Trying AWFUL Instagram DIY Life Hacks.. diWHY
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Trying AWFUL Instagram DIY Life Hacks.. diWHY

I don’t know if I can handle the power //same tho// Happy day I’m GloOoOom Get your hot glue and coke cans ready because we’re gonna do some of the worst DIYs on the Internet and if you’re lucky //oh no// Uh Uh ok Okay, this first one is truly special it comes at no expense to you //okay, i’m down.// But your boyfriend might be a little bit upset. The reasoning behind this first DIY. Is that sports bras, expensive. nobody wants to go and spend sixty to a hundred dollars on a sports bra. So why not and bear with me now? why not make your own bra out of your boyfriend’s boxers. You cut a little hole right out of the groin and //I don’t have one// She looks fit maybe believe it. She’s about to go for a jog. That means that this really works Hey Terry, would you say that your boxers gave you like a good amount of support? What do you mean no Then why do you even wear them? These are just black I want like pretty boxers. You don’t have to do red green Are you just purposely not trying to give me your expensive boxer? No, give me nicer ones. What the hell? Oh, you can’t give me those Terry just gave me these but I just can’t I can’t in good conscience Cut these up for a DIY so find me. Find me better pair. I’m gonna be right back. We did it. We do have the the wiener pocket in case you got a pee late at night so I can put my phone in there Let’s try it out It looks like she has zero regard for stitching so I’m just gonna go like this Oh yeah That’s a clean cut right there. Why is her so like low-cut? But I don’t want to cut the pocket All right, so the first step to doing this is like putting it on your body and doing a really smug smile. Cause they all do it Does this look right? Why does she have cute sleeves? Wait do I, one sec., I got my merch phone, Ah, it’s cold. I’m gonna go for a run. Ah, it gives you no support at all. This is not this is not a sports bra at all Maybe it’s like sports attire and you wear like a real bra underneath and like also, isn’t this how you get breast cancer? Like just hey guys, what are you doing making it more thot like. Well like it’s kind of cute Even though it gives no support whatsoever It’s cuter right Sure. Okay. I actually like it like I would actually unironically wear this I don’t know if I keep my phone here cuz I think it’s kind of like a health concern Let me know in the comments if you think that that’s been debunked. I hope so just like this is My kind of outfit I am trash though. That’s why I like it so much on to the next one What do we have here? Oh my goodness, Sam. Can I cut off a piece your hair? You may have seen this before it went viral on Twitter. But this is the makeup brush made out of human hair she cut so much of her hair off for this takes an eraser out of a pencil sticks her own hair in makes the most Jagged horrible makeup brush I’ve ever seen and then The little smile when she the little smile she does this smile. This smile is what made me the most mad about it like I made a mess I prefer synthetic brushes so like to go out of your way to make it real hair and make it your own hair I feel like that is just such a waste Sam. I need your hair Can I take a like a piece from the bottom? Alright, I have the hair Have the pencil thanks Sam. Oh my goodness, I get hurts to watch glue guns are like the center of all DIYs. I tried to do this in one fell swoop That didn’t work. This looks about right Look at that hairbrush. Yeah I already like it feels like stiff ass Here we go, oh you’re not supposed to do that makeup gurus are gonna shit on me way. Listen, let’s redo that Beauty guru, ow okay, and try blending in What do you think Great, you like it? Yeah Well now I got to do the other side when you have like good makeup tools like you really take it for granted This isn’t gonna be able to like blend. Ow Ow Okay, I’m gonna grab my blending brush and fix this 0 out of 10 now. I have an actual makeup brush This is the Mac 217. Oh, it’s so soft in comparison. I want you to feel the difference between these two brushes. Wait No, I’m gonna use it on your on your eye. Close your eyes no like this Okay, perfect. This is what I look like every morning. Okay, which brush am I using? Okay It’s a pretty big difference. A pretty big difference to doing these two. It’s synthetic baby, you don’t even need real hair Why are you using Bing? I don’t know. Okay, whatever This next one is gonna impress you you’re gonna be excited you go to a restaurant and you get fountain pop well Those days are over you can have Coke on tap in your own in your very own home. Look at this You open the can you stab it with an exacto knife and you put a straw in you hot glue the straw in case you want to taste a little glue, you put a balloon on top of the coke can And then you got pop on tap, but only as much as it is in the can. This is a waste time Hope you’re thirsty boys because we’re having some Diet Coke on tap open up the can and I’m gonna drink a little bit because I will spill it All right Exacto knife. Oh, wow. This is much easier than I thought it’d be okay Now a crapload of hot glue Okay, that’s really great I hate blowing up balloons. I don’t know if I’m strong enough for this at okay. Maybe I’ll hold it you stretch it here Watch your eyes watch your eyes Gonna have a balloon in the eye Why was it so easy for them? cuz they did 25,000 takes we’re gonna have coke on tap in a jiffy. Oh You almost got it. Oh my god You did it. Okay. Wait, how’s it gonna get? Oh Now, that is delicious Sometimes a DIY Sometimes DIYs, you know they take time and sometimes the effort is worth all of the the flat Coke you’re about to drink it’s worth it the great thing about this is if you Prefer to not drink pop that’s too fizzy. And you also like my mouth air in it This is absolutely perfect. Does anyone want to taste? Okay, it’s gonna take forever people don’t like backwash but like this is like Woah, Look what you gone and done It’s weird like. Woah! Ah! What is going on? The straw isn’t touching the liquid anymore I’d say that coke on tap was a spilling success. And if you liked that one, you’re really gonna like this one This is sprite glasses. This is cool. Sprite will be harmed in the making of these glasses because, do you guys want sprite? I don’t want sprite either because I’ve been working out, huh? I know you asked. Yeah, I can’t have that many empty calories So we’re gonna have to find someone to give the sprite to but I’m making these glasses right now. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah Terry there’s thirsty kids all over America. They should be drinking water. Oh exacto knives scare me. Okay, here we go I’m gonna stab myself in the face Maybe we should make cool glasses with all of our plastic bottles really a better idea to recycle them That’s true Whoa, okay. I’m so good at DIYs Cut a little hole here and put one of my precious earrings through it I don’t know if I can handle the power What difference would that make? Easy Halloween tracer cosplay, but I’m already tracer I’d say this one is probably the best one we’ve done so far Awoogah I’ve been in the market for a new backpack. So just gonna go ahead And make this backpack Wow Wow, okay. Look i’m on the camera. Get out of my way We hold up these jeans. These are gonna be my backpack handles. I’m a genius Some of this merch in there. Oh, yeah. It doesn’t fit much merch. Kay, stop saying merch. I feel like this isn’t uh, very hip Look at the size of that derriere All right. So this is my new backpack You can fit your pocket monster in it. What do you think wink? Say into the mic Ten out of ten That’s a good wink. What other cool things can we do? Do you know what my hair has been in my face for way too long? and this girl gives good advice when you’re at a guy’s house and you need a hair elastic you rip a condom and use the Top get me two condoms. I’m feeling pigtails. What’s so gross about it. It’s a completely normal hair elastic I should probably like unroll it. Eh Oh my god. Okay. I don’t think this should be on the internet. Actually. I just want you guys to see the finished product okay. Ow Ah Hey, this is actually a good tip, what does it look like? Glue or a condom? Yeah, I don’t believe you You’re just a hater and the most badass DIYs there ever was. If you ever at a festival and they’re handing these out You can tie your hair like you could end up that you could look like me just follow these quick tips This one is amazing. She sits down Goes, oh, do you dare? Look at me there? She the glare. She gives him look at the glare Like he’s just living his life. Like I don’t even think he even looked he didn’t she’s like no How dare you this is a PG channel? So she goes ahead she cuts out something the shape of undies like she goes through a lot She sews it which I’m not gonna do. She goes like that So I’m just gonna take a piece of fabric that is shaped like that and I’m gonna go ahead and wear My new piece now. Let’s see how she looks in the very end. You got it. You gotta enjoy the smug Look at me now Oh They should have had a shot of her like coming back and being social and like a new confident person Ever since putting a pair of underwear in her shirt. Oh, what’d you say? Now my boyfriend who I spend every second with won’t dare. He won’t dare Violate me with his eyes. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for the contents of my brain to be appreciated So that’s why I wear this do you like it? Yeah, that’s perfect. Thank you. Guess what? off-limits off-limits Mister. There’s something to be said about this one because this channel troom troom always makes these crazy good thumbnails that you know that you want to click on and it’s like 17 ways to sneak makeup into class like this is An apple with makeup in it. I wanted to replicate this, but I also didn’t want to waste makeup So I feel like I’ve wasted enough stuff for one day It’s a bad DIY because like the Apple will go Brown in seconds and then you’ll have apple on your makeup like it’s so hard to rant when this earring is like a A tiny palette of makeup would be a lot easier to hide than a giant apple with eyeshadow in it So we’re not gonna do that, but we are gonna complete the look today with some DIY street wear Now I really like what this guy is doing with his caution tape and I think that I think that it’s easily something that I could pull off. Oh man Yes, I’m a beacon of DIY inspiration right now if I showed up to your house like this for Halloween What would you think I am and don’t say just myself? Cuz it’s not true. This could be the start of something new We’ve done a lot of great wonderful inspiring DIYs today, that’s enough for one day. Ow. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you on the next one Bye!

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    Terry: They should be drinking water
    Love your videos I watch your chanle every day
    Thank you for making me smile every day

  2. When she sang high school musical i laughed so much bc i literally saw a live production of it 2 days ago

    illuminati confirmed

  3. Your the DIWHY gueen but When an awesome YouTuber like you wears all of those DIWHYS then there not a DIWHY queen your a DIY queen see the difference cause I Do your awesome Kass!

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