Triple H declares war on behalf of NXT: SmackDown, Nov. 1, 2019
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Triple H declares war on behalf of NXT: SmackDown, Nov. 1, 2019

100 thoughts on “Triple H declares war on behalf of NXT: SmackDown, Nov. 1, 2019

  1. Would be sick for some nxt UK people to help nxt
    Pete Dunne
    Mark Andrews
    Flash Morgan Webster
    Noam dar
    Jordan Devlin
    Travis banks
    Tyler bate and Trent seven
    And then more nxt people
    Killian dain
    Velveteen dream
    Candice lerae
    Bronson Reed
    Johnny Gargano
    Other 2 members of ue
    Cameron Grimes.
    Dakota kai
    Oney lorcan
    Danny burch
    Drew Gulak
    Was tegan nox there?
    Jordan myles
    Tyler Breeze
    Io sharai
    Forgotten sons

  2. Conflicts and wars mean nothing if the landscape doesn't change accordingly in the wake of them. The state of hostility between Smackdown and Raw in 2005 solidified the brand split as being a very real thing, the strange bedfellows of the Alliance invasion led to some interesting team ups that you typically would never have seen. More importantly, the WWE has to start two two things very differently: A) trust the talent because the micromanagement style has proven disastrous and you'll never find the next big thing if you don't allow people to rise or fall accordingly, B) stop building the brand around the company because we can't identify with a corporation but we can identify with a personality. That is why the Rock is still the most electrifying man regardless of whether he is outside or inside the squared circle. I recognize that trying to center things around Brock, Batista and Lashley hasn't paid off. But there are other people who could become new anchors and architects for the WWE if given the chance, you could adopt that wonderful enthusiasm that made the Ruthless Aggression era so much fun. You need a boost though and a permanent change of direction.

  3. Finally SmackDown gave us something to cheer. Hope WWE don't ruin this nxt roster by not putting them over in survivor series.

  4. OMG why is triple h still on TV? What's he so angry about? Is he tired being a midcard jobber?does he fear he'll be held down and never advance in the company???

  5. Would have been far more effective if Triple H hadn’t hogged the spotlight and made it all about him. They could have told a story of NXT talent sick of being overshadowed and sending a message to their bosses and the main roster stars.

    Instead, we are supposed to buy that a Triple H is declaring “war” on the brands of a company his family owns. He had to trot out the recycled DX army promo, the clique hand signals, and make it all about him… the NXT wrestlers were just his goons in the ring. Maybe next time, let one of your talent cut the promo, and stay in the back, Hunter.

  6. What’s so pathetic is that known wrestlers on main event can’t put on 5 star matches like wrestlers on NXT can, that just goes to show NXT is the best I mean Dave Meltzer in history never gave WWE 5 star matches oh yeah that’s right he did and to what brand ? NXT!!!

    Brock Lesner vs The Fiend vs Adam Cole

    Becky Lynh vs Bayley vs Sayna Baszler

    Viking Riders vs The Usos vs Undisputed Era

    Aj Styles vs Nakamura vs Rodrick Strong

    Seth Rollins , Ricochet , Rey Mysterio , Drew Mcytre , Randy Ortan

    Roman Reign , Braun Strowman , Aliester Black , Kevin Owen , Miz

    Tamaso Ciampa , Mat Ridlle , Johnny Gargano, Fin Balor , Kieth Lee

    Charlotte Flair , Nia Jax , Carmella, Asuka , Kairi Sane

    Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, Lacey Evans, Natalya, Liv Morgan

    Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Blair, Mia Yim , Dakota Kai

  8. look at all those generic CAW lookalikes in the ring lol..imagine if they were in the same ring as SCSA,The Rock, BOD, NWO and 2005 Cena..

  9. Oh wow!! An NXT invasion!!! That’s never been done before! How original!!!

    Oh wait…..

    And as an aside, somebody shut that commentator broad the hell up.

  10. Ya eventually Shayna will loose her nxt title. She’s only tough in the mouth. And there have been tougher female wrestlers the her that came out of nxt so Shayna is no different.

  11. I luv all of this, but face the facts, we all know they’re just gonna make RAW win, just look at SD Live invasion 2 years ago, SD still lost that year

  12. ……..😆😆…….friggin hilarious….😆
    Those Raw and Smackdown predators will simply brutalize all that NXT prey for fun…😆

  13. Bruh I didn’t even notice macafee was there at first till he posted a video saying he was there. Then I came back to this video and I was like wtfff

  14. I watch nxt. And I still don't know who some of the people in this video are. Who's the white dude in jorts, the shorter Hispanic dude in front of him. And the black dude (not Keith Lee). ???

  15. HHH surrounded by midgets lol what a mark, this is alllllll an ego trip for him like everything he does.

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