Tucker: Media cheats on Beto with Buttigieg
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Tucker: Media cheats on Beto with Buttigieg

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media cheats on Beto with Buttigieg

  1. 2020 will fall to the left due to them getting rid of the electoral college… Whites and Christians beware

  2. Second coming of Obama?NONSENSE. Chicken soup for my soul? Has he now become Jesus Christ?

  3. 😂 he is not even Spanish and his REAL name is Robert and is of ' Irish decent' used a Mexican name to gain more votes 😂 but trump is the bad guy

  4. Dems are so dumb, they think they're going to steal votes from Trump by running all these candidates haha. They're only going to divide their own votes up. Trump is NOT going to lose his base.

  5. Just wait to see what comes out of the dirty wash. He is a shirt lifter defecto a lier. Was it not against the law thst shirt lifters could not be in the armed forces. So he was in the forces; so a liar.

  6. Joy gets a tingle in her twaat when she thinks of Obama
    Maror Pete isn't a very good Mayor Beto been a life long dork, trying to convince everyone including himself that he's cool.

  7. Beto would have had more success if he changed that nasty blue shirt once in a while. He’s in the same shirt in every interview, every campaign appearance

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  10. He's a corporate sponsored establishment stamped vote splitter. Beto was a bust for them, everyone hates him. LOL he lost to Ted Cruz !!!!

  11. Tucker you have small moment of honesty, and then return to your Hack hit piece on the honest politician. You didn't play the whole clip that your FOX supplied audience clapped and cheered for. Or the Medicare for All questions etc. Did you mention Sanders speaking out against the aggression aimed at Iran, like you did! Did you mention how much Sanders is polling against Trump among Republicans? For someone who rails against media bias, how much of a hypocrite are you willing to be?

  12. Don’t really get the bernie thing tho cos he just alludes to the fact that best selling books just do make you a millionaire

  13. Oh, how many times the T.V./Media, in particular the Socialist Leftist Media has played a role deciding so many elections, before we became educated to their says! That Lady said "he's honest"?! Lady, elected politician and honesty are like oil and water, I PRAY GOD EVERYONE KNOWS THAT BY NOW🙏🇺🇸👍

  14. That is what I noticed about Bernie Sanders. He talks around questions he doesn’t want or can’t answer. That is why I don’t think he could be President. Imagine if he was President and the press asked him simple questions that Americans also needed to know. It would be like pulling teeth! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Butta jug learned Norwegian and not Swahili. That is proof of what race he truly loves. He is a typical racist white privileged fraud trying to get my white guilt vote and it won’t work. Beto is an accomplished freestyle skate boarder and even if that’s his greatest accomplishment so far so what. If he was president he would tax those evil rich people at 90% to make sure every home in America has access to a skating park and skate boards for everyone. That’s my dream!

  16. Aaron Tippin said it best. You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. Tell Swallowswell to come to my house himself and try and take mine. Don't think he would succeed.

  17. Well, they said they will vote for literally anyone else who is not Trump, here is literally anyone else, an absolute blank slate, just pretend he agrees with you on politics and it's all good.

  18. Well there's a lot of fudge-packers in the main slime media, so of course they're going to promote their "boy" Butti-Fudge.

  19. Perhaps Beto shouldn't have changed his first name to Beto. He became a second class citizen right out of the gate.

  20. Many of our history's philosophers spoke against democracy. They understood the lack of purpose of the people electing their officials on the base of being promised what they want. They understood how people naturally prefer what they want over what they need (or what is good for them). Many of the actions necessary for improving the structure of a nation requires hard work and sacrifice. Many issues in need of change are in conflict of popular interest. More than often, the actions required to fix an issue with an existing agenda will effect an isolated group of people (race, religion, gender or financial status). It has even been proven that the citizens of a nation will be offended, even revolt when actions are taken for the benefit of the nation.
    All of this is proven today by the example of the response to Donald Trump's actions to better our nation. FINALLY! A man comes along with no need for the gain of power or wealth, the knowledge of how to correct the problems created by the people who have deteriorated every aspect of a great nation, and the guts to do what is right regardless of people's reaction.
    People don't know how important this man is to show the people of our nation how our leaders of the past made decisions based on popularity. It will be shown how they not only ignored very important issues, but worsened them.

  21. Yikes. Second coming of Obama?! Does that mean 5.1 million people will be kicked out of their homes while the banksters Rob us blind with no consequences? Or more spying on citizens? Or 6 brand new wars? Yikes run for the hills, slick man is coming.

  22. Lol keep MY PERSONAL PROPERTY in a so called gun club building which could be broken into at any time, where anyone can take it without my knowledge, and where I’d then have to pay a “members fee” for storage?! Yea I don’t think so.

  23. So anyone saying that money in politics is bad and that the super rich aren't paying their fair of taxes should give away every dollar they make and if they don't,. their liars?? LMFAO only fox viewers would believe this man's BS. He's so on point on certain things and then at the end somehow makes it seem like anything liberal he says is actually a right wing thing and anyone who isn't trump is lying, only the fox facts crowd would eat this up

  24. The millionaire capitalist author says capitalism is evil. It game me millions, and if you don't like it, get your own product people want to buy. So if you don't like it, get better at capitalism.

  25. Funny how career criminals, i mean politicians, continuously say what is wrong with the countries policies or the Presidents policies but it seems to be a secret what their policy is or what they will do to correct it. They have been in office from 2 to over 20 years and what have they done to fix immigration or border control…NOTHING. How about housing the over 130,000 homeless in California alone. Do something, Congress has wasted two years when they have the power to make law. What have they done? They chased their tails on an investigation, one investigation. If they can only work on one thing at a time maybe they can spend the next 2 years on immigration.

  26. Swallows well has one of those faces you just want to punch over and over and over again until it's nothing but mush

  27. Come on Tucker… you know and we all know that these people are groomed and chosen and promoted as long as they go along with the general plan. puppets.

  28. Moron Dem: the Second Amendment isn't an absolute right.
    Me: I have a 343 year-old document and a rifle that says differently.

  29. Wow Whoopi Goldberg said “second coming of Obama” as if he is the Christ…. what blasphemy! They worship him as God…. sickening.

  30. He probably is speaking to the exact crowd that elected trump for the same reasons . Those 3rd string Midwest city … you know that contain large densities of the country . Clearly those crappy midwestern states have things to say -not really anything confusing about this at all tucker 🤣🤣

  31. Watch the entire town hall of Bernie he hit slot of positives, Tucker nails it on slot of topics but I hate that he did what every other reporter did on Bernie making money. Tucker usually stands out and doesnt just follow with everyone else.

    Bernie made money yet he's still for raising taxes on everyone even himself. That's the main point not that he made money he wants people to make money his policy's need people to do good to help others do good.

  32. Yea he represents most of America 🙉, dont tell our enemies please. We will be invaded by next week 😂

  33. Freedom is slavery
    War is peace
    Ignorance is strength

    And now we can add in a new one: "The greatest threat to the second amendment is not restricting gun rights"

  34. Hahaha
    Wow, they turned on Beto so fast they remind me of kids being "in love" in high school. Wait 5 minutes and they will change who they love. Then wait another 5 and they will pick another.
    I know it childish, but does anyone laugh at Buttigiegs name? If he was president(which he won't be). Would he be the Butt of a lot of jokes?

  35. Question??? If we tax the very rich even more, then who will have the $$$$$$$$ to fund MANY VERY IMPORTANT CHARITIES, START NEW BUSINESSES THAT HIRE MORE PEOPLE, PAY HIGHER WAGES, BUY THE EXPENSIVE YACHTS, HOMES, ETC., THAT KEEP SO MANY OF THE REST OF US WORKING? Where will the $$$$$ come from to repair roads, bridges, police, fire MILITARY ETC..?
    That source would be MORE TAXES, only this time from US!
    In ANY JOB, EXPERIENCE COUNTS, and I didn't see ANY in the Democratic contestants!

  36. Here’s a tip for you guys…. I find it so ironic how you guys are so hypocritical over everything you guys make fun of a town someone made better. Pete has very good views and HES way smarter than this president and many democrats are good and they can help this country and the world we need better people like Pete and less ppl like trump so stop

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