Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’
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Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

  1. The best thing the US the UK and our allies could do is stay at home and strengthen ourselves. Let our opposition make the move. If we strengthen ouselves now we will be able to weather the storm thats gathering, and they will step on the wrong bridge at some point!

  2. Bombshell testimony: I heard from John, who headed from Jerry that he over heard a conversation from across the room in a restaurant while some one was on the phone……..
    was it on speaker????
    No…… but I hear he has good hearing….. lol 😂

  3. Schiff reminds me of a serial killer with those bug eyes of his. He's a liar for sure and most probably a traitor legally but in my book he's just an all around scum bag politician.

  4. He's a champion of the intelligence community? He's carrying their touch. Has anybody been paying attention to Snowden WikiLeaks or any of Obama Clinton shenanigan's? The whole system is corrupt. That means Shiff is their mouthpiece.


  6. 3:31 — We can tell that a group of people or someone decided that most of their media companies must repeat the same word over and over again in order to brainwash their audience because repeating some words or your opinion makes people believe it, no matter how stupid it is. They did this for decades and it's really sad that those so-called "journalists" keep doing it today, and it's so obvious! Those people aren't journalists but activists.

  7. Buddy Trump doesn’t need the crooked democrats / Baby Killers to help him win in 2020 !! They don’t hold a flicker of light, Like our President Trump!! He is a light in the world like many of us are God Bless the entire Trump Family and the Trump administration!!

  8. Hello Americans and specially Mr Tucker: it is getting more difficult to find you and your show at UTube. What is going on?

  9. i,m 100% trump ..but i,m gonna help the dem,s impeach trump,,trump,s a big man,,his hands are to small for his body size ,,,i gaurntee that an impeachable offence..but ladys his fingers are mid lenght an thick

  10. Sycophants –
    a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage.
    toady · creep · crawler · fawner · flatterer · flunkey · truckler · groveller · doormat · lickspittle · kowtower · obsequious person · minion · hanger-on · leech · puppet

  11. Media outlets just want to have a reason to say "Bombshells being dropped", since Trump has been ending wars, not starting them.

  12. I'm inexplicably compelled to put my fist right through Tucker Carlsons suckhole. He's just one of those people. A stupid, pompous, sycophant for dum-dum Donnie with nothing of value to say. Just one of Fox News' lecherous opinion minions.

  13. The Dems are trying to sell the idea that Trump is a crook to the American people.
    They chose Schiff as their front man.
    What PR company would choose a bug eyed manic as their front man?
    They lost the minute they let him loose.

  14. so many bombshells and an IED.. no wonder why you guys got so many volatile and easily triggered folks on board.. 😉

  15. When my little brother was 6 years old he use to recite the script for Shrek. It seems like A. Schiff is stuck in 6 year old mold and proud of it.

  16. Adam schiff is who I look for under my kids bed, hes the most creepy lying scandalist scumbag ever… I've seen rapist, and murderers with more honesty and charisma.


  18. Why are we even given military aid to Ukraine you ask ??…OMG, and you pose as a journalist ?/…at least pretend you understand some basics

  19. Do a little research of your own as to where all the Russian collusion and this whole mess started as I did. What you'll find only a couple minutes into your research is scary.

  20. If there ever were aliens wearing human skin it would look like these terrible and suspiciously paranoid ACTORS. Why won't anyone talk about geo-engineering? Common Core catastrophe? Famine looming? SpaceX Fraud?

  21. So proud of this president. His presence alone, made the dems go to extremes and show their true colors. I am so happy to finally have my eyes open to the dirty politics in america. We must have term limits, and must avoid extremes on BOTH sides.


  22. Are we sure he is not Batman’s joker. Let’s call it bumpshell stocker. That’s a hard on truth. National monuments collapsing in the blue allb room. Runny babbit. Failure to engage bombshell

  23. These people are stupid openly trying to overthrow an elected President of the US ! Treason & sedition are serious crimes….

  24. I spent 6 years in the Marines and didn't have as many "bombshells" fall near me LOL. The most annoying thing to me is how every talking head in the MSM uses exactly the same wording. It is like they all get the same script every morning and they blather it on and on all day. Not that they need help at it but it sure makes them look stupid and less credible.

  25. Astonishing. So-called "News" organizations literally writing fiction and then dispensing it as 'news'. Now you know how the Russian people felt about Pravda in the USSR.

  26. HEY Ukraine is ground zero for stopping russia, russia invaded a neighboring country and is still a evil empire, stand fast republicans, the one most critical problem i have with trump is his lack of knoledge and care for things like nato, ukraine, georgia, the baltic countrys. yes he is doing a great job with china but putin is worse, other than that GO trump, and where is my wall darnet?

  27. I think if the Democrats do not like what’s being done they can go sit on the southern border and see what’s going on for themselves and Adam Schiff should be behind bars . I’m so tired of coming home from work every day to turn on the TV and hear there’s absolute embarrassment from the media and our government I just think they’re very upset that someone is in the White House that’s not letting them get their way for once and telling them they have to do their job instead of just pushing it under the rug it’s very sad when you Have somebody in the presidency that wants to do good and make this country great again instead of exporting everything and making us weak as a country instead he wants to make a strong again and no one looks at that they always look elsewhere I think they’re just scared because they might actually have to do something if he wins again and it’s very sad that it has to be this way

  28. My other observation is that schiff has had so many fillers and Botox his face doesn’t move properly. Definitely a California thing.

  29. The Constitution is FAKE & PHONY! Now the Dummycrats are using the FAKE & PHONY Constitution to try to remove our Dear Leader Donald J Trump from office that GOD CHOSE HIM FOR. When Donald J Trump isn’t too busy playing golf, hiring prostitutes and signing Bibles he is fighting for US by doing things like building a wall of concrete and rebar from sea to shining sea that doesn’t have any concrete structures and is mostly just repairing fences and lightweight steel barriers that Obama built but that doesn’t matter because the Dear Leader Donald J Trump will have at least 20-30 more years in office once we abolish the Constitution and restore a monarchy with Donald and then Eric and Ivanka leading this nation into as much success as the Dear Leader Donald J Trump’s companies that didn’t go bankrupt. LOCKER UP! LOCKER UP! Whose gunner pay four it mexico!!!!

  30. If it was a bombshell all those guys would be running for the nearest bomb shelter they wouldn't still be sitting there in their seats bombshell please

  31. Dear Tucker, the US do have an obligation to at least arm Ukraine, because back in the 1994 the US (along with UK, russia) guaranteed Ukrainian security in exchange for Ukrainian nukes (the Budapest Memorandum)

  32. who's the puppetmaster behind all of the reporters who all say "bombshell " it seems like everyday the media say the same words but they work for different companies , but they think it is a means to brainwash by getting a certain word or narrative over and over to the publics ears so their lies will stick

  33. Schiff is scary looking with his bulging eyes like he is crazed. He tells whoppers and gets facts(?) from the CLOUDS or some weird place.

  34. BOMBSHELL/ Devastating/ whatever the CABALMEDIA SAYS IT IS, on any given day, IT IS COLLUSION ! ! That is the proof by their works and Agenda that is shown every DAY ! Directed Energy Weapon, the MEDIA, and THEY OWN IT, NOT US ! !

  35. Journalists after journalist repeating the same utter rubbish like "bombshell" is just so much like journalists – with barely an original thought in their heads. In fact there is no such thing as a 'bombshell' and it is nonsense. You have either a bomb or artillery shell, but there is no such thing as a "bombshell". The word is just made-up garbage that is fashionable because it sounds dramatic.

    As to Schiff, he really is a rather stupid man – and this is apart from being thoroughly dishonest and a liar.

  36. Gloria Borger is such a thoroughly smarmy and nauseating woman. She's so biased that she couldn't tell the truth if she tried. Anyone who would try to convince us that "little Adam Schitt" is a "fun-loving guy" is too stupid to be taken seriously and only a real half-wit believes such nonsense.

  37. How come nobody is bringing up how Adam schiff’s whistleblower. Says that Adam schiff ended up killing a black boy, while he was all dressed up in drag??

  38. If you're reading this support the real news and Subscribe, Like. Takes 1 second. We need the real news, we need Fox News!

  39. I hate funny movies. I don’t know anyone who likes to laugh.
    He must be a much better person then me cuz he likes to laugh.
    What a bombshell

  40. Schiff for Brains should turn his limited attention span on exposing Democrat corruption….that would be much more helpful to the American people

  41. Disgusting racist millionaire Tucker back on Fox lying to Trump's dumb base. What's new? Millionaire working for billionaire Rupert Murdoch. This fools loyalty is to Putin, not America.

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