Tsu: the social network that pays you
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Tsu: the social network that pays you

Hello to you all! Welcome to this new DrumExperiments episode Also this episode isn’t a tutorial, a drum lesson or an unboxing or anyway I’m not dealing with a topic I usually do This video wants to inform you about a new social network born in recent times the social network is called Tsu What differs this social network from the others? I want to go straight to the point and explain to you the main feature of this social network Well. It let the user receive money writing posts, publishing photos in special way because video are not allowed yet So you can receive money publishing posts Another particular thing is that you have to be invited to join So you need another existing user’s code Obviously the user who provides the code to the new user earns a percentage on the new user’s posts So I want to invite you to join this social network using my code that you can find in the description if you want to join Obviously, if you invite other users with your code you will earn a percentage on the posts of the user you invited It is a chain it goes to feed this type of chain I want to inform you that I’m in this new platform so you can follow all my posts So if you deal with any type of activity and you want to advertise it on socials you can do it here, on tsu So you can advertise your activity earning money So according to me this is a very positive thing In the end, we all pass some time on the Internet. Now we can monetize that time, making it more useful I hope I was short this time too and not boring I hope I gave you some good news, I told you something useful also in the other my videos Thank you for all, thanks for the attention I want to thank all my new subscribers For those who aren’t subscribed, if you like what I do subscribe to be always updated on new videos I wish you to have good time and a good job See you on the next DrumExperiments episode Bye!

One thought on “Tsu: the social network that pays you

  1. Tsu is the new social network that let the user earn money writing posts and publishing photos. You can join the community only by invitation using an existing tsu user code. You can join tsu with mine: http://www.tsu.co/GioMaucieri

    Tsu è un nuovo social network che permette all'utente di guadagnare scrivendo posts e pubblicando foto. Puoi iscriverti a tsu solo tramite invito usando un codice. Puoi iscriverti usando il mio: http://www.tsu.co/GioMaucieri


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