Trump Under Fire For Sharing Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory | NBC Nightly News
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Trump Under Fire For Sharing Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Trump Under Fire For Sharing Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory | NBC Nightly News

  1. President Trump is my hero for texting the truth, the CLinton , OBAMA HITLER JR AND ALL THE DEMONRATS HAD Epstein Murdered in cold blood, PS there was no bunk bed for him to hang himself on as well, so GROW up we all know that Epstein was murdered, and the Clintons the head of the assassination group had it done

  2. Misinformation machine goes into overdrive. Paul Butler, a former federal prosecutor, suggested on Matthews's show Tuesday night that President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr "facilitated" Epstein's death. Far fetched theories and Elvis sightings.

  3. Using his position in public office to tell us all the truth
    Yet you all hate hate hate its like your all defending a huge paedophilic club with members who are politicians, judges, govenors royality the people we trust are the very ones that cause alot of pain not just in our lives

  4. Anybody that does not know that the Clintons were involved in getting him killed. They probably believe in Santa Claus. My theory is that he’s alive but I certainly pray to God that he’s dead there’s an excess of over 100 bodies all dead
    The amount of suicides that follow the Clintons is beyond any amount of coincidence. Even people that were ship more luck with the Clintons and the Hollywood elite they all know.

  5. This is Awesome, I only disagree with that he was killed by the clintons ; I believe they helped him escape.
    Jeff is probably in San Tropez sipping on adrenachrom.

  6. hardly a conspiracy once again someone who can bring down the clintons suddenly dies howmany is that now ? every time the clintons are remotely near anything that can put them away for a long time the person always seems to die yet the media never mention it

  7. Now its already BASELESS??? Why not simply investigate the Clintons flights to the Epstein island like every quite obvious murder case is being investigated!? Or does anyone believe in the mainstream medias suicide fairytales and cover-up stories protecting the highly criminal Clinton cabal🎃🤣😃😏😉

  8. Just because the Clinton’s have known more suicidal people, and unfortunate airplane crash victims than anyone else in the world, why would anyone think they had anything to do with this. It is just a coincidence that any one who had information on them die in these ways. Totally normal. Could happen to anyone!

  9. Not surprised. Trump has never spoken the truth, ever. "Well I didn't get along with him". I guess because he wasn't invited back to his island as many times as Clinton.

  10. I wouldn’t say Clinton’s specifically but among such people for sure. The people who own your station for example

  11. Mainstream media is straight up propaganda for the global elite. They very same people who went to Epstein’s island own the media. Don’t believe a word.

  12. I heard Hillary did Tweet “ I feel really bad about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide next Tuesday “. Lol 😂

  13. Yeas the Russians are behind anything that goes wrong! I was going to the store the other day and was going to buy some tobacco to my grandpa and low and behold every brand my grandpa smokes was "sold"? Something tells me the RUSSIANS bought them all since my grandpa fought in Korea against communism.

  14. Clintons are linked to over 40 murders in some verrry sketchy ways. 9 of their secret service agents have "committed suicide" since they have been in office.
    Most by gunshot to the head……twice

  15. This video is the living proof of propaganda. had me in rage just after 30 seconds, nothing but bias and untrue sentences after another. 🙂

  16. Got some punk songs about Jeffrey Epstein on my channel. It's the only video up on my channel. Check it out please.

  17. Of course Bill Clinton and Epstein had ties,everyone knows it, and for years. Clinton went multiple of times on that pedo island,even with his friend Kevin Spacey, another well known pervert.Disgusting,but what to expect from the same scum in the media that used to defend that pedophile Polanski too.

  18. This is a conspiracy FACT, and you are trying to covert it up.You know what is a baseless conspiracy theory? Your lies about Russia collusion that never happened and that was debunked by men of law,judges,the FBI and Mueller himself.You are fraud,NBC, CNN, MSNBC etc…you are all the same.


  20. Trump didnt have too say anything. We already know the Clintons were involved. Lets talk about the painted photo of Bill Clinton in a blue dress that was found on Epstein island. The 3 page list of hollywood celebrities, and political figures that attended Epsteins pedo-parties. Epstein had dirt on the Clintons, but dead men tell no tales. Thats okay though because Epstein had blackmail.. The Clintons trials are coming.

  21. The political ACTOR "Epstein" ,has served his purpose on their scene.
    Safe and sound , in their private and secluded Hollywood political retirement campgrounds. 🤐

  22. Trump is the master of BS. Those who believe that he was not involved with Epstein and the Clinton's is very naive. They all are involved in these shenanigans. Trump just twists things better that's all.

  23. You tried so hard @NBC and no one believes any of your lies, slandering and pandering and you contribute to #CancelCulture

  24. "President Trump has a history of pushing conspiracy theories." Another theory brought to you by the fake news journalists who pushed Russian Collusion conspiracy theory for three years!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  25. Trump probably knows it’s true or he wouldn’t have put it out there. If he were to be sued for defamation of character by the Clintons then discovery would be intense and be able to begin. They will never do anything but deny. They can’t. If a case came up all could be exposed. Wish they would sue him.

  26. Donald Trump he saying I didn’t get along with him but doesn’t look like that on the video I bett he was gonna tell everyone Donald Trump and Prince Andrew and the others was paedophile and pervert pervert 🤨

  27. Im not sure Clinton was involved and yes Trumps a moron,but theres something shady behind the Epstein death,if he even is dead,who knows.He had alot of powerful friends who were as sick as he was,nothing would suprise me.

  28. Independent examiners said it was murder. Epstein's hyoid bone was broken three times. Something that absolutely never happens in suicide. So, are these reporters going to issue an apology to Trump?

  29. Well is anyone surprised private experts who reviewed his autopsy said it’s murder and all media and attention has been off this story ever since so they got what they wanted

  30. Anybody who thinks Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide is a "FOOL". Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and President Trump's actions are to re-open the investigation to find out the Truth. This is no CONSPIRACY THEORY and the American public knows it even though the Major News Outlets want to keep it quiet!!

  31. I don't think I have seen yet a post where anybody claims they don't believe Epstein's death a homicide. That's not conspiracy, that's common sense making a rare appearance.

  32. "Conspiracy theory"…
    New at 11, conspiracy theory emerges that suggest clinton made a secret speech to oil & banking executives

  33. Project Veritas just released proof the Clintons didn't do it. Go to their website and check their Epstein Story.

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