100 thoughts on “Trump photos posted on private Instagram raise eyebrows

  1. Oh come on, Lev and Igor look like nice mama's boys. By that I mean they have faces only their mamas could love. Could Trump and Giuliani be any stupider?

  2. I wish that angry bald guy that always defends Trump was there to explain this. Hahahaha. They're all going down.

  3. Romney = Republican
    Trump = Trumpublican

    It's hard to tell the difference because republicans have been quiet for each of Trump's atrocities. The difference is Trumpublicans cheer and defend everything trump does and says no matter what.

  4. Trump is my president CNN IS SHIT SWAMPY FAKE NEWS 🖕🏻 TRUMP 2020 it will HAPPEN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 YOU PHONY FUCKS.

  5. Biden already confessed to the corruption being investigated while he was vice president and before he was a political opponent of President Trump

  6. Who cares, whiny rmoney wants some sympathy😭😭😭😭boo hoo. We all remember what he said about the “takers”. He just wants to stay relevant so that if the repukes ever recover from the dumpster fire theyve created he still has a high paying job, not that he needs to work. Hey, theres a great piece of legislation. When youve got that kinda money, you need to leave the jobs for people who really need them.

  7. Thank God for Honorable Senator Mitt Romney standing up to 'Atgolf tramputin' . Senator Mitt Romney's courage, sanity, and American Parriotism could actually lead Repubicans back from the destruction of their Party by evil, greedy, pathetic moron 'Atgolf', who is ripping up The Constitution, a work of genius and Hope for Mankind his Sick mind, could not begin to comprehend. If it is the last accomplishment of my life, I will see that Mitt Romney is Honored for his courage to try to save America. God Bless Mitt Romney and his family and his Country. FYI, I am a registered Democrat, and I have never failed to vote for a Repbublican when I think they are right.

  8. We are so programmed to believe what people say… we should question people more, as to the truth. Do not accept everything as a truth.

  9. Flynns' records got manipulated by the crooked FBI. I can't wait for Barr and Durham to start prosecuting these rats.

  10. Republicans in senate will never vote trump out no matter how much evidence is brought forth. Not because they think his innocent because they are covering their own career asses. Trump has threatened them and called them the scum of the earth if they do. Look at how they stormed the hearings. Do they look like credible people who will do the right thing? Hears a few reminders for you trumptards. Judge said closed meetings are not illegal or unconstitutional Congress has the right to choose how they proceed. Trump has been ordered to produce his taxes and has refused. Whets he trying to hide.?

  11. The stable genius obviously believes his followers are stupid… and he must be right because they continue to support him.

  12. The Democrats were so horrible to the South right up through Orval Faubus and George Wallace until a Republican President (Eisenhower) put troops in Little Rock, Arkansas to protect black kids going to school. Eisenhower wrote the first civil right bill that Pres. Johnson later plagiarized. Up until then the Democrats voted NO on every single civil right bill. This is why the south votes mostly Republican today. They will vote Democrat in local elections but will vote Republican for president.

  13. Smoking gun..ladies and gents.
    This is just beyond terrible.. Yep guilty. that's all the evidence we need lock him throw away the key. Like he's almost committing crimes in the pictures.
    I can't believe this.

  14. Trump: what your seeing and what your reading is not happening,lol only ignorant people don't believe what their eyes are seeing


  16. Ah, it comes to this, Pinocchio trump and don guiliani , trying to weasel their way out of this once again. sad day sad sad day very very sad day America.

  17. Shouldn’t we give Trump the benefit of the doubt?

    Just kidding. The evidence against him has been overwhelming since way before he took office.

    There’s a crook in the White House.

  18. American Exceptionalism was prefaced on, & promoted ideals of exemplary leadership in democratic government, education, business & society both at home & abroad

  19. MY feeling of euphoria is exceptional these days, thanks to Trump and his idiots that surround him. thank you, Trump and co…keep up the "good" work. dumbfucking conservatives 🙂

  20. The African and Latino convention to re-elect 45 will be this weekend in San Diego…. inside information the company that will supply the tables and chairs are only delivering one table and three chairs…….

  21. Yeah people that nobody knows hang out with trump all the time
    Hell he don’t even know the people who work for him once they go

  22. Trump has been in the pockets of the Russians since the 80’s..it’s where ALL his wealth comes from! 🤷‍♂️

  23. For the love of all that's holy. Impeachment??? Fuck that. Find a big wall, line Trump and all these fuckers up, and just shoot the fucking lot for fuck's sake. And bury them in their own excrement.

  24. OH NOOO! awesome reporting! TRUMP is done with this. JAKE you are lazy buddy. This belongs in a tabloid magazine. BI DEAL…..show me the facts! YOU=CNN have none.

  25. Keep them photos and let's mail them to trump so he'll have a nice family photo to look at while he's waiting for the ELECTRIC CHAIR

  26. Next will be a family Christmas photo of this guy and the entire Trump family in it that will emerge. Just face it rightwingers. Just like you voted for the war the wrecked havoc on our economy and destroyed millions of lives. You've done it again and gave us Trump.

  27. You have all these different evidences but …….. it so difficult to impeach. As test of your laws and institutions

  28. Deny. Deny. Deny. Half of the country lives in a cult to a 3-year old mind and loves bedtime stories and their hero.

    Only, perhaps, pee-pee tapes may wake them up to reality.

  29. Why does Trump always claim ignorance of what's going on and knowledge of criminal people. Photos always pop up of him with the people he claims not to know.

  30. so much respect for romney ! he had the balls to say what ALL republican senators think! dont get me wrong,hes still a piece of shit and i disagree with everything hes ever said and done after he was gov of MA…but i respect the balls…in order to have a civil bipartisan discorse ,we need to deal with people like him.we dont ask for MUCH…all we ask for is that you dont blindly shill for the person who is ARGUABLY one of the worst human beings on the planet?

  31. We give benefits of doubt, Trump lied 11,000 times so assuming 80% of those were "in doubts", there are still 2,200 lies. The right question is can we trust a person who lied 2,000 over times in the last 3 years? Nope, I wouldn't even trust a person if he lies more than 10 times in 3 years !! Trump has to not just leave office, he deserves be be jailed.

  32. Why does Melania's signature look exactly like Donald's? Did she teach him to write? How did his signature look before he met her?

  33. This never ending witch hunt will backfire on you. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever thanks. 😁

  34. There is NOTHING sympathetic about Mittens. NEVER forget all the lives he destroyed as a vulture capitalist. F&*K Mittens!

  35. Trump has pictures of him with everyone except for Tiffany. Worst president and worst father in history. Wonder if he really is the father?

  36. Don’t you love how CNN minions continually point with one finger at Trump while their other 4 point right back at themselves. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  37. So embarrassing. Such a shame that in 2020 the so called leader of the free World is a bully ,liar, cheater and unprofessional ,disrespectful to our military leader's who are more qualified than him in any operation, disrespectful to Judge's who have been on the bench long before he left his school & casino's. Ppl ,folks ,please don't let your children or family think this behavior is cute .

  38. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this admin is the " DUMMIST IN AMERICAN HISTORY " TALK about the Keystone cops.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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