100 thoughts on “Trying Clickbait Beauty “Hacks” From Facebook

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!!! happy friday! hope this video brings a little extra silliness and… hairiness… to your weekend! what was the best hack in your opinion??

  2. She’s so pretty without makeup!!! She’s beautiful inside and out, no matter what she’s wearing and doing and always seems to strut with confidence. I LOVE YOU SAF

  3. Well the toothpaste and baking soda hack is AMAZING FOR BLACKHEADS, if you add water ( so it doesn’t burn as bad) use a whitening toothpaste. And then really brush with the toothbrush and leave it on for 2-3 mins. Also open up your pores before And it’s literally LIFE CHANGING

  4. For the pad hack, if you use the super cheap panty liners instead even using 1 pad a day will be less than 2 bucks a month… id never do it but just saying

  5. Just a little “The more you know” moment:

    You use PANTYLINERS to do the eyeshadow hack. They’re cheaper and the entire bottom is covered in adhesive.

    Now, I’m not saying I recommend it but, if ya do the hack properly it might work out

  6. Shaving cream WILL remove sharpie from your skin, which means you can draw a mustache on your face and then fake shave it off.

  7. Beauty hack: do your eyeliner in the passenger seat going 75 on the highway because you spent too long choosing your outfit and you’re late

  8. For the catching fall out one the girl in the video used panty liners not pads. The liners are much thinner and have adhesive everywhere on one side. This hack will work if you have the proper materials. Lol why do I sound so professional

  9. Wait?! Didn’t the girl who did the toothpaste chin one say later NOT to do it because she ended up giving herself chemical burns? Also didn’t other people also try it and they also got chemical burns? Idk I think I saw that somewhere please correct or confirm this someone because people need to know

  10. I absolitely love how you can watch Safiya's videos nore than once, I mean, I could watch one video, about a week later, and I could watch it again with still being interested. When I watch about anyone else's videos, I get tired of watching the same video more than once.

  11. She didn’t actually use pads on her face; she used panty liners which are quite a bit thinner, and have wider amounts of adhesive on the bottom, typically. ♥️

  12. Your the kind of person that I watch when I should be sleeping.

    You really can’t just watch one Safiya Nygaard video.

  13. I know I'm only just commenting on it now, but for the longest time, it's bothered me. The food coloring and glue on the lips…the "color" that you're seeing could actually just be irritation depending on how stuck it was on your lips (you know when you have adhesive on your skin, like a band aid or something, when you pull it off, your skin can get red). Honestly, if that was the case, I'd rather just make out with my husband for a little bit and get red lips from that 😛 (or find the nearest CVS like you suggested).

  14. LOL looks like its not great for women with heavy periods, and thick pads…Looks like she actually used panty-liners though.

  15. Ok Ik this is an old video but ur not supposed to use a pad your supposed to use pantyliner I don’t think that’s any better but

  16. 5:51 I recognize those eyelashes. They are used SPECIFICALLY for training Makeup artists, waxers (people who wax your vag/pen, lips, and eyebrows). They can also be used for veteran makeup artists.

  17. Oh no, I forgot my lipstick! Let’s just pull out my GLUE, TOOTHPICK, AND FOOD COLORING that I always carry around!

  18. I inverted my colors slightly to realize that they are a different color then your eyebrows. With inverted colors i could see all that was on your face. And i did. 6:10

  19. the balloon hack may have a better chance with less product, a beauty blender soaks up a lot of product. i mean its silly either way

  20. Should be illegal to try 5 minute hacks . It starts of with toothpaste and baking soda and you end up with a druggy substance. LOL

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