Tucker: Facebook changes devastating for conservative media
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Tucker: Facebook changes devastating for conservative media

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Facebook changes devastating for conservative media

  1. Facebook is a private company that can do whatever it wants just like fox news channel. Concerned about Facebook, then don't use it. So simple, really. Try using your own mind and doing your own research instead of blaming others because you are to lazy.

  2. Facebook and Fox are the only news not controlled by the Illuminati. Trump was replaced by a look a like even before he had his first day in office. The lizard people of Morgoth took control of Putin years before he took control of Trump and I have proof the founding fathers were the rémanents of Atlantean Free Maisons with cannibalistic tendencies.

  3. It is not about Fakebook having an agenda, you fucktards, but about filtering the lies and the real fake news (also euphemistically called alternative facts), as the ones pushed by the republicans, the media outlets controlled by them, the Russian bots and dummy accounts and the intrusive and disruptive actions perpetrated by companies like Aggregated IQ and Cambridge Analytica. And because they are loosing these disinformation tools, they started ranting and crying like babies!

  4. Yea, I’m for Facebook banning Fucker Carlson. Like he’s a neutral political source. Douche bag. Just look at his stupid deer in headlight expression.

  5. So, Tucker, what you're saying is that Conservatives get their news from fake news websites like Daily Caller, Breitbart, PragerU, and all the rest, and that Conservatards are too stupid to be able to find fake news without it showing up on their Facebook Newsfeed? Yeah, that's probably true. If you get your news from Facebook, you're a freaking idgit.

  6. trump turds will no longer be able to access personal information using Facebook. Zuckerberg plans to PUT THE SCREWS to trump's people!!!!!!!!

  7. need to apply anti-trust laws to break these social media companies apart.
    however, i fear liberal federal judges are still going to rule in favor of the social media companies.

  8. The Russians got all of your info some fat guy just hacked your bank account. Shut down fake no news Trump blow bag fox news next.

  9. I would encourage people to mark such news groups like Fox, PragerU, IJR, and such as "see first" so they will end up in their newfeeds.

  10. I left facebook in 2010 and do not miss it at all…infact, Im happier now that I dont have to see all that pathetic, narcissistic garbage from everyone begging for likes…and my private info is 'Safe from Facebook'

  11. Why can't FB & YouTube be sued? Christian bakers were sued for not providing a service – basically discrimination. FB & YouTube, it can be argued, provide a framework for users to consume social interactions with those they freely associate or videos. Since when do these companies get to decide what we get to read or watch?

    Can some lawyer school me? What makes their service non-discriminatory?

  12. Conservative propagandists can cry like babies, but finally Facebook is being responsible. Letting people have what they “want” is not responsible when the conservative players are happy to lie and say anything to sway people to a particular agenda. What the conservatives remind me of are a religious cult that inundates it’s people in their cult mythology so that it’s members can’t psychologically break free from the cult. Tucker and Fox and the extreme right know exactly what is going on. And they love it, because in a world where truth becomes mixed up with lies to become undifferentiateable, the right can convince those who are susceptible due to low education or logical capacity, to believe the BS they are throwing at the wall. Shame on you, Tucker, for playing the role of politi-cultist. You use your intellect to abuse the people you claim to serve at their great expense so you can serve your billionaire masters. You are the political equivalent of Tom Cruise using your station to draw the unwitting into a system of mind control that you know is intended only to keep people from thinking for themselves!

  13. If zuckerburg can get facebook going as a student with no money, the conservative with money can do the same…

  14. I hardly visit Facebook anymore. Beware FreeRepublic, a fake "conservative," "patriotic" site. The owner is committed to shielding the Bush crime family and the Deep State. Anyone who questions the kerosene theory of 9/11 is banned.

  15. National News media making claims on a social network that started out for college kids. Lol too funny. That's not fair, their slanting the view by changing the algorithm.. boo hoo hoo.

    Quite crying.
    Get your own site…

  16. Hey don't talk bad about "precious" Facebook on here, you'll hurt these trolls feeling and make them go comment crazy lol.

  17. So do what I did. Dump FB and Twitter and all the rest. I don't need them. Do you? No. You don't. You only think you do. Fuck that ugly little kid who gets millions from suckers using his site. Fuck him. Fuck Zukerberg. Fuck him. We can live without him and his bullshit. I've been FB free for more than a year now. I don't miss it one bit and neither do any other thinking American citizens. Fuck Fuckerberg in the ass…. I'm free. Let's all be free and fuck him.

    There is one thing everyone should know. It is impossible to delete a FB account. Not possible. Try it and see that all you can do is make it inactive. All data remains forever. After six months of not using it try to register with your email address and you'll be told "that email is taken". See? If the account was deleted then you could have re registered. Accounts, once made, are kept forever. This, alone, is one good reason to say…. fuck Zukerberg and fuck FB.

    And why do they never delete anything? Because information is power. Fuck Fuckerberg in the ass.

  18. The rest of the story….. Facebook and like sites MUST curtail fake news and propaganda from russian trolls and bots and fox "news" because….. people like Mr Z don't want to be investigated by the 3 letter agencies and go to jail for interference in US elections.

  19. This is just another reason why I stay the hell away from social media like the plague. Especially Farcebook.

  20. In other words, Zuckerberg is a greater threat to us than thousands of unleashed Russian bots. Liberals are 100% in favor of "meddling" as long as they get to do it.

  21. I love that they're acting like social media SHOULD be a primary news source and pretending that a private platform shouldn't be allowed to decide what they allow on it. All users agreed to follow the terms and conditions when they signed up; it's their own fault if they chose not to read them.

  22. Tucker, quit bitching. Fox News(joke) is in total mind control of trump and his irrational cult followers. Fox supports trump when all the world knows he is unfit to hold any public office. Putin's favorite village idiot.

  23. Oh? Everyone thought that communists or egg sucking tyrants would just go away? The globalists are one step away from enslaving this world Wtf up. Why do you think there's so many carreer politicians in both parties who hate Trump?

  24. I also don't understand why you all arm so down on Facebook. trump would not be in office without it. Now you want to bitch it because trump crooks got caught.

  25. Facebook “altered algorithms”. What does that mean, and how does that work to the detriment of conservative sites? Tucker seems to have left out the guts of his own story.

  26. Maybe because 90% of self described "conservatives" are bigots. Which is bad for the country and the world. Respect to the real conservatives out there.

  27. Facebook is a company. If they think they can make more money by limiting the exposure of certain accounts, that's the free market. A real conservative recognizes that a company's job is to make money, not give us a free platform for our opinions. I don't know if the move will pan out or not, but we need to respect a business's right to make its own policies and let the free market do its job. We can't criticize overregulation and the welfare state while simultaneously asking for more regulation of the tech industry and free services from Facebook. Leave hypocrisy for liberals because it's not a good look on us.

  28. Tucker Carlson = FOX

    Someone please explain to me his tie to a corporate entity which is ok as opposed to a Facebook corporate entity which is not.

    I await free speech.

  29. Facebook has a massive problem with phony news that virtually every voting and future voting American can be misled by for likes. It's no secret that Zuckerbergs giant company has a political motive but they are a privately owned and free to do as they must.
    Personally I've noticed much more fake content from the right but this may have much to do with Obama's administration in power for eight years. With Trump as the president I'd expect more phony content coming from the left now.

    Nonetheless this massive media platform has the ability to influence a huge population of the US . But unlike major media giants on television, there isn't the same level of standard on reporting substance with a reliable backing.

    The main priority of news organizations is to stay relevant and afloat. Of course you cannot eliminate the bias demands of your average Joe but these websites have found another more effective tactic of driving in more likes and views. Producing and distributing orchestrated fake news geared toward satisfying a prerendered mindset.

    A study found that as much as 126 million Americans were exposed to possible fake news from Russian organizations.

  30. I already deleted my Facebook, they try to keep you hooked though…sending post and update ever few day of people I don’t even know😤

  31. Poor Trumptard snowflakes. It's called capitalism, and a free market. Instead of whining like little pvssies, just start your own social network. Morons.

  32. LOL maybe conservative States should work hard to have some tech giant too then.

    Fact: majority of USA technological innovations are done in liberal States (e.g. California), and I'M SPEAKING NOT EVEN AS AS LIBERAL.

  33. This just isn't true. Google and Facebook are popular, yes, but there are thousands of ways to search the internet and pull up websites for any type of belief. If you have an issue with Google or Facebook, stop using their products!! You can use Bing, Yahoo or many others to seek out content in line with your values!!

  34. You should be taken off the air with what you said about our president based on the crap that was on CNN or NBC or wherever it was on some has been or never was been trying to make some money off of knowing Donald Trump. I don't believe a word of it and neither should you as far as the ignominy bill he was actually cut off at the balls if you could possibly understand that

  35. I have already deleted my face book account. Good luck trying to figure out how to delete you account if your interested in doing so. Google will give you the directions. Don't look for Face book to tell you how. because they won't.

  36. Maybe it's just that people don't buy your racist, divisive, xenophobic BULLSHIT masquerading as patriotism and righteousness anymore. Facebook did a "great job" when YOUR BULLSHIT was prevalent.. according to you of course.. but now that that ABYSMAL excuse for a president has been seen for the naked emperor that he is .. and you do not have Barack Obama to lift as a banner to incite fear and angst … and viewers… which equal ratings .. which equal dollars … you folks are crying foul. WAKE UP. YOU … do not have a lock on patriotism. YOU .. do NOT have a lock on what AMERICA is or will become… YOU … do NOT define what will become of this experiment. This land is YOUR land .. this land is MY land.. from California .. to the New York islands. From the redwood forests .. to the Gulf Stream waters…. this land was made for you and me. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES … and break the cycle. I have more in common with most people in this thread than I do with ANYONE holding the true reigns of power in this nation. One nation under God? You better check your ticket… OUT OF MANY ONE …… NOT one out of many. It has been one out of many for far too long… THINK. If you believe in the ideal that is ONE nation under GOD. INDIVISIBLE. With LIBERTY. JUSTICE…. for ALL. OPEN YOUR EYES. You do not need your own echo chamber. WE … need a voice. WE … the PEOPLE. Need a nation OF the people… BY the people.. and FOR … THE PEOPLE. WE have in our government .. the oil lobby.. the energy lobby.. the gun lobby.. the pharmaceutical lobby.. the auto lobby.. the defense lobby… but tell me ..? Who lobbies for US? WE THE PEOPLE. Who lobbies for us? Why is the middle class.. which truth be told was an aberration anyway.. fading? We fade because we ARE an aberration. We fade because we are being tricked into setting upon ourselves…. but we must remember that the middle class is what this experiment.. this American experiment was really all about.. Learn our history… Learn and truly understand what will make us great. We call ourselves a Christian nation… yet we are an Isaiah 1 nation… but we do not have to be. It is up to US. Make America Great. E Pluribus unim..

  37. So called Conservative morons should be embarrassed- Russians figured out how much hamburgers+spam you’ve been eating, how much of a parasite your children are and decided how much you’d be interested in incest and Trump.

    Fuck your life

  38. Breitbart etc is /not/ news; it is propaganda. Why don't you mention their actual changes to the algorithm?

  39. conservative news is propaganda horse shit. Fox news should be pulled form the air and its staff arrested. YOu exploit free speech you sick worthless muther fuckers

  40. No big surprises here. Let's do a quick tally: Facebook — Controlled by liberals (Zuckerberg, Sandberg), Google — Controlled by liberals, Youtube — Controlled by liberals, Bloomberg (Controlled by liberals). Are we surprised they're selectively removing conservative content? Nope. Let the backlash begin.

  41. tucker this guy should be in gitmo hotel and spa for remaining life. second branch of trump tower for demonrats…

  42. This is gold. Fucker Carson calls Breitbard a news site…
    He also forgets to mention how facebook sold user data of all of you here and at least
    50 million americans to cambridge analytica who worked for Trump during the campaign to bring republican content to facebook users….
    And here in the comments some of you morons actually suggest deleting facebook and getting your own social media.
    yeah thats a good idea, recess into a tiny closed echochamber with quality content from FOX, Breitbard, Russia Today…

  43. Facebook may have started with good intentions but it has become a cancer that needs to be cut out of America.

  44. dis ban the teachers union, burn it to the fucken ground ,, why the fuck are we hiring union looser government workers to brainwash the kids .

  45. Shameless lies no longer having the priority on your "news" feed ? It was high time that facebook be acting against deceitful propaganda !

  46. I yesterday's world the average village idiot would come up with a total nonsense and his peers would tell him to shut up and keep quiet. Which he would do and spare everybody the sound of stupidity afterwards.
    Today the same village idiot goes on Facebook or Youtube and connects with a 1000 other village idiots around the country and they mutually reinforce each other in their belief that Obama is a Muslim (or any other type of fake news that you may think of : refer to Fox News for plenty of examples) to the tune of "it's true because I read it on Facebook".
    It's high time that the village idiots are silenced again, that's a service to humanity.

  47. People its really not that hard, stop using it or don’t and keep having these problems and complaining about it.

  48. Facebook and all social media begin to trend completely conservative. Knowing the "far left" is dead and they are going to feed on one another, the people take charge as to who they really are and it is given to them. We never return to the what the ways and actions of the "far left" were. #Farleftdies

  49. facebook is not the problem it is the patriot act
    they have someting else in mind
    You will all volunteer your data or you will not be able to participate in normal life. from world forum in Davos: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_The_Known_Traveller_Digital_Identity_Concept.pdf

  50. Shut up Tucker, Facebook gave personal information to Cambridge Analytica so your dear Trump could win the election. This is not about liberals versus conservatives anymore you morons, ask any liberal and they blame the right; meanwhile the elites keep on performing satanic rituals….fuck the world just send the nukes SMH.

  51. I get no news through facebook, I only keep in touch with friends. I get my news from News channels and you tube

  52. Censorship is death of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and MSM. Don't these idiots know there are vultures circling waiting to pick their bones. Plenty of other platforms and news networks rising that advertise no censorship of conservatives. Dropped Facebook and Twitter and know better than to invest in YouTube. Joined Codias.com and Gab.ai looking for others.

  53. Youtube, Race book and Goolog are in violation of the highest law of the land, called the US Constitution, which falls into intentional criminal intent.
    We need a class action law suit against all of them and we need to use the power of class action Boycotts lasting a month or more and making sure to not click on one link or buy anything whatsoever. These companies are carrying out the governments wish to silence all of us, and it's illegal.
    "Inappropriate term was narrowly defined by the US Supreme Court in the case of Hustler Magazine and Larry Flint." It is criminal for Racebook, Youtube or Goolog to apply any other interpretations of the law which dies protect full out free speech written by people who kept cannons in their yard to blow British ships out of the harbour and told their King to go to hell.

  54. Now at last it's time for Facebook to go to jail. Sick of you putting me in Facebook jail based on my political and personal views !!!

  55. Make an example of the CEO's of Face Book & every Social Media platform that perpertrates these biased policies. Start with that little puke …Zuckerberg. Make it so he is TERRIFIED …so terrified he has to live in his own prison/home …so he can never go out in public …can't even attent movie. Then do it to ALL of them. Their money is no good in a prison of HATE & REJECTION …even if they can order in a pizza …make them think it will be poisoned …or at least PISSED ON! Jeez …do SOMETHING. As "Lawyer for the People" said …this is our fault for doing NOTHING! That time should be over & some folks need to PAY for what they do! …period! Am I advising violence. Not directly …just HATE & REJECT them …their small minds & HUGE ego's will explode.

  56. I am 100% certain that people love to see negative things about Trump.

    There is no bias on the part of Facebook or Google.


  57. Don't use facebook never have but still see a lot of venues that pushes Republican lies propaganda conspiracy theories and outright lies. They never feel that enough places put out their points of view. I wish there were more places people.could go to expose their lies. There are so many misled people out there.who either don't know or don't want to know the truth. The right comes up with terms like fake news or deep state and convince a large part of the population that they are being persecuted when their lies are called out. Then the.president say don't believe what you hear or see it's all fake news if it doesn't come from me. I guess at some point and time it becomes frustrating for some venues to see a steady flow of lies being put out there..l fact check everything whenever possible and I don't like lies coming from either side. But it is true most of the lies come from fox network where there seems to be only two or three credible journalists.

  58. I definitely still see both sides all over Facebook. It depends what friends you have and people you follow…. catch up to the digital age maybe? Don't you think this video would have been removed or hidden if it was happening. Cant let the masses know mannnnnnnn.

  59. nowadays now more that I ever we need the special operations forces units🇺🇸more than ever because I don't trust russia🇷🇺or china🇨🇳!

  60. I don’t understand with Jewish, Conservative is the biggest supporter for Israel. But they keep on trashing us?
    On the other hand, they keep on endorsing radicalism, one thing in this earth that want to demolish Israel…. how strange.

  61. Oh…too bad…"Facebook is stifling free speech! Unconstitutional!" Well, let's educate you conservatives again: Freedom of speech is about govt. interference, not private businesses like…oh…let's see…Facebook?. I thought conservatives were all for hands off private business decisions? Now you change your minds? Make up your minds, girls. What's next? Facebook should go after Hillary? Mueller? Obama? Sleepy Joe? Let's hear your next boogie man, snowflakes. Am all ears.

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