Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend
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Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend

100 thoughts on “Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend

  1. my science teacher makes us watch magic schoolbus, so when link said, 'According to my research' i mocked that blond girl w/ pigtails in magic schoolbus.
    Link: Ac-
    Me: AcCoRdInG tO mY rE-sEaRcH…

  2. I can’t tell if they know this, but… I’m pretty sure that the people with the rainbow filter on their face, near their eyes, are not shining refracted light into their eyes. It is just added while taking the photo, and it’s not blinding. I haven’t been on social media for more than 2 months, (instagram, cause I can’t have anything else) but I’m pretty sure about my theory…

  3. The ad for this video was of Luis fonsi and some girl singing on the sing app and the girl sounded like actual trash and was not speaking Spanish but was speaking gibbrish

  4. When will you guys go to akupunkture or stonetherapy or drumrelaxiation?? Or maby u did but I didnt see. Love u guys and have been here fir ever💕💖

  5. I spent 25 minutes translating the German article, I'm sure it was somewhat lost in translation, but here it is:

    The Merry Ones
    Good Mythical Morning in one sentence? Two guys sitting behind a desk, chatting and occasionally indulging in silly food and more or less scientific experimentation. How did you meet? The first day of school at the Elementary School in Buies Creek, North Carolina. What did you do before YouTube? Rhett was a civil engineer for drainage systems and I (Link) developed conveyor belt structures as an engineer. What are you today? Internetainers with 15 employees. Why did you start with YouTube? In 2006, someone posted our parody of MTVs_Pimp My Ride from our website on YouTube. The video had more clicks in one day than our site in six months. What's the best thing about having your own video channel? The instant feedback is like live audiences.

    I looked for more, but this is where the article ended, there may have been another page, but I didn't see it. Hope this was helpful!

  6. my guess is that you pronounce "chiria" as KEY-ata because i know a girl named chiria pb and that's how you say her first name (at 3:35)

  7. The German thing, depending on whether there’s a space between munter and macher, it either means “the merry ones” or “the pick-me-up” so it’s very positive !

  8. Yes farts are memories leaving the body, the foods way of revenge on humans…………. a broccoli fart for instance…..think about it

  9. You can use Spectrafocus Animation to create some nice effects on skin. When done with sunlight it does not appear to be painted on, it looks like the skin is really those colours. and Spectrafocus on Youtube have some examples. The technique is still in a developmental stage so expect more in the future.

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