Tsu: The Social Network That Pays (my review after one month)
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Tsu: The Social Network That Pays (my review after one month)

Hey everybody, Gabe Turner here. Just wanted
to share a little bit about the new social network called Tsu. It’s short for Tsunami.
Kind of funny name but, whatever. So, what is Tsu? It’s actually a social network I’ve
been messing around with it for about a month now. I was a little kinda skeptical about
at first but you know I was just testing it out because the thing that drew me in was…
interesting, they’re paying people to post. They’re paying their users for sharing, posting,
interacting on the site. So all the stuff you do regularly on facebook and twitter and
all that stuff, which is cool and I still use those things but this site, the idea behind
it is that they’re going to pay you. So, how does it work? Well, they got, the story behind
it, they got $7 million funding from a funding company or… I don’t know how that works
but… to get funding you have to show that it has business sense. So, that’s a good sign.
So, they got $7 million funding. They got some celebrity users to create buzz like 50
Cent and some other people but really I’ve been testing it out and it’s really a lot
like facebook and it actually works it doesn’t have very many kinks in it. It works great
and I’m meeting some pretty cool people. So as far as the paying goes. How do you get
paid? Well, you get paid a lot for sharing and posting… if you generate a post that
creates a lot of shares, creates a lot of views, well, they have some kind of an algorithm
that figures out exactly how much you get. So like for me, I’m just starting out I get
about a penny a day and you have this bank in the top of your screen that shows you how
much you’re earning. Now, there’s a guy names Kevin Hinkle who is like a power user. He
just went nutso on this site. He said he spent like 10-14 hour days for like a week or two
and he just built his following. He posted, he was always on there. He just built built
built built and he made his first hundred bucks in 30 days. Now, that’s not amazing
for the amount of time he spent but it compounds on itself over time and the amount of people
that he got to join the site they’re basically tagged to him. So, they call them your children.
So, if you got someone to join, it’s called your children. And then you have grandchildren
and down and down and down the line and so, you get that many people under you and if
they get people to join that means your network grows exponentially. So there’s another guy
named Derek Dunlap. He got an 18k network just for asking 56 people to join under him.
That’s really cool. So, he gets a slight percentage of the pennies that everybody earns who shares
stuff under him. So it all adds up. So, it’s actually pretty cool. I mean, you might not
become filthy rich doing this but it might be reasonable to say you’d get $5-30 a month
as you build this. Just for doing what you’re normally doing on social media anyway. So,
hey, I think it’s worth checking out. And, I think there’s actually a hidden opportunity
in here because… Now, think about it, this is a brand new social media site and when
you join at the very beginning, it’s kind of got a different kind of energy to it and
it’s kinda easier to get followers and stuff. And easier to kinda create a splash and make
a name for yourself. So I think that if you joined in and shared some really cool posts,
original posts, stuff like that that’s truly good stuff. I think you could make a mark
for yourself maybe a lot easier than on some other sites. Just thinking out loud here.
So, that could be even more valuable than the whole money aspect of this. So, bottom
line, I think it’s worth checking out. I would go to my link and join. If you want to join
under me that would be awesome. Basically, you can’t get in unless you join under someone.
So, check it out, I think it’s worth checking out. Mess around on there, see if you like
it. Test it out. Invest some time in there if you really think it’s cool. And check out
some of the, I’m gonna put some articles to some links underneath this that tell you a
little more details. And I may make a more in depth video but when you get on there say
Hi to me and let’s chat. I’ll check you later, bye!

33 thoughts on “Tsu: The Social Network That Pays (my review after one month)

  1. Sounds sort of like a pyramid scheme, at least the whole getting paid when others who joined because of you post and get noticed.
    Research time

  2. Hello Tsu is social media networking plataform just like facebook,but with one crucial difference……. Tsu PAYS YOU FOR POSTING AND SHARING ETC..

    Tsu is an invite only access network which mean's you need a link from a friend to join.Mine is http://www.tsu.co/tsu_site Click link to join my network

  3. Dear friends, September 12, from the account of our friend Voloshyn Bogdan had stolen money. They were transferred to the account of a Pedro Joao. In response to a letter why it happened, Voloshyn Bogdan was disconnected from the site,, TSU ,, and accused of placing pornography, distorted information, promises of money for shares, placing another's products, etc. Shame that the company is engaged in the usual Sebastian Sobchak cheating people.

  4. I currently have more than 800 friends and more than 400 followers and I upload original contents (drawings, gifs and photos). If u wants some suggestions, join TSU with this invite: http://www.tsu.co/Vane22april

  5. I have spending sometime here. My account has started ticking, and I testify to that.
    You can be a part of my family by following me @ozairmustafa.
    And those who are not on tsu, you can use my code;

  6. Hey Gabe! I like the video. Very realistic. I joined TSU and wasn't sure how to explain the concept in depth to others, so I just share your video… Funny thing is, I have to create a space between youtube and .com when I share it on Facebook because Facebook doesn't want people to mention TSU on the site. Go figures.. anyway… thank you!

  7. Guys, you can use this shortcode: www.tsu.co/petelouisthe2nd if you want to join our Tsufamily! It's an amazing social network platform! 😀

  8. Hi Gabe, I am already in TSU great video on it clear and concise. I recently found Startpeeps https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=rstillman if you like TSU you will like this also, same Paying premise they are in beta right now so join quickly before they put request caps in place and then add me as a friend because you seem cool my username there is moneymakingmom Have a great day. https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=rstillman

  9. I like tsu. If you're still active, I'm @acrogodess there – I've made $100 a year since joining. It's good to promote yourself. Like right now I'm trying to build my YouTube following. I post links to my video there

  10. Hi,
    I signed up yesterday. I got 100 views but I don't even have a cent in my bank. iT is just blank. It did not use shortcode while signing up. Is that ok? or is this the reason i am not earning anything?


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