage control mode, but surely already plotting their next charade. The democrats are addicted to their method. Let us wait and see how Bloomberg and Steyner et al. will try to buy the vote. Let us see what Soros and the global elite will try to pull out of their bags.
    The US Constitution and our vote are the tools we use, and in need of protection. We must remain vigilant, rebuild the country and make it stronger and better. We must stay involved and in touch with the political process, so that we can make informed decisions.


  22. We didn't elect the media and they don't get to speak for the American people. The media have the right to speak freely but, that doesn't mean anyone agrees with their opinion. If the medias voice is stronger and more powerful than my vote… why do we vote for representatives to take our demands to DC and represent us accurately? Shouldn't we be questioning who's in charge? Do we really have any power? Or does our government have complete control regardless of who we vote for? It's becoming evident that the government has been tyrannical for a long time and when the people vote for someone that threatens to expose their tyranny, the government will do anything they can to silence that person. What they are doing to Trump is proof that the government is tyrannical. We voted for Trump and we're being told that we don't get to make the choice of who want unless it's who they decide is acceptable. I don't care who you are. Left or right. This should open your eyes. Pushing socialism from the seats of Congress? It's literally elected officials pushing for total government control and removing the rights our rights and freedoms. What American would ask for slavery to the state and ultimately starvation and disease? This is insane. The 2nd amendment is not a suggestion but, a duty. The left are pushing harder and harder to disarm us for a reason. They need us to be defenseless. It's them who should be worried about defending themselves. We are the ones that are given the power to remove them from their positions of power by force. They have no power to take away anything. They are elected by the people to do what the people want. We pay them. Yet, we sit idly by as they waste our money trying to remove the president that was duly elected and get paid to do nothing they were elected to do. Why are we even putting up with this? No wonder they get more extreme. They don't fear us. That's why.

  23. The Democrats were always going to impeach. They prepared for impeachment during the Mueller investigation. When that witch hunt came up with nothing, the Dimms had so much inertia behind impeachment that they could not stop it.

  24. It’s not about impeachment It’s about talking about impeachment to bring Trump’s polling numbers down with so called independents🤷🏼‍♀️🇺🇸

  25. up until this term i would vote for the person not the party but after almost 4 years of this CRAP …I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMORAT AGAIN and i will never ever believe the main stream media again

  26. Tucker, I love your show.  Your sarcasm and wit starts me on a laughing jag and I can't stop.  Best show on the tube.  Thank you for keeping all the Shifft straight.

  27. Tucker I think you are incorrect on this….this was put into play on election night. The media has certainly played a part with their nonstop propaganda but the dumbocrats had this " planned" in the event the unthinkable happened and Trump was elected.


  29. How did Adam Schiff get elected to Congress??? I wouldn't vote for the man to be on a city council let alone represent my state…

  30. Tucker… Come on now. Democratic leaders listening and responding to the talking heads on MSM??? Donald Trump literally does what FOX commentators tell him to do within hours of telling him… I like you Tucker, but you usually spot hypocrisy better than this. 🙂

  31. As we all know, impeachment was never the goal, slander heading into an election was.

    Unfortunately for the traitors, they exposed the villain as the victim and their show trial as an inquisition. Congrats.

  32. I love fox because they alway tell us the truth that we want to hear ❤ i swear to god, trump and fox say things that I think all the time, my family and friends say the same things repeatedly, so if we all think it and say it, that just proves we follow The Chosen One indeed. Praise be

  33. I've learned that most of the trolls on here are just bored Republicans trying to get you guys going on with them they're not the left

  34. The Left has made their own monsters, and they are going to have to face off against them. The Left repeatedly cannibalize their own, and try to indoctrinate and convert centralists. Even if a Democrat were to win the White House by some miracle. The Left-wing, or SJW movement will undermine any power a Democrat in office would have. The Democrats are their own monster. Many of their supporters are monsters. But worst of all the Left went and pissed me off, and that will be their undoing. I know a three letter word, which will win any candidate the presidency.

    Currently reading your book Tucker, and loving it. Keep up the outstanding work.

  35. The Constitution specifically calls for impeachment for bribery.

    Under Section 201 of the US Code, Trump committed bribery.

    He must be impeached.

  36. We hate the main stream liars .Tucker and Hannity is the only thing keeping fox alive they are turning south also. To bad

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