Trump Attacks the Media as His Allies Blame “Both Sides” for Violence: A Closer Look

-After a week
of horrific attacks, President Trump has once again
attacked the media while his allies blame
both sides for violent rhetoric. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look”. [ Cheers and applause ] In moments of crisis like this, it is clear that Trump is not
only incapable of providing the moral leadership
expected of a president, he’s just incapable
of being human. I mean, look at him. The guy doesn’t even know how to
close an umbrella. [ Laughter ] And then when he can’t close it,
he just leaves it there. [ Laughter ] Trump’s the kind
of rich [bleep] who, when his car
runs out of gas, just leaves it
on the side of the road. [ Imitates Trump ] It’s me.
The Bentley is broken. No, it’s broken again. [ Normal ] Before Trump
put the umbrella down, he spent ten minutes
just yelling at it. [ Imitates Trump ]
Umbrella, close. Siri, close umbrella. Alexa, fire Siri. [ Laughter ] [ Normal ] In fact, Trump
is so incapable of mustering even the basic level of empathy that after the horrific
anti-Semitic attack at a synagogue in Pittsburgh
on Saturday, he decided to keep all of
his political events, and at one event,
he told the crowd he had considered canceling
not because of the attack, but because his hair was wet. -Somebody just said, “Your hair
looks different today”. I said, “Well, I was standing
under the wing of Air Force One doing a news conference
early this morning — a very unfortunate news
conference — and the wind was blowing, and the rain,
and I was soaking wet, and that’s what
I ended up with today”. [ Audience yells, cheers ] And I said, “At least you
know it’s mine”. [ Cheers and applause ] I said, “Maybe I should cancel
this arrangement because I have
a bad hair day”. -Oh, oh, oh, your hair got wet? Well, next time
just use an umbrella — Oh, no, no, I’m sorry. That’s on me.
That’s my fault. Trump also refused to cancel
his campaign rally on Saturday, and to justify that choice, he claimed that
the New York Stock Exchange reopened the day after 9/11. -With what happened early today, that horrible, horrible attack
in Pittsburgh, I was saying maybe
I should cancel both, this and that, and then I said to myself, I remember Dick Grasso,
a friend of mine, great guy. He headed up
the New York Stock Exchange, on September 11th, and the New York Stock Exchange was open the following day,
he said, and what they had to do
to open it, you wouldn’t believe.
-That’s right. You wouldn’t believe it,
and you shouldn’t because it didn’t happen. [ Laughter ] The Stock Exchange
remained closed for six days after
the terrorist attacks. These are — [ Applause ] These are
his most infuriating lies, the ones we can just check
by typing them into Google, the ones his supporters
will never check. At this point, if you type
“Is Trump lying” into Google, you’ll just get a page
that says, “Too many results. Try Bing”. Trump just lies freely. He imbibes conspiracy theories from media outlets
like Fox News, and then he spews them
to his supporters. For example,
after mail bombs were sent to a dozen targets
of Trump’s rhetoric, including
leading Democrats and CNN, prominent conservatives
on Twitter and Fox News began floating the theory that the bombs were
a so-called false flag meant to
help Democrats in the midterms. -Fox Business Network host
Lou Dobbs sent out this tweet,
writing, “Fake news, fake bombs. Who could possibly benefit
by so much fakery?” -We have the worst right-wing
bomb maker in history, or we have
a false flag operation. -The fact that these bombs
have not gone off is a great indication that I feel these are
false flag bombings. -At the risk of sounding like
a far right-wing lunatic, I have to say that I believe that this whole thing
was an elaborate hoax. -Of course, the other one
is that false flag, and there could be
someone in there, some Democrat,
low-level person — I’m not suggesting
anyone on the top — but who just decided,
“You know what? I’m going to put this out because two weeks
before a major election, who’s going to look
like the bad guy here? The Republicans”. -Fascinating. -No, it’s not fascinating. It’s dangerous. Someone just floated
an insane conspiracy theory on a channel watched by
millions of people, and you’re reacting like Spock
after a transporter malfunction. -Fascinating. -Now, Geraldo Rivera,
who claimed the bomb’s a hoax, did take it back
after an arrest was made, tweeting, “Never mind; outsmarted myself in conjuring
false flag operation designed to hurt
Donald Trump and GOP”. That’s how dumb Geraldo is. He got outsmarted by Geraldo. And then there’s Lou Dobbs,
the Fox Business host who tweeted
“Fake news, fake bombs”. Dobbs might be the most unhinged
conspiracy theorist on Fox, which is saying a lot given that Fox also employees
this guy — Sean Hannity is what you get if you gave Frankenstein
the brain of Alex Jones. [ Laughter ] But somehow Dobbs
has managed to out-crazy him, and not only is the president one of Dobbs’
most loyal viewers — he actually includes Dobbs
in major decisions. Earlier this year,
it was reported that Dobbs had been patched into
senior-level meetings that featured officials such as Senior Policy Advisor
Steven Miller and former Chief Strategist
Steve Bannon. Man, it is not easy to be the craziest person
in a meeting with Steve Bannon
and Steven Miller. Although in fairness to Dobbs,
when the meeting started, it was just supposed to
be Bannon, but then Miller
burst out of his chest. [ Laughter ] So, Dobbs — [ Cheers and applause ] So, Dobbs is one of many
prominent conservatives on TV and social media spreading baseless
conspiracy theories, and even before
the suspect was identified, he was on TV blaming Democrats for violence
against Republicans. Although watch as he tries to
get through this segment, has trouble reading,
and just gives up. -Be sure to vote
in our poll tonight. Do you believe it’s time
for Democratic leaders to denounce acts of violence against Republicans as President Trump — Targeted prominent, uh — Targeted, uh, Democrats — Uh, cast your vote on Twitter
@LouDobbs. -Oh, my goodness. Sounds like Grandpa
took too much Lunesta. [ Laughter ] “Grandpa! The bottle’s empty”. So, this is what the president
is consuming all day and then turning around
and spewing to his audience. In fact, just hours before
an arrest was made in the bombings on Friday, Trump went on Twitter to
again attack CNN, which just days earlier had been
the target of a mail bomb. -“Funny how lowly rated CNN
and others can criticize me at will, even blaming me
for the current state of bombs and ridiculously comparing this
to September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing. Yet when I criticize them, they go wild and scream,
‘It’s just not presidential'”. -That’s because it’s their job
to cover you. Your job is to be president. They’re two different jobs. You’re like a guy
who goes in for a checkup and says, “Funny how the doctor
can check my prostate, but if I try to check his,
I get arrested”. [ Laughter and applause ] But somehow — somehow, that wasn’t even
the most disconcerting thing about that tweet. It’s that Trump tweeted it
at 3:14 A.M. Why is the president
of the United States up at 3:00 in the morning tweeting insults
about a news network? If he’s having trouble sleeping, maybe he should try taking whatever medication
Lou Dobbs was on. [ Laughter ] So, right-wing pundits, Fox News,
and the president himself spent days floating the theory that the bombs
were a false flag, but then when an arrest
was actually made, it turned out the only flag
the suspect was waving was a MAGA flag. -The person arrested today in Plantation, Florida, is Cesar Sayoc. 56 years old. -His Twitter feed showing him
driving to Trump rallies, hosting crowd chants
attacking CNN… [ Chanting ] …cheering the president on
in this selfie video, another recorded
as the president spoke. -This morning, the FBI seized
this white van owned by Sayoc that was covered
with pro-Trump stickers. -This is his van. It is plastered with photos
of President Trump and Vice President Pence. It shows pictures
of former President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and it includes a sticker that is critical of CNN. -Man, I didn’t think it
was possible to make a white van
even creepier, but he did it. And yet, even after we found out that the suspect
was a Trump fan, the president and his allies blamed
the recent spate of violence on both sides. -Everyone has their own style, and frankly, people
on both sides of the aisle use strong language
about our political differences. -America is polarized.
No doubt about it. -I mean, people are dug in
on both sides. -Angry obsessives are dangerous,
and they’re in both fringes. -I would love to see the stuff
dial back on both sides. -It’s not both sides. Only one side is repeating
deranged conspiracy theories accusing Democrats
of orchestrating an immigrant invasion, calling the press
the enemy of the people, and encouraging violence. Trump literally reenacted
a body slam against a reporter at one of his rallies. Bernie Sanders
paused one of his rallies when a bird
landed on his podium. -Now, you see, this little bird
doesn’t know it. Oh —
[ Cheers ] -If that bird had landed
on Trump’s podium, it would have ended up
in a bucket. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Also — Also, can I just ask why is
Anthony Scaramucci still on TV? If you’re an ex-Trump aide, you shouldn’t get more time
commenting on the White House than you had working inside
the White House. Scaramucci should have
been on TV for nine days max and then gone back
to what he was doing before, parking BMWs at Caesar’s Palace. There’s no use in waiting for moral leadership
from a president who is so obviously unwilling
to provide it. The only option is to vote
for people who will, and maybe while we’re at it, we can elect some people
who know how to use an umbrella. This has been “A Closer Look”. [ Cheers and applause ]

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