96 thoughts on “TRUMP AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Inside The President’s Tweets And Summit?

  1. It’s an executive leadership summit. No leaders exist in any of the social media companies you mentioned. Fact. “It’s his audience” lol, you mean half the voter population in the U.S.?

  2. As a person who was banned on twitter, for never breaking any rules mind you, I simply called a person who wanted “all Trump supporters to be beheaded jihadist style” I called him a moron… that was it, that was my “sin”… never called for anyone’s death… and the pos said my children and grandchildren needed to be raped and murdered….. yet I was banned because I am a conservative Trump supporter… soooo, SORRY CHARLIE!! I STAND WITH TRUMP!!! The ban on conservatives needs to STOP!!

  3. It's a summit because we the people control the public square. It is just a matter of time before they lose ALL power over our people. This includes biased search results, shadow banning, censoring a certain group of people.. etc. They have no idea how much power they are about to lose.

  4. BULL CRAP!! Social Media does NOT STOP BULLYING!! THEY ARE THR BULLIES!! They allow radical islamists a platform and don’t shut them down and they are recruiting and calling for Americans to be murdered!!! Where did you find this guy??? This is a joke! These big tech companies are the bullies simply pushing a fascist socialist agenda!!!!

  5. Vincent is a talking head for the now corporate owned social media. It's censored and does not have a non bias perspective!

  6. Social media has become a puppet used in social engineering and mass control of what people perceive as public opinion. But they're only publicizing one side of the narrative, not a true reflection of public opinion.

  7. Meeting with the people responsible for the fake news and memes like the fake magazine cover of trump and the video of trump shooting a gun. Underhanded yellow journalism with white house endorsement. Unbelievable.

  8. What the heck is going on?! I just went to the president's Twitter to check on post and there are none at all!!

  9. Twitter abuser ? Get real. The media will not treat our President fairly. His twitter feed is not filtered or spun by the left. To hell with the left.

  10. All the globalist government members are not invited!
    The funniest part is these idiot Talking Heads on Fox News who have no idea why they weren't invited! Hey morons the reason they're not invited is because they're the problem not the future! Try and keep up would you kid!

  11. this guy doesn't understand anything… he's planning a way to overcome the leftists social media companies, that's why he doesn't want them there. Wake up guys

  12. this guy doesn't understand anything… he's planning a way to overcome the leftists social media companies, that's why he doesn't want them there. Wake up guys

  13. What a stupid conversation. Why on earth would you invite the social media platforms who have gone down the vile road of censorship and continuous attacks against a duly elected president to a summit designed to discuss how to end that very problem. You surely are not puerile enough to suggest that inviting Google, Twitter and Facebook executives would work. Have they done anything at all to fix the problem? Were they up front and truthful when questioned in Congress?

  14. According to the 'social media specialist' he has met with the social media companies before. This time he is meeting with content providers. What is wrong with that?

  15. 😃 Well A Serial Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa by any other name is still A Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa

  16. President Trump knows the major social media despises him, wants to see him impeached, thinks he's illegitimate, you name it. Having them there is useless because they are malevolent and would poison the entire effort.

  17. Up to minute 0:18
    Wow, just wow..😨
    Regarding the census.
    If he wishes to count the mutants at table 9, okay then, I was really one of them at someone's wedding 2 years ago. 😱
    Truth! 😠
    Love from Mish Again USA 💜
    " Cents Us, for the rest of Us" 😒
    Peace ✌

  18. Twitter in Canada is having outages: dead feed, comments unavailable, post inability.

    Social Media Summit at the White House today: coincidence?????

  19. Why are you both laughing when you just mentioned Social Media Summit? What's so funny about it? You guys are making a comment based on limited knowledge.

  20. Trump is doing 4D chess, read his book commentators. Next move is tech take down. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💀

  21. Wow! Thousands of people like trump's tweets?? Is exactly the same people every single time. Christian veterans living with the taxes of all the rest americans.

  22. I think its great. lol. Babies mad because they werent invited. lol. Maybe its a summit to fight for our rights.

  23. are you kidding? this today was a summit for those abused by big tech! no need to filthy it up with the abusers!

  24. What is facebook, twitter, google, snapchat, doing to keep things fair. Christian sites attacked and taken down. Conservatives shadow banned and taken down. Only friendly if your on the left. Project veritas has busted them severly.

  25. He just met with the Main Tech Leaders and now He wants to talk to the Real Talent (or Users) of these Platforms! Pay Attention!

  26. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I thought I was going to get to hear My President! 🇺🇸❤🕊

  27. A president who connects and goes straight to the People. 💜
    Are these 2 guys for real?
    I'm out of here.

  28. Targeting the talent rather than the medium is genius, humanizes the issue and unified more left vs right than any other issue possible, a stable genius.

  29. In other words, the alphabet companies weren't invited. Good. They are anti American. I think its funnier than hell how trump undercuts big media by tweeting. Lol. And the fools don't know all those tweets are coded messages to us patriots. WWG1WGA . POTUS TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 4 EVA

  30. THIS IS the final warning as the STORM is upon the Social Media Platforms. Smirks and BS is about to end for all the hot air expelled from the lying fart news and their I D 10 T s. This has everything to do with votes and freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press in America.

  31. Facebook and Twitter I think we need to give them some Play-Dough and let them play with puppies cry on somebody else's shoulders and I thank Fox 10 need some Play-Dough to I think y'all need to cry on somebody else calendar

  32. IT IS A SUMMIT & a lot more will come on this, & it is not necessary to invite those who will not cover this meeting properly, by cutting/chopping/altering speech in the conference, so why bother? Invite the 'truthers' + who he wishes from administration + those assisting with relavent information, instead of perpetrators of injustice who need not be there to butcher it! Just wait for them to twist & spin his words afterward, or cut off speakers during it, one channel already did to several, + their inaccurate, incomplete edited relay of this later!

  33. Yes Mark Zuckerbrod was open at the beginning to use FB to spy on everyone, (check learning about "DARPA" switched to "Facebook" same day), but now that the narrative doesn't suit their wishes, promote Democrats, suppress conservatives, thus attempting to alter elections he's not!

  34. Wow President Trump is a genius. He tweets about a press announcement in regards to the census in the Rose garden at the Whitehouse. Straight away fake MSM start reporting that Trump is going to put the question of citizenship on the census against the supreme Court ruling. What a bunch of losers. Like Attorney General Barr would allow the President to break a ruling from the supreme Court. Hope everyone saw that press meeting. Also the reason the bias media platforms were not invited was because he was talking about their bias to real journalists from the left and right.

  35. title: '?' at the end is not needed, unless you are questioning the existence of summit and tweets, which is probably not your intention

  36. It was a summit for social media USERS, not social media providers, I thought that was obvious. Where do you get these so called experts from? It's also very obvious that he uses social media (twitter) because his message is never reported properly on the MSM. This guy knows nothing. Twitter from POTUS is actually ramped up because the MSM has ramped up it's FAKE NEWS. The way these social media companies are going they won't be here in the next 5 years. POTUS followers are not a right wing group, it's a CONSERVATIVE group.
    I refuse to use Facebook, it's crap.

  37. God Bless all of the patriots out there fighting for our rights to free speech and helping to fight censorship from biased tech companies

  38. Vincent Orleck, self-style social media specialist, has no clue what he is talking about. I expected something more intelligent from Fox 10 Phoenix. Quit the segment after two mins.

  39. It was advertised as a conservatives summit. So left media were not invited. They are however, going to appear before a senate committee.

  40. Trump is the best president going 2020 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  41. He is meeting up with these crazy tech nerds, at the next gathering, right now he is collecting data! Are you guys that dumb?

  42. What qualifies as a summit Mr SPECIALIST ? is the MARKET…. not those that control the narrative
    in favour of the globalist agenda clearly against the will of the population that made them wealthy,
    as they destroy the small operator if they happen to say something the owners don't like………
    The world calls that global COMMUNISM. Only a 5-G step away from the mark of the beast total
    global dictatorship.

  43. What a lay this Specialist is. Of course you tube is Social Media or what am I posting here on your incompetence. And it is a summit of too. The goal of the summit was christal clear and the Next step is to engorce the law and massive panelty against all relevant Plattforms!

  44. You guys are clowns, are you telling me your that stupid not to know why those big tek companies weren't invited, their the ones were fighting, their censorship of everything conservative. Your idiots

  45. That was the most honest summit the white house has ever done in history by far. Real journalist for the first time ever.

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