Triple H talks about changing WWE’s perception in the media: Triple H’s Road to WrestleMania
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Triple H talks about changing WWE’s perception in the media: Triple H’s Road to WrestleMania

14-time world champion, Paul Triple H Levesque-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Joining the show. [CROSSTALK]
>>Good seeing you. Pleasure to meet you.>>In the 90s, I was trying to connect
WrestleMania to the rest of the world. It was difficult. We weren’t seeing with the same eyes,
so to speak. When you did do media, it was almost sometimes tongue in cheek
and you were scrambling to try to get whatever media you could to try to
promote the event as best as possible. To our fan base,
it was the greatest thing in the world. To everybody beyond that,
they still didn’t get it yet, and you had to really work hard to
convince them at every level, and any misstep was
a giant step backwards.>>You’re putting on a total different
hat on the business side, and that, typically with athletes, we struggle
trying to manage that transitioning over.>>I always had a fascination with
the behind the scenes of the business, even when I was a performer and
what it took and what it would take you to do
to get to that next level. So to step into today and to see the
embrace of the world, every form of media, whether it be entertainment or
sports, to now, not only do I wanna promote
the shows themselves and the actual product, but also to be
fascinated with the how and the why. How it’s created, how our athletes succeed
or fail, everything that goes into it, to see that level of interest
in what we do is just awesome. The superstars that you see
of today came from there. The superstars of tomorrow you will
watch tonight on NXT Takeover. Vince always says one day we’ll
be an overnight sensation. It’s happening one day at a time. And for me, coming from back then,
even before the Attitude era when business was not where we wanted it to be to
where it is today, it’s amazing. And to still be a part of that and to,
in some ways, be at the front of it with a lot of others but
at the front of it leading that charge and kind of helping take it outside of
our world to the masses is awesome.>>Thank you.
>>Thank you, appreciate it.>>Yeah, good luck to you, man.>>Thank you very much.>>Appreciate it. All the best to you.

100 thoughts on “Triple H talks about changing WWE’s perception in the media: Triple H’s Road to WrestleMania


  2. today is the 10th anniversary of DAT wrestlemania 25 classic. come on wwe, no video about dat?

  3. That's what's best for business, you can't just imagine how people keep waiting for more triple H my business💪💪

  4. WWE look, I grew up watching you..and to quote Demolition Man.."I've seen the future, know what it is? a 47 year old virgin sitting around in his basement pajamas sippin' on broccoli shakes signing i'm an oscar meyer weiner" Dumbing your product down doesn't help when your "BIG" reveal is nothing less than telling grouch that he's grouchy!!!!!!!! I love wrestling or "sports entertainment" BUT C'MON!!!

  5. wwe just doesnt feel the same anymore. i wanna see more creative wrestlers that i can feel emotionally attached to. i hate seeing the company in the place its in now

  6. Well said. Now that being said , I and others would love to see you bring back breaking ground or tough enough.

  7. I'm gonna post videos about my predictions about WrestleMania 35 on my YouTube channel, so make sure you go look at my channel

  8. I like to pretend triple h is always annoyed by people the same way I feel like Vince always got annoyed by everyone 😂

  9. Attitude era was the best including Goldberg, stone cold steve, game ,, no excitement, don't feel excited to see next show etc…..

  10. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that I post a video of me screaming like a maniac at games every week.


  12. Anyone else thinks Paul should play Kratos? I mean The WWE has long since stepped into movies not just with their talent but as producers.

  13. I remember the WWWF when they only used a couple box trucks to transport the ring and other supporting material. They have come a long way since then.

  14. Why don't you give your workers some health insurance and some time off so they don't kill themselves prematurely

  15. Unfortunately, as long as Vince is here, WWE's reputation as a conservative company with nepotism will not change…

  16. Forget changing the perspective, go back to the attitude era. That is the only way I would watch Monday night raw again. Nowadays, it seems to be more geared towards children.

  17. WWE fell off in the early 2000s for me at least. It's not like I got too old for it or anything I used to like to show. I used to like the stories they had going on on the show in the 90s and the action was just better. Nowadays it's just fake you might as well would be watching a one-sided video game being played on easy.. you know it's going to happen every single time and you know what every single finisher is going to take place. The stories absolutely suck and are pathetic nowadays. The older generation actually was believable when it came to stories.

  18. Wrestling needs a Union. It's a shame the wrestlers themselves won't take a united stance and are preoccupied with their own spots instead.

  19. the only difference between HHH and Vince is that HHH decided to learn from his and WWE creative Mistakes while Vince refused to do so

  20. John oliver was right. Give health benefits, give pensions, and stop union busting. Treat your emoloyees right!

  21. Some of the best NXT matches should take place in every episode of RAW. That's how you get such a great show out to the masses.

  22. please make wrestlemania 35 live on YouTube kickoff and the show please wwe i am a big fan but i can't sign in

  23. Triple h on fox?? Fake news…..

    John Oliver pointed out facts that wrestlers have been used for years and now he has to try and save the image of wwe

  24. Triple H you want to change the perception of Wrestling do us all a favor, stop being paper champ take care of you're wrestlers, you money pig!!!

  25. triple h in-ring career is destroying the wwe. i am sick and tired of watching him win where he should lose in a match to do a better business for the wwe 👎👎. he should've lost to batista at wrestlemania 35 the only thing i see in triple h is insecurity with other excellent talents because as a wwe superstar, he wanna be seen at the top but till now ?? WTF !! he always wanna show himself the bigshot in the ring. he is like "oh i wanna be displayed as the best wwe superstar till now and i wanna be the boss also so i could write my own story line in which i bring the newly popular roster against me to make him more popular than ever before throughout the designed script of both of us". newly popular wwe roster doesnt need triple h to reach the height of his career. if he has got what it takes (acting skill, creativity, wrestling performance), he could be very successful in a short period of time. triple must either wear a suit and be the boss or just be the wwe superstar to continue his in-ring career. both things at the same time can never go well with the insecure man like triple h. if triple h wanna save wwe, he must either be the boss and end his in-ring career by losing to the randy orton at wrestlemania 36 in a hell-in-a-cell match (randy has revenge of batista's career ending after batista appears all of a sudden and instigate randy and then prepare randy to destroy the evolution forever and triple h in-ring career forever ❤️) or by losing to The Rock at wrestlemania 36. the negative roles that triple h would play back in an attitude era against The Rock, stone cold, shawn michaels & The Undertaker were excellent and by playing the negative roles and getting beaten up by the big names over and over made triple h more successful in his career and made the wwe more successful at the time. in my opinion, as a wwe superstar, triple must stay out of the ring forever by retiring from his in-ring career but as the boss, he could be in ring just to make an statement or announcement but not to wrestle or brawl !!

  26. Yeeeaah I wish him luck on this buuuut in this day and age, they're gonna question the company as to why they aren't unionized. It's pretty simple..Vince doesn't want to spend money, we all know this. But eventually it's gonna happen.

  27. The product they offer now is completely boring. No excitement at all. What does he care ? He married into that big money lol

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