Treasury Department Wants To Make Hiding Money Offshore EASIER
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Treasury Department Wants To Make Hiding Money Offshore EASIER

The treasury department wants to make it easier
for corporations to hide money offshore, which is what you’d expect when a billionaire is
in charge of our economic policy. What a disturbing story. This is the, this is what’s happening, the
corporation sends money offshore. Okay. Billions of dollars. Billions of dollars offshore. Okay. Then the offshore company loans money to the
company here in the United States that sent the money offshore, the same company. Then the company in the United States actually
gets a tax benefit by writing tax deductions for the interest that they pay from the loan,
from their own company. Yeah. Take it from there please. I mean, this is absolutely a scheme that corporations
are running and as you said it, they’re paying interest to themselves, writing off that interest
and Mnuchin who again, he’s a billionaire. Oh yeah. Goldman Sachs. He’s running the treasury department. That’s right. Goldman Sachs. And Kamala Harris could have had him in jail. Yeah. Tell them, look digress a little bit. Kamala she, Harris had him by the neck. Right. And she let him up because Goldman Sachs gave
her a lot of money. Right. She… Or not Goldman Sachs at the time, but it was
that… Well shoot. But, but, but anyway, it was, you know, she
had him in California on the, the mortgage call, mortgage fraud, excuse me, the, the
robo calls, the robo signings. Yes. All of that. I mean, one of the biggest things that led
to the housing crisis and crash. Right, right. She had him, one of the masterminds behind
it, and instead said, as they usually do, we’re just gonna fine you instead of throwing
you in jail. And now, now he’s making policy. Yeah. That benefits the other millionaires and corporations. This, this tough tough candidate, Kamala Harris. What a fraud. Okay, so this story now, now if you pick up
on this story, where does it go? Well, we’ve got $2 trillion corporations are
hiding overseas. US government’s losing $184 billion a year
off of that. And they want to make it easier for them to
hide more money over there with these new rules that Mnuchin’s putting in place, as
you said, to allow them to stash it over there or basically make, you know, something like
the Cayman islands, their new headquarters. They still want to be considered an American
company, but there’s nothing American at all about what they’re doing. Okay. Remember, remember the story, if we lower
the corporate tax rate, they’re going to buy into America more. They’re going to hire more workers. They’ve got to do, engage in R and D here
in America. We lowered it to 21% and when that happened,
everybody was saying this is a total utter scam. It’s a fraud. All they’re gonna do is take all this extra
money they have, they’re going to ship it offshore and now we see what they’re doing
with it offshore. They’re, then the real sting comes in where
they, they loan $1 billion back to the American company, they pay interest on the billion
dollars and the IRS says, oh, that’s okay. You can take it as a deduction. And in many… That’s where this is going. And in many cases, they borrow so much money
from themselves that they report operating losses and pay no taxes at all. Yeah. We have seen that happen too many times, where
these big companies, they pay $0 in federal income tax and this is one of the scams they
use to do it. Okay. But don’t, don’t we have Trump, don’t we remember
Trump saying, we got to stop this offshore scam? Wasn’t that what he ran on? We got to stop corporations for offshoring. We have to stop corporations for outsourcing
jobs to third world countries. We have to stop all that. And now you look at this and this munchkin,
I like to call him, the munchkin. The little devil munchkin is saying, no, I
have my shot right now to pay back the Goldman Sachs types and all the big corporations who
put me here. And what I’m going to do now is I’m going
to, I’m going to run through this. Trump is never going to know what’s happening. That’s what, that’s what’s going on. Right. And if Trump does know what’s happening, I
don’t think he’d get in the way anyway. But I doubt he really even understands the
nuances to what’s taken place here. Here we have a situation where we’re cutting
food stamps. Families don’t even have enough money to pay
for food. We’re cutting food stamps and we’re passing
it on to these corporate thugs and their offshore banking. It’s disgusting. Thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Treasury Department Wants To Make Hiding Money Offshore EASIER

  1. Are you surprised at this new development? It is in the DNA of this Trump administration to be corrupt. They have larceny in their souls and is using every opportunity to enrich themselves and their financers in the Gop, while millions of people in America are struggling to survive. It's a sin and a crying shame how this illigitimate president lied and conned his way into office.

  2. Is this really what the poor inbred trumpanzees wanted??Will these low I.Q backwoods Conservatives wake up?? Or will they give up what little dignity and intelligents to their evil greedy master's and die failures and trash!! 🇺🇸😔🇺🇸

  3. You can't tell me Conservatives are not trying to destroy America!! Or that Russia isn't helping them!! 🇺🇸😑🇺🇸

  4. Billionaires AND millionaires should NEVER be POTUS because they simply DO NOT KNOW how anyone beside rich people, live…! And THEN because they are greedy bastards, they USE their newfound power to FURTHER ENRICH themselves… Trump has ALWAYS BEEN like this his whole privileged life… And the fact that 40%. STILL defend him and his equally amoral, corrupt lackeys, means that either they are as morally corrupt as he is or that they hope him to help them be… Partisan fanaticism is no excuse for letting people like him ransack the country…

  5. No more Criminal Republicans!
    Money Vampires sucking our economy dry by avoiding Legal Taxes.
    They think ripping off America to be "SMART"!
    Un Patriotic!

  6. And the White House wants to talk about corruption and cleaning the swamps. Corruption is Trump's administration.

  7. I disagree that this is not American.
    Make and hide money anyway possible, completely good olé fashioned American greed at it's finest.

  8. Congress needs to stop trump before he completely destroys America's credit & bankrupts America. The US $$$$ dollar will be worthless.

  9. Trump is a Fake President , Speed Junky ( Drugs for the Unknowing People ), Inappropriate sexual conduct with many Women , Fake Billionaire, Fake Human , MOB BOSS , LIAR , FAMILY MOB GROUP, Trump's DADDY WAS KKK..How do you feed a NARCISSIST? Let a single tweet have worldwide ramifications. Everything they have done has been fact checked and PROVED RIGHT.. Trump needs to realize that people don't like his Cheeto Face.. JAIL the WHOLE Trump Group..Stop dancing around .. Jail Jail Jail Jail..By removing Trump we will DRAIN THE SWAMP..

  10. And the American people get screwed again. Who in their right mind would even consider supporting IDIOT tRUMP !!!

  11. I keep hearing from Trump's Kool-Aid drinking supporters, but he's cleaning up the swamp and taking care of corruption. If it quack like a duck and looks like duck it must be a snake

  12. Got lots of money money money money money money money, vote trumpPAB. trumpPAB has said that he is going to have FUN doing away with social security on the first day of his second term. Please don't forget that

  13. WTF, every person should pay their fair share of taxes. Why is it that the low income citizens have pay their fair portion, but millionaires, etc don't have to pay theirs. This is so wrong on every level. This administration is killing anyone who earns less than 100K a year, because if their greed. This is AMERICA, and these venture capitalists are making so the average person can no longer exist, never mine survive.
    All these millionaires, billionaires should pay 38% minimum in their taxes. There is a difference from reasonable profit to extreme absurbed profits.

  14. Kamu semua agama niat di hati saja, semua manusia agama, amalan baik nak buang najis niat buang segala peyakit, sama kencing, cuma bis me lah, belajar kamu semua, biar islam tidak pecaya.. nabi muhammad durjana. Semua, arab saudi pon sama.. penipu islam, hanya.. kekayaan dunia, nanti jadi lembu semua arab saudi, makan duit penipu orang orang susah, nanti allah akan bagi bencana pada mereka, tingai padang pasir sama kacang hijau,

  15. Makes me wanna vomit, looking at that corrupt piece of crap and his gold digging whore, parading around like royalty!! VOTE for Bernie or Elizabeth in 2020!

  16. WTF is going on with this Administration??? I say, start at the top (Trump) and then remove anyone that even has a whiff of ever telling a lie in this Administration. Make them all take polygraphs and re-do extensive background checks. If they pass the polygraph and are not being investigated for a friggin thing, THEN they can re-apply fir their jobs with all new job applications and maybe, just maybe they might get hired. If they don't, well that's were Karma kicks in. "Get Over It"!!

  17. I wish there was a legal way to somehow catastrophically penalize any/all companies which, ship their untaxed monies to tax havens throughout the entire world. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👮‍♂️

  18. The very best criminals are the ones that make sure that the wrongs they do are legal….
    What a great gift this is to the very best criminals….

  19. It's already done in San Juan Pr with Donald Trump and the Puerto Rico Veteran government. Just hire employees and fire vets. You're welcome

  20. They have stolen the money now they have to find places to hide it so that we don’t find it?
    Turkey and the Kurds was a bribe!
    The wall is full of bribes
    China has loaned him $500 million for his resort in Indonesia that’s why he allowed we back in to this country that was a bribe
    Sending troops to Saudi Arabia spells bribes
    This guy has a ton of money he hast to hide they’ve all been stealing with both hands that’s why they’re so quiet McConnell all of them
    They have to put the money somewhere safe and secret

  21. Alright trumpkins…. Make sure you work hard every day, pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps and pay your taxes or you're going to jail… #draintheswamp

  22. Well, now, That really sucks!!!
    stevie is more of a whiny assed little piece of shit than I EVER could have imagined!
    He looks & acts too much like my brother (who is dead, thank you Lord!) and my brother was an unimaginable prick! Who says there is no such thing as White Privilege? stevie is the personification of it.

  23. Find and watch the brilliant documentary – "The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire" – for a shocking, infuriating, devastating portrait of the world tax evasion industry.

  24. All middle class and people in the low Spectrum better wake up, Trump and his administration, once to stick it to us a hide their money off short? Wake up America

  25. Dodging taxes? Why dodge when they pay so little if at all to begin with. Hope Bernie sets these fuckers straight. For those trumptards defending this bullshit, Jeff Bezos pay nothing or next to it and made enough to buy countries with a little to no sweat.

  26. From Mafalda comics, Spanish .
    Business man in his office is reading the Bible.
    * It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to a ritch man to enter god heaven *
    Business man think . He open his intercom.
    — miss Lolita pass me the metallurgical section . —
    — Yes mister director . —
    — métallurgies here mister director. —
    — i want you to prepare a oven for a special order. —
    —. Yes mister director —
    —. Miss Lolita , pass me rechearch and development. —
    — Yes mister director —
    —. Rechearch and développement here .—
    —. I want yo to send one of your men to a zoo to provide me with the exact mesure of a standard camel.—
    —. Yes mister director, right away . —
    Director sit back and light a cigar smiling like a winner.

  27. Another knife in the backs of the middle class by the corporate takeover of USA government! The "swamp" that was supposed to be "drained" is instead becoming more infested with serpents and other foul creatures as the swamp grows deeper.

  28. What Trumpers do not understand is that the tax being evaded is money that should be spent on paying for the services they urgently need. So when a Trumper tells you how great it is that these companies are evading taxes; just tell them they are evading paying you that money.

  29. This is why Americans hate politicians!! It is most definitely not patriotic to pay your fair share of taxes like the rest of us have to!! Cooperate/rich people welfare really is what hurts the US!! Not children who need help with school lunches!

  30. Two questions you should answer. 1) Does congress know about this? 2) Can congress do something about this? When you bring us dirt also bring a broom so we can clean it up.

  31. We Republicans are always thinking about the future. This is going to Fuck the Progressive's Medicare for Some plan by preventing them from collecting taxes 🙂

  32. Pap, dont make me loose respect for you by resorting to childish name calling, jesus! If I want stupid talk I would tune into Trump, but I dont, I tune into you, so grow up and get over the temptation of adopting bad practices, and keep my respect for you in doing so. This is my only criticism.

  33. Well of course they would. They're rich, they're white, they're privileged and they're just simply – thieving, greedy fuckn arseholes.

  34. They had no choice. The tax cuts (and crime/graft/corruption) made them flush with cash. They see the possibility that they'll lose their stranglehold on America by/in 2020. The only way they get to keep it is to hide it.

  35. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Are you telling me the huge Trump tax cuts that were going to bring BILLIONS of hidden tax dollars back into the US economy, through investment in companies and workers somehow didn't work … or wasn't enough???

    The best thing to do is to let it happen. Why? Because it will put a spotlight on who these people/corporations are and where these tax havens are. Then once the Dems come back in power, we can either go after the individuals or go after these tax havens or go after both. Both would be better. HEAVILY sanction these countries and companies that offer tax havens to the wealthy individuals and corporations. HEAVILY tax the individuals and corporations who are taking advantage of these tax havens.

    Careful Republicans. The rubes who support you are starting to catch on, and they may finally get fed up enough to put aside their racism long enough to take down their real oppressors.

  36. Of course. They continue to not pay taxes on anything. Let the middle class take it on the chin. The Republicans in congress and Senate would or will support it to. Makes me sick.

  37. It's a multi billionaire club and you ain't in it….including MAGA crowd. Ex-Libertarians and now MAGA donkeys Mike Adams and Alex Jones used to say it, but now they prop up left-right paradigm and evangelical fascism, while billionaires are getting richer…..

  38. Moving Cash to offshore accounts is a Mafia born idea, something that Adolf Hitler would like if he escaped the Army looking for him , That's where Trump hopefully lives out his life , with the US Marshalls on his tail !

  39. Well folks, that idiot trump did it again, more tax breaks for the rich, and we are going to be the ones holding the bag, we will be paying for this and that's all we're taking to the bank. This scumbag is trying to buy his way out of his hot mess, and his supporters must think this is ok, God help us.

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