Trying Weird Instagram Life Hacks!
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Trying Weird Instagram Life Hacks!

– Hey guys, so I’m in the kitchen today, because I need a table for this video. And also, I’m probably going to set fire to myself in making it. I don’t know why I feel
safer in the kitchen. But I’m not taking any chances. Anyway, you might be like, “Phil, wow, you look
so fashionable today.” “I wish I could wear that too.” Well, you can, as this is my new merch! Look at the little derpy corgi! It’s the corgi patch sweater. It’s slightly 3D and embroidered,
which is really cool. And it is very comfy, and
your wardrobe will cry if you don’t get one. I’ve also, quite aptly for this video, got Try New Things embroidery
t-shirts in black and yellow, which would be good for spring or summer. And to make your keys happy, I’ve also got a little
corgi key chain, ruff! So if you want any of
these, there is a link below to,
it ships worldwide, and I’m excited for you to get your stuff. Now that little self-spon
is out of the way, I was browsing my Instagram the other day, which as you know is
filled with dogs and slime, and weird other things. Actually I do it for
like four hours a day. Have you ever checked screen time? I’ve got a serious problem. Problem? Problem, anyway, I was on my explore page, when I came across a life hack video that was so unbelievable, I didn’t believe any of
these things would work, so I thought it was my duty
to try them out for you guys. It might end in my death,
or I might be proven wrong. I don’t know. It goes without saying, please do not try any of this at home, as you will probably die. Right, so the first one is,
fill a glass with vinegar, put an egg in, leave
overnight, then wipe it down. And it turns into a magical bouncy ball. Ooh, it looks very satisfying to squeeze. Luckily, I’m ovulating today,
so let me just lay an egg. Ooh, there we go. Fresh, sorry (laughs),
why do I do anything? And I’ve got some vinegar. If you’re from America, you’ll be like, “Why does he use so much vinegar?” Because it’s the correct thing
to put on chips, that’s why. And by chips I mean fries. Oh, vinegar stinks so bad for
something that tastes so nice. This is gonna stink out the house. In you go, little eggy boy. (honk) I should’ve known that
was gonna happen (laughs). Why did I fill it so much? I will never be a scientist. Oh, God, it stinks. I need a cloth. Now everything stinks of vinegar, including my new jumper, hurray. Right, I’m gonna pour
some of the excess away, and then I will see you in 24 hours, if my landlord hasn’t kicked me out for fumigating the building. Okay, full disclosure,
it has been eight days since I filmed the video, instead of one. But I’m sure it won’t have affected the experiments too much. And look how much more awake this plant has gotten since I filmed. Someone’s had a drink, anyway. The egg, the egg fully stunk out the house for the first day. And it was so bad I had to put it outside. So the neighbors were probably like, “Where’d mucky pup just leaving a mug on his balcony for a week?” Well, I’d have been like,
“It’s for science, Terry!” But I never got to speak to him. I’m not gonna have the mistakes
that happened last time. So let’s prepare ourselves. How much would I have to
pay you to drink this? (laughs) Egg and all? I don’t wanna put my hands in there, eh! Right, okay, here we go. Ooh, it’s squishy. Guys, look at that. Oh, that is so gross! Ah! Oh my God! Oh my God! (dramatic music and screams) I’m covered in eggy vinegar! I didn’t know it was going to pop! The person in the video’s
going “lee, lee, lee”, squeezing away. Guess that’s what happens
if you leave it for a week instead of a day. I’m gonna have to get changed. I guess you’re gonna see
the full range of my merch. Because I can’t wear this. So definitely not
recommend that experiment. I just, buy a bouncy ball. Why did you need to do that? Why did you need an egg? I think if I’d have done it for one day, it probably would have worked, ’cause the squishyness
was quite encouraging. But generally, I’m gonna give it a no! Next one, okay, get a shed load of foil. Scrunch it up into a ball,
sand it, and then oil it. And then eat it (laughs). See I call bull crap at that point. That looks like he replaced
it with a fully metal ball and then put it on a piece
of wood and spin it around. (laughs) Okay, this is to protect
the table from the oil. So I’m just gonna rip off loads of foil. And scrunch it into a ball. (jazzy music) That’s all I’m doing right? I’ve kind of failed at the first hurdle, because this is definitely
(laughs) not a ball. But wait, let me try and mold it, I’m trying to press in every corner, to try and get it more ball shaped. And then he just said sand
until smooth, so here we go. Ooh, this sound is kind of gross. It is smoothing down. (jazzy music) The sanding is making certain areas worse. If I just get one shiny
side, I’ll be satisfied. My hands already hurt and it’s
not changed in the slightest. Ah, I keep making it worse. So I got some olive oil, made
from the blood of virgins. And I’m just gonna
drizzle some on, I guess, like it’s a pasta. This makes your hands disgusting. (peaceful music) All right, I’ve been doing
this for like 20 minutes, and nothing’s happening. Yeah, it’s not working, I hate it. It’s the worst thing ever. It’s disgusting on your hands,
little bits flaking off. I’m covered in oil, and
I don’t have a shiny ball that I can pop on a log. So this was a fail. You will never be shiny like your cousin. I don’t care anymore, go away. Let’s not lose hope, right. Get a pencil, put it on a plate. Microwave it, squash it
with your finger, (laughs), rinse it, and then
there’s a diamond, really? Carbon in lead crystallizes
and accumulates into a diamond. If it was that easy, we’d
all be in diamond boats right now, Kelly. Place your bets now. Is a diamond going to
come out of my pencil? Or am I just going to break my microwave? I’ve actually got some
carbon pencil refills. Which I thought would be
easier than hacking up a pencil and giving myself a splinter. All right, we’re gonna
put about that much. That’s about how much
it was, on the plate. Let’s make a diamond. There’s my pencil, set in the microwave. They put a plate on top as well. So I’m gonna do that too, I
don’t know what that’s doing. Hopefully protecting
myself from the explosion. Well, hello, no going back now. There we go. Oh my gosh! No, no, no, no, no. Ah, oh, it smells so bad! I can’t have that on for
three minutes, Jesus Christ! What the hell? That’s gonna explode the microwave. I don’t even care if it
makes a frickin’ diamond! Ow! Yeah, just touch it Phil (laughs)! I deserve to die, I deserve
to die in this video. Right, I’m gonna put
some water on it anyway, and we can see if there’s a diamond after two seconds of fear. Okay, we (laughs) we don’t have a diamond. We do have a ruined plate. And my heart is beating a lot faster. We didn’t do it for
the full three minutes, but I don’t want to die. So (laughs), I’m gonna
just have to leave this one undecided, is it worth getting a diamond? Probably not. Okay, next one. Salt, water, boil, easy. Mix salt and boiling water,
pour it into a glass. If that glass is cold, that
could explode by the way. So make sure if you do that,
don’t put it into a cold glass. ‘Cause the temperature
change will make it explode, go into your neck. Have you seen Final Destination? Okay, then put a pencil,
what the fla, fluff? That was a time lapse (laughs). I thought she just put
it in and it went whoop! And it turns into an earring (laughs). I don’t have the equipment
to make earrings, but let’s try and make a giant crystal. Boil the salt and the water. Here’s a montage of me doing
that, it’s over on the hob. Yeah, boil it boy, boil it boy? Why, why, why, why? Okay, now, clap, we’re gonna get a glass. I don’t have a pencil, who uses pencils? I’ve got a sharpie and some string. Did you ever think how
do they make string? Like, what’s happening? I’m gonna give this a little snippy snip, tie it around the sharpie. We will now leave it to
make a crystal, hopefully. Right, I left it in a
cupboard for over eight days, and I don’t want to over-hype it, but you better hold on to your socks, ’cause they’re gonna get blown off. Look, look what we made! What is this? What happened? Why did this happen? Salt crystals have grown
over the entire thing, including the sharpie. This is actually insane! It’s like it’s been hit by a super-villain with a freeze ray or something. Weirdly, all of the
string didn’t get covered, so I can’t make earrings
out of this (laughs). Which, thinking about it, if it rained while you were wearing the earrings, they’d just melt off the side of your ear. But generally, it was a fun experiment, and I’m so, ah, my baby! I was about to say I’m so happy
with the child I’ve created. It’s okay, it’s still got
most of it’s crystals. I’m gonna give that a thumbs up! Thumb! Okay, I’m gonna be real with you, the next one scares me a lot. But for science I think we need it, right. Sand, water, blowtorch, let it cool. Fiddle around in it, and
you get yourself some, what is that, glass! Put it in a pile with water and heat, and it forms glass. Okay, well I know that’s a fact. I know that is how glass is made. But do you think I can make glass here without setting myself on fire or dying? That’s (laughs) that’s the question! So I guess first of all,
we need to get some sand. (beach party music) Sand! Got my sand, whether I changed clothes while teleporting as well! Who knew? And then I’ve got a baking
tray and a blowtorch! Which is made for creme brulees,
and definitely not this. Look at this image that
was in the instructions. (laughs) Geez, I guess, this is happening. I’m gonna sprinkle the sand. It’s still a bit damp,
actually, from the sea. I don’t know if that’s
gonna affect the glass. And then I’ll add my water. Now let’s get blowtorching. (intense music) We have liftoff! I’m literally fearing
for my life right now. I’m not sure if anything’s
happening, but it looks cool. See if it goes black, like in the video. Something weird is happening here. Is this glass? Okay, I’ve been doing it
for about five minutes, so I think that’s enough. It’s really smoking,
but I can’t see anything that would be glass, maybe that? Do you think that’s a glass? Are you glass? No, you’re weird slime. What are you thinking
that was, that’s so weird. I think that’s just a stone
that was already in the sand, which is depressing. Is there any glass in here? Can anybody hear us? It’s a lie, there’s no glass. And now I’ve got a baking
tray full of sludgy warm sand. (laughter) For nothing. And I’m never using a blowtorch again, because I’m still shaking. Last one, rock, put it
in water, (chuckles) microwave for three
minutes, oh yeah, sure. Then it magically splits in
half and makes a crystal. Crystals form in rock gas
bubbles, when heat is applied. I don’t believe that for a second! If that actually happens, I will eat all the rocks on the beach. So first thing, I need a rock. Rock. This one seemed appropriate. I’m gonna plunk it in some water. If this ex, Jesus, if this
explodes my microwave again, I’m calling the police. Funnily enough, there’s
no setting for a rock. Who would’ve thought? Go, error, ’cause you put a
rock in there, Phil (chuckles). Okay, it’s not sparking and
exploding like last time, so I’m less scared. Let’s do the full three minutes. I don’t know if it’s in my head, but there is a toasted smell
coming from the microwave. So I’m starting to get scared again. My rock is ready! It’s really steaming, still
looks like a rock from here. All right, I’ve allowed it to cool down, and surprise, surprise, it’s still a rock! It’s not a magical crystal. I don’t know if you have
to find a really specific kind of rock that already
had a crystal inside it, and was about to split open anyway. And then you put it in the microwave and it just splits open the rock. But if you just find a
random rock on the beach, it’s not gonna turn into
a crystal, I’m sorry. That’s just not how life works. I guess now I’ve got a
wet rock to play with. I don’t know why I put
it back in the water, like that’s where it goes now. So we go, I’ve done you a favor now (cheering) You don’t have to do any
of those Instagram hacks. If you enjoyed this,
please give me a thumbs up, because I’ve truly destroyed my kitchen. And also make sure to
check out my new merch on amazingphilshop. I hope you’re having a good day. From me, and from Phil
of the Future, good-bye. (jazz music)

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