Top 5 AMAZING DIY Slimes from Instagram!!! Oddly Satisfying ASMR Compilation
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Top 5 AMAZING DIY Slimes from Instagram!!! Oddly Satisfying ASMR Compilation

Hi everyone! So, I’ve been obsessed with Instagram slime accounts lately and think many of you know
exactly what i’m talking about. 😉 I decided to re-create 5 of the most amazing Instagram slimes using a method that doesn’t require any borax, liquid starch or detergent. As always I’m using supplies that can be bought or ordered from any country so just check the description box for all the links. This video is sponsored by Best Fiends and it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the game. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to help them announce a brand, new game called Best Fiends Forever. This is the latest game from the Best Fiends trilogy featuring the same characters but, as you can see here, the gaming style is completely different. It’s an addictive, clicker adventure game where you can slap your way through the levels whilst collecting treasures and upgrading your team. It’s very fast paced so you’ll need quick reactions to defeat the enemy slugs. I love the fact that the music and characters are so familiar yet this game is full of action. So be sure to download it for free using the link below this video and let me know how far you can get. Thank you so much for listening to this intro and let’s get started with the slime. The rest of this video is filmed in ASMR style so you might enjoy listening to it with headphones. [number 5 fruit flakes slime] *ASMR* [Basic tansparent slime] clear pva glue baking soda water mix contact lens soulution *ASMR* small box *music*

100 thoughts on “Top 5 AMAZING DIY Slimes from Instagram!!! Oddly Satisfying ASMR Compilation

  1. Please reply if you know where to find transparent PVA glue and what the brand is called in the United Kingdom.

  2. Her: make some transparent slime
    Me: why you gotta use those fancy words eh? Clear is a word that is appropriate
    Mom: what are you doing honey?
    Me: mom do you know what transparent means?
    Mom: nope
    See what I mean? XD

  3. I don’t get why so many you tubers get associated with best fiends a lot. Idk it just doesn’t make sense .-.
    The game isn’t even that good .-.

  4. And i also use my own clear slime ativator it works so good it is water and baking soda it takes a lot but it is like 49 50 ifs water

  5. No offense but I find it unsatisfying when you play w/slime and it gets glue on your hands, or it is sticky , OR poke it with one finger and not that deep. Sorry if you considerate hate but I am just trying to give feedback

  6. When I tried making your type of clear slime, I had to wait more than a week to make the bubbles go away even though I added lots of a water

  7. Why does my clear glue+baking soda+Saline solution slime stink up and turns yellow after a few days?Of anyone know pls lemme know cos I’m SO confused!

  8. Is it just me or the way she pokes the slime is just cringy.. no hate tho, i luv her tutorials but the way she plays with the slime is just unsatisfying to me, sorry if i offended anyone

  9. Best fiends forever does not seem fun. I definitely would rather have the old game. Personally I don’t have this game but it does not seem fun because all you do is click if you like it that’s fine this is just my opinion it might be fun but I don’t think that it would be

  10. Read number 10.

    1. How much longer? Go to 4
    2.What is wrong with me? Go to 9.
    3. My bad again I meant 6.
    4. So close, go to 8.
    5.Almost there, go to 7
    6. Last time, I promise! Go to 2
    7. So close, go to 1.
    8. Have an awesome day!!😀😀😀
    9. Ugh , sorry, go to 5.
    10. Oops sorry I meant number 3.

  11. Honestly, I appreciate that you’re finding new ways to make slime so many of your subscribers can make it as well, but I really don’t like that most of your recipes involve using contact lens solution since, in the US, and with parents that wear contacts and glasses, it’s expensive and will get me in trouble if I make slime using this. Will you please try to make a different recipe that includes ingredients that are cost-effective and safe?

  12. I love these ideas!? for a rainbow slime you can also make red (or pink) yellow and blue slime then put it into a container and let it sit the red and blue make purple and the blue and yellow make green. Comment if this worked for you

  13. If i make avalanche slime and leave it over night, on the next day it's making a surprise or a marble like pattern.

  14. During school season you can get glue at target for .50 cents each (Elmer’s) and of you get the store brand it’s .45 cents

  15. Like= no more sponsors
    Comment – keep making sponsors

    Oh and I liked and who else is annoyed when she was poking the slime with one finger and not all the way through she just did it barely

  16. pearl slimes end up more pearly if u use clear slime and you would need less of the lustre dust or pearl powder for that pearl payout

  17. who else is like me(im not being mean just saying):
    4:14 10:32 OMG can u just poke it 🙄🙄🙄
    6:07 noooooooo ONE HAND POKE OMGushhhh😒
    6:28 stop spinning it around…
    6:41 7:01 you don't need a spoon for this 🤯
    8:20 12:38 its call clear slime…
    11:30 why do u need to cut the top wth😫
    12:53 stop…is not even asmr…
    14:20 poke it! 
    15:20 WHY DO U POKE LIKE THAT????
    whole vid theres nothing about asmr😂

  18. 2:57
    Slime Box
    Hmmmmm its circle

    Maybe slime circle?

    Nah just kidding the type of "box" being described to it is a container
    Edit:2018?Anyone…?Oh well

  19. I don’t give a crap about slime, that’s why I make it and take cute pictures of it and sell the slime. People these days don’t care about how the slime feels like they used to. Now all that matters is if it looked cute in the picture

  20. Really enjoyed watching the video and the satisfying slimes.
    TIP: To colour foam balls, use either acrylic or water colour (tube) paints. They stick better to the foam and dry quicker.
    Hope you will find the tip useful. 😀

  21. Macaroon u don’t know how to poke slime at all your floam slime poking in the intro was killing me !🙄

  22. Let’s play a game that could inspire your next slime! No like needed!

    The last digit of your age is the type of slime
    1. Regular slime
    2. Clear slime
    3. Floam
    4. Crunchy slime
    5. Jelly cube slime
    6. Fluffy slime
    7.Glitter Slime
    8. Edible Slime
    9. Butter Slime
    0. Crazy slime with lots of add-ins

    Your age range is the colour of your slime.
    1-10- No colour
    11-15- Black
    16-20- Blue
    21-30- Purple
    31-40- Red
    41+- Orange

    Your birth month is the scent!
    January- No scent
    Februrary- Cream Soda
    March- Froot Loops
    April- Lavender
    May- Raspberry
    June- Cherry
    July- Avacado
    August- Vanilla
    September- Chocolate
    October- Orange
    November- Cranberry
    December- Passionfruit

    What did you get? I got black regular slime that is cream soda scented.

  23. Awesome videos 👌really good quality mix. It's inspired me to open my own YouTube channel. Let me know what you think

  24. Who else was annoyed that she used white glue for the pearly slime instead of clear? You would be able to see the pigment way better

  25. "This slime makes a fantastic gift for someone."
    Me, an intellectual: "You're as temporary as a jar of slime. <3 xoxo"

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