Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Anyone on here from Fla, Ohio or Cali. If so were you embarrassed your representative stormed in the middle of the committee's statements today. I call you out because I seen these leaders give interviews. There was so many you couldn't tell. Johhny Isakson fro my district was not one in the group.But, he's retiring.

  2. Flynn: Yea that's right lock her up.
    Hillary: Lock him up haha, no seriously lock him up he's a crook.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Have you ever noticed how crazy repubs have spiraling pinwheels moving in opposite directions in their eye sockets like they've walked through a hypnosis machine? I don't see them in Barrs eyes.

  4. All of them that chanted lock her up are getting it back two time fold. Double for your trouble. They kept saying how much money for Mueller's report. Carma

  5. i just blows my mind how trump is able to get all these idiots to do things for him. how long to you go on being a pawn for what? how are they all benefiting by being thrown under the bus.

  6. Trump keeps saying, he only cares about seeking out corruption, yes we know, he's seeking out to benefit his 2020 campaign.

  7. Trump caving so easily from GOP pressure (Doral:G7) should tell the frigid GOP to vote impeachment. Thanks TRMS for including HRC/email story!!!

  8. Rachel, Clinton did break the rules and, like Trump, she should have been investigated. It does not equate to the level of Trump’s malfeasance; however, it was still wrong. You cannot claim to despise the Trump’s administration impropriety unless you condemn wrong in any form from any side.

  9. I don't believe anything Facebook says. It could easily be that they want to smear Bernie because he has pledged to break up big media companies. Rachel has a distinct anti-Bernie bias. It's too bad and bad for the country.

  10. I think the only way to keep all this propaganda is for facebook, instagram and other social media platforms to ban and delete anything that all that has to do with politics until the 2020 election. Problem solved! So what if they'd be denied their right to freedom of speech, it would only be for a short time and may be the only way this country can get a good election. Conservatives know they can't win unless unless they cheat!

  11. Thank you for sacrificing peace of mind to deliver honest detailed news about whats going on. What a sh**Show out there.

  12. all this time and tax payers money to investigate Hillary's emails by the Republicans, but now they think it terrible to investigate the crooked President for three yrs for all his crimes. makes a difference who is using the tax payers money, doesn't it?

  13. #TrumpLiesEveryTimeHeSpeaks still. He used the Media to get more coverage from the media than they ever gave Clinton. Are they getting ready to do the same thing again?
    How are they really covering the #impeachmenthearings
    Guess the TrumpCult is in business again on Facebook.
    Who wants to live in a country ruled by # CorporateNazism installed by 1% of the population of the United States.
    Guess what.
    Russia is helping on Facebook and Instagram. #2020 Doing their same program, attacking Democrats from left based and right based (mostly fake sites) or a few Americans they have paid to be active for them.
    But Facebook still thinks that politicians should be able to run ads (they buy from Facebook) that contain lies.

  14. Donnie Boy certainly DOES care about corruption; it comes in very handy when you're trying to put one over on the voters!!!

  15. there SHOULD be an ongoing look into the scandal of the last election, Mick, but there never will be as Drumpf, YOUR boss, is the perpetrator of it.

  16. Thank you Ma'am for your incredible analysis & re-forming the events in true light…you are a guardian of truth.

    Greetings from London.

  17. Bernie Sanders 2020 Rachel and the msdnc can go f themselves. joe biden is corrupt and protects you status quo. We're done, the Bernie Revolution is ON!

  18. The story I didn’t hear was that Bernie Sanders🇺🇸 had a rally and over 25,000 people showed up to hear AOC endorsed Bernie Sanders A rally larger than any other Democratic candidate has seen this campaign !

  19. New York City Bar Association
    I’m at my breaking point!!! I am an extremely concerned citizen of the United States of Americ. What I am witnessing is beyond treasonous behavior from Atty. General Bill Barr. As such, he is bound to rules and a code of Ethics, is he not? He is not impartial nor is he honst. I DEMAND that he be DISBARRED. This Country is better than him and Trump. We are witnessing a Coup. Please, take action. This is NOT a Joke. Do. Something. For. Your. Country!! — at Ohio.

  20. I would cut Putin's heart out, and feed it to the feral cats who roam my neighborhood.  Trump and his cultists are traitors to America.   Check out Dmytro Firtash, and follow the thread.  He is up to his neck with Barr, Trump, Manafort, Giuliani, and his two recently arrested comrades.  Follow the money.

  21. On a spiritual level … and considering that most Trump supporters are self-proclaimed Christians … these false-equivalencies perpetrated by the media in general is doing them no favors … a free and open media is supposed to be a check on corruption in politics … the media has to start calling out the wrongs loudly .. imagine how different things would be if Al Gore who actually one the election on both the electoral and popular count against Bush … how different our world would be now … He wasn’t our President due to republican dirty tricks during the re-count in FL just like this ridiculous storming of intel
    Committees impeachment inquiry

    I think it is going to be alarming to the conservatives and republicans when they realize they have been listening to the Russians this whole time … how could they not see themselves as traitors to our country .. it’s going to be abundantly clear to all very soon and undeniable to even the staunchest Trump supporters … because that was God’s intent all along in having Pres Trump be President … it was to put the corruption and hypocrisy of the Republican Party right in our face so we couldn’t help but see it.

    To most Americans this is already abundantly obvious .. it’s alarming how President Trump’s supporters still refuse to look at it …. its speaks to the state of their spirituality … and does not bode well for them.

    The point being when the media doesn’t call out the wrongs … on both sides … when the media plays this false-equivalency game … they are doing so much harm on so many levels .. ppl right now in America and in Yemen and on the border and now the Kurds are all suffering because the truth is not in the public arena anymore.

    Keep fighting the good fight Ms. Rachel Maddow …, unlike the conservative right would have you believe .. God has your back and He is fighting with you every step of the way and that I know is the truth.

    God Bless


  22. We are watching the US being turned into a dictatorship, Barr needs to be impeached along with Trump and pence, the whole GOP is rotten to the core

  23. Russia is at the helm driving trumps reelection. Congress is too slow trumps always two steps ahead. Will russian aligarch provide fake documents to prove trumps innocence

  24. Russia Rachel and Hillary the Horrible together with Russia forever. Both assets and want to take down America, the plan was thwarted when donald trump won and they are doing all they can to try and brainwash people into these Russian delusions when they are the spies. This is espionage and Rachel’s folks declared themselves as Russians upon reaching this country. Look it up. Claim to be something else but declared themselves Russians on public record……..she is a Russian asset. There is proof and Hillary is working with them to take make our people split and to try to make us socialist so we will fail. THEIR MISSION IS TO TAKE DOWN OUR PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE IS DOING TOO WELL FOR THE COUNTRY.

  25. As a member of humanity, I welcome the opportunity to hold Donald John Trump accountable for his character! Yeah, sounds about right. :o)

  26. Yo any fellow Secular folks in here today ?

    Do me a favor: Try to repost the below or just ALL the links in it anywhere on YouTube and be amazed the fanatic religiosity powered "Alternative Reality" Algorithms censoring machine . LMAO Seriously thou, try to repost the below posted somewhere else on YouTubs and make screen shots and screen recordings, pleAse:

  27. @ [11:00 –11:03] "No specific intent" I think they mean that the articles digressed in ways that seemed unintelligible. If that is the case then I can assure you that is a search engine manipulation that business marketing is well aware of. What this does is make it so these articles appear in searches and "recommendations" through the many algorithms used to bring ads and suggested content to the people. The reason for this should be obvious considering the content information.

  28. Trump didn't necessarily want dirt on Joe Biden and family in his Ukraine squeeze play. What he wanted more than anything else was to be able to say that the Ukraine is now conducting investigations into the "Biden's corruption" as he runs against Biden in 2020. Trump knows that just like Hillary's email "scandal" was a nothing burger, the Trump demanded and incited Ukraine investigations he tried to start against Joe Biden are also a nothing burger. Trump, the slimiest, most corrupt politician in US history is once again rolling out a Putin/KGB style smear campaign against a less corrupt political opponent. He will soon be chanting "lock him up" for the stench of corruption he himself manufactured while standing neck deep in his own stinking criminal sewage. Trump calling anyone else human scum is an incredible irony.

  29. Uhm thats not true lol. They sited over 30 people that had broken rules and LAWS from Hillary's state dept! So what is Rachel talking about? More and more and more Fake News from good ole Rach. Who still watches her and believes ANYTHING she says??

  30. Anyone else new here shitwatching because they want to watch Madcow unravel over the incoming killshot of her narrative? #CantDisbarTheBarr

  31. Wait! Did the DOJ find the 30,000 missing emails? That is awesome news if they had and vindicated Hillary. If not then they really can't say for sure if she had or hadn't. Personally I hate Trump. Hillary would have been a thousand times better president but Bernie will be a million times better president. 🙂

  32. I'd say the left isn't handling a taste of their own medicine very well. A SCIF, yes that's where the Classified Documents came from that were found on Hillary's basement servers.

  33. ALERT! I just read where BARR has illegally assigned a special prosecutor to start a CRIMINAL investigation into the allegations and circumstances leading to the mueller probe. this is what HE LEGALLY should've done concerning trump's criminal actions concerning Ukraine. but instead he's using his and trump's corruption to turn the DOJ and the FBI against trump's accusers and investigators! THIS IS SERIOUSLY CRIMINAL! under trump our ENTIRE GOVT has gone completely rogue and berserk! ALL OF THE CABINET, the DEPTS and THE GOP have become COMPLETELY CORRUPTED! willing to overlook and commit ANY crime to protect TRUMP!

  34. I hate to say it but, it was never about whether or not she was guilty. The process itself was enough to get a criminal elected. Now he is trying it again.


  36. In every case we look back with hindsight and realize Bernie Sanders was right. It may be a good idea to listen to him now.

  37. Trump2020. Everything is fixing to come to light. MAGA. This is nothing but reassurance that the 2016 russia probe was a hoax and only to destroy President Trump.

  38. I support Bernie and oppose Biden, and I'm living in SoCal and I'm not Russian. I have valid reasons for so doing that involve Biden's refusal to represent all Americans instead of Big Money, your refusal to acknowledge said valid reasons notwithstanding. Do not impune those who support other candidates or you are behaving just like Russia.

  39. Maddow is doing just as much damage as the Russians. If the DNC was working for Clinton, they are going to also work for Biden. Maddow lives in a mansion and is worth tens of millions of dollars. Her interests are not the same interests as the working class.

  40. I turned off my Facebook page. Aparently, it won't turn off totally, but I don't get Facebook on my device. However, Facebook stalks my email address on a daily basis, with temptations of likes, friend requests, and other things.

  41. "Any pressure from republicans and he [The President] caves" – Because Mueller had stated that he could be prosecuted once he leaves office and republicans hold the power to remove him? They might hold that over his head.

  42. I was away on holiday that week and had no access to my confuser. Had I seen this episode and this block, it would have spoiled my holiday. Rachael makes things so clear, by crossing all the 'T's and dotting all the 'I's, then she drops all the implications on you from a great height and that hurts. I can remember posting on the (now defunct? ) Maddowblog , the day after the 2016 election, that America was phucked. Things have swung back and forth a bit since then, but I still think America is phucked. Rex Tillerson had it right; Trump is a phucking moron. In fact, he is The Phucking Moron.

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