Travel Help Apps – App Challenge – Frackulous 109
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Travel Help Apps – App Challenge – Frackulous 109

Time for another app challenge, which this
time, hinges on getting from one place to another. Everyone knows paper maps are dead,
so what’s the alternative? Getting places, being at places, finding places
– historically, I’m rubbish at it. Weirdly, Google Maps doesn’t really help, and even
the iPhone compass means nothing to my mind. Manys the time I’ve just wanted to chuck
it all in and get someone to come and find me. And that’s just what Text My Location
does. It’ll send a text with your location as a Google Maps link, so someone can drop
everything and come find you. And yes, I’m well aware you can do all that without an
app, but this is an app show, alright? Unexpected weather conditions can bring Britain
to a standstill, so to double check that everything is running fine before you set out download
the Directgov Travel News app. This will show you in map form any incidents nearby or you
can zoom in on a specific area of the UK. It covers both roads and public transport
and you can filter all incidents, only severe onces or those that have just happened. To
be on the safe side, never leave home without checking it first.

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