Top 29 Best National Parks in The USA | From Alaska to Hawaii to Zion
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Top 29 Best National Parks in The USA | From Alaska to Hawaii to Zion

100 thoughts on “Top 29 Best National Parks in The USA | From Alaska to Hawaii to Zion

  1. Surprised Death Valley not there. I also enjoyed Shenandoah for the accessible scenery and the terrible Civil War history.

  2. Where can I get that “See America” shirt you are wearing? Awesome video! National Parks can make you deeply grateful to be alive on planet Earth

  3. All of those CA National Parks and no Kings Canyon? Thank you for not mentioning it. It's best left unknown.

  4. I've been to Yosemite, Zion, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Petrified Forest (AZ). (You guys should get a National Parks passport by the way so you can remember your visits). I visited all of those when I was a kid though so I don't remember them. I would like to go back to Yosemite, and these are the parks I want to visit eventually: Hawaii Volcanoes, Redwood, Joshua Tree, Crater Lake, Mount Rainier, Olympic, and Rocky Mountain. Maybes: Haleakala, Channel Islands, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Sequoia, and Death Valley.

  5. Top 5 Civil War National Historic Parks (in the east):
    1. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
    2. Antietam, Maryland.
    3. Appomattox Court House, Virginia.
    4. Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
    5. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, Virginia.

    I'm a Civil War buff, had to!

  6. Not really a National Park but a hidden destination outside of Douglas WY. Check out the vid

  7. Honestly, every National Park is amazing. That being said it really hurts my soul that Mount Rainier is not on this list. Having been to many of these parks, it definitely deserves to bump some of the others off.

  8. I watched Valley Uprising a few years ago on a whim on Netflix and OMG I have recommended it to so many people!!!!!!!!!
    I have watched it a few times now. And it introduced me to Alex Honold 😎, Free Solo King.

  9. In 2019 about 1 1/2 million more illegal aliens will be living in America.
    They each require a minimum 700 sq ft of living space.
    "You Americans are so selfish. You have so much empty land."
    —Egyptian illegal alien, Rosslyn, Virginia 1993.

  10. Guys, "Isle" (Royale) is pronounced "I'll", not "eel", as it's a sort of shortened version of "island". Spectacular video! Thanks.

  11. Been to 25 of these 29…not channel island, or big bend, or chaco culture
    Considering the comments below:
    Yes, Death Valley is awesome, deserves to make this list,
    Isle Royal, pretty to boat around but not good views for much of the hikes
    Bryce, Great park, Navajo Trail is one of my favorite hikes ever
    Grand Teton, i wouldn't put this in my top 25
    Mesa Verde, my wifes favorite, not mine
    Mount ranier, prettiest mountain ever, but can't see the mountain while ON the mountain, in the park
    Denali, Rare to see the mountain from in the park, best views of Denali are from Parks highway
    Yosemite, would be my favorite if not for the overcrowding
    Carlsbad, WAY better cave to visit than Mammoth and mammoth is great…but Carlsbad ruins all other caves

  12. Just a small correction, Cadillac isn’t the tallest mountain in Maine, Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park is, a great video though! 🙂

  13. Horseshoe Bend isn't part of Grand Canyon National Park. It's about 8 miles upriver from the park boundary. Also, Colorado is famous for its fourteeners not its thirteeners.

  14. overrated: 1. yosemite. sure it beautiful, but its always crowded & its scant on wildlife. w/ mtn beauty like that, the wildlife should be denser. I'd rank it about 7th-10th best park, not the top 3 it always gets. 2. petrified forest. not enough to look at & the exhibits are weak. 3. joshua tree. lack of desert diversity that death valley has…. underrated: 1. great basin. diversity. ancient trees. high altitudes. get away from it all. 2. grand teton. if you love yellowstone ( I rank it #1), then the tetons have to be top 10. basically an extension of the same magic and beauty of NW wy. Plus grizzlies roam. 3. north cascades. gorgeous as it gets in re to sculpted & densely green foilage. most people dont know, there are also grizzlies in the park. one of only 4 parks in the 48 that can say that. 4. voyeguers. if you like lake beauty w/ undisturbed lands & scores of bald eagles, go. very overlooked.

  15. After surfing and Tanning in Hawaii, you can take a short trip to the highest points on the island and play in the snow. :>

  16. Fantastic list. I've visited many of these parks – still need to visit Hawaii, Alaska and Arcadia in Maine. Maybe one day. 62 and still stepping in my hiking shoes! Thanks for sharing your video. ~Sherrie in South Carolina

  17. Bryce Canyon? Pictured Rocks? Clark National Park? Wrangall-St. Elias? Gates of the Arctic? Definitely visit/ gander at on YouTube, all four.

  18. This has to be one of the best videos i have watched this year! Yellowstone is amazing!!

  19. My favorite top 5 are Yellowstone, Zion, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, and Everglades. Been to 49 nps out of 61 as of Jun. 2019

  20. Also Chaco Culture is "not" among 61(or 59 back in 2017) national parks but labeled as National Historical Park one of 419 sites in the US National Parks System.

  21. where's Haleakala National park? It has such great combination of colors. there also is rain forest.

  22. Hi!! Us locals pronounce Zion as Zy-en, not Zy-ON. It's how we easily distinguish the locals from the tourists. Just wanted to give you a tip on how to properly pronounce it. 🙂 great video!!

  23. I give tours of Yosemite and Sequoia national park. I also host many travelers in Fresno, California before the tours. I'm happy to give out tips and advice.

  24. Great list. No matter which parks these videos of parks include, some people are amazed that their favorite is overlooked. The only way to do it right would be to make several videos and include all of them, but then if you're human, you'd mess up a fact or two, and people would comment. You can't win! But thanks for trying.

  25. Horse shoe bend is like 2 hours away from the Grand canyon… These guys have no idea what they are talking about

  26. This is a remarkably good video – in that you cover 29 parks with enough detail so we get a flavor of each of those without being too long. Thanks Vagabrothers! And the photos are a treat!
    PS. I've been to about 8 of these 29 and I would recommend Grand Teton as a worthy contender in any list. Scenery and wildlife both brilliant!

  27. Great List. We have rode our bikes to over 80 National Parks and Monuments throughout the US and headed Canada this August to to visit Banff and Jasper NP.

    We've only been to 11 of the 29 on the list.

  28. I've only visited 11 national parks, but I think that Bryce should be on this list! It's so beautiful, has great hikes, and really cool scenery. edit: grand teton national park too. If you're going to visit Yellowstone, spend a few days in the tetons (they're right next to eachother)

  29. Mount Rainier is a great place as well. We are traveling Hwy 101 and California 1 hwy from Seattle to Los Angeles. Redwoods were amazing as well.

  30. 13:20 better photos from afar eh? lol I think the best view if from the top of the mountain lol but hey great video as always guys!

  31. Um, Horseshoe Bend isn't in Grand Canyon National Park, and including it in a video about the national parks for people who have never visited is false advertising. It's in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area outside of Page, AZ which is a 2.5 hour drive from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. And how do you leave out Kings Canyon when you're mentioning Sequoia? It's deeper than the Grand Canyon, gets a ton less visitors, is an hour drive away from Sequoia, and it shares the same web page with Sequoia, you only pay one entrance fee for both parks when you come in, and you literally cannot get away from it when you're out visiting the other park.

  32. All National / state Parks in The USA has free wifi in the main parking lot in the handicap park spaces or in the main offie.

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  34. I've always wanted to visit a national park for a vacation when I was a kid, but all we ever did was go to local campgrounds with mediocre trails and nothing to do. Or we would go to waterparks and 50% of the time, it was one we had already been to, though I actually had fun at those.

    I hated the camping. All we would do is sit around the fire pit, or drive into town and sometimes go swimming. While all my classmates where going to national parks, cruises, Disneyland, etc; actual vacations, I got to sit around a fire pit with my dad and sister for several days every other week (we literally did this every other week one summer and I hated it). Then we were always the people blaring lame music for everyone to hear. I don't know of that is common, but we are the only people I have ever seen at all the campgrounds playing music and I feel like it probably annoyed a lot of people, but i don't know.

    My sister and dad were always the ones planning the vacation and didn't care about my opinions. They knew I didn't have fun/enjoy our version of camping. They never asked where I wanted to go and if I spoke up, I was ignored. This was camping for my dad and sister that I had to go along with. I did like going to waterparks and they knew that, so when I expressed my opinion on camping, it was just me complaining and wanting to stay home to play video games. Yet I never said anything negative about going to waterparks.

    Though I am sure if we ever did go somewhere interesting, it would have been spoiled by my sister's dog she brought along with every camping trip and since her dog had arthritis, she couldn't really do anything other than short walks.

    We were planning on going to Disneyland for my neice, but that fell apart because nobody else wanted to go.

    I just don't understand my dad either. He always said how he wanted to take us to Wyoming, like he did as a kid with his dad. He never always said it, never planned it. I know it wasn't because of money either. He had enough to take us to multiple waterparks and campgrounds each summer, we could have saved enough to go somewhere interesting.

    I know it isn't all about me, I just hate that they planned what they wanted to do and brought me along on their vacation.

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