Top 15 Facebook Posts with Creepy Backstories
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Top 15 Facebook Posts with Creepy Backstories

15. The Blast
“If you’re gonna go out with a bang, might as well do it right with 25 gallons of gas
and 40 lbs of propane,” Michael MacNeill wrote, chillingly, on Facebook beneath a photo
of those same items. The 48-year-old Long Island man was going
through a divorce that included a restraining order against him, when it appears he planned
what was about to unfold. MacNeill was “unaccounted for” by police
who would spend the following days digging through the charred remains of the garage
that he’d blown to smithereens. The captioned photo appeared on Facebook in
December 2013. He claimed the propane and gas were “reserves
for winter.” But when police responded to a domestic dispute
call at the MacNeill home on a Tuesday night in August 2014, the blast soon followed. The officers had been escorting the man’s
wife and daughter down the driveway, when the garage erupted into a fiery pit. As one might have guessed, the fire appeared
intentionally set upon investigation by authorities. 14. MH17
When a Dutch man was about to board a Malaysian flight at Amsterdam’s Airport in 2014, he
snapped a photo of the airplane on the tarmac. “If it disappears, this is what it looks
like,” he wrote on Facebook, assumedly making a dark quip about the Malaysian flight that
disappeared without a trace over the Indian Ocean a mere five months earlier. Little did the man know what was about to
happen. The flight he was about to board would soon
be taken down over Ukraine. The Dutch passenger, named Cor Pan, posted
the picture before boarding with his girlfriend, both of whom did not make it. He lived in North Holland. Many of his friends and family initially wished
him a safe trip, until his cousin responded with the flight number beneath his post, writing:
“Turns out our cousin Cor was on this plane.” It was a horrible thing that happened, and
the memory of the preface of the fated flight on Cor’s Facebook page is haunting. 13. The Flood
Another terrible event with a creepy backstory happened more recently with the hurricane
that happened in Houston this summer. A 21-year-old National Guardsman, named Darren
Charles Mitchell, was caught up in the flood waters in his blue truck. He called his family and managed to post this
frightening photo before he was overcome by the water. According to The Independent, he called his
brother, Ro Mitchell, to tell him he’d escaped his truck but was trapped. But it was after this that he posted his final
Facebook post, showing the rising flood waters through his windows, back inside the truck
which would soon be swept away. “And all I wanted to do was go home,”
he wrote. 12. Sea Sick
On New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2015, the Filipino crew of an ill-fated cargo ship was
about to meet their doom. And one sailor, Alexis Piala Bacalla, would
preface their collective fate on Facebook with a New Year’s greeting, a status update
with a single word, “seasick,” and additional info on that seasickness. His last words were a reckoning: “The storm
is coming to us…” he wrote, in reply to a friend questioning where his ship was located. The Bulk Jupiter, Bacalla’s ship, sent out
a distress signal that very night. Not long after, the ship sank off the coast
of Vietnam on January 2nd. Out of 19 crew members, only one made it. And it wasn’t Bacalla. Perhaps Facebook can be utilized as a means
for emergency rescue to keep an eye on early alerts if future ships ever come to similar
toil. 11. The Couple That Vanished
When a loved one disappears, one of the first things people do nowadays is check their social
media accounts. If they’ve logged in recently or made any
impressions on their page, family and police will take note… As they did in the case of Charlie Carver
and Kala Brown. The couple from South Carolina disappeared
in August 2016. Since their disappearance, loved ones began
monitoring their Facebook accounts and, in fact, didn’t come up empty. Posts appeared on Carver’s account…but
the creepy thing was, family insisted that it wasn’t the couple posting. Someone appeared to have hacked their account. A week after the pair disappeared, a post
claiming the couple was “fine” showed up on Carver’s page. Soon after, some of Carver’s history was
edited. Life events that never happened were added
to his timeline, including the couple’s “marriage,” a pregnancy announcement,
and a house purchase. To make the story even stranger, Carver was
going through a divorce at the time, and Brown had told a friend that Carver’s soon-to-be
ex-wife had been doing “all kinds of really crazy scary stuff,” including stalking her. The missing couple didn’t take their Pomeranian
or their belongings when they vanished, leaving many to believe they didn’t run off but,
rather, had met a much more terrible fate. They were correct to think so. In the end, the ex had nothing to do with
the couple’s disappearance. Todd Kohlhepp was a real estate agent who
had hired the pair to do some house cleaning work on his farm near Woodruff, South Carolina. Brown had been cleaning houses for him and
his real estate company for a while, so she didn’t think she was in danger. But when they arrived, Todd came out of his
garage blasing, taking Carver’s life on the spot. Brown was then dragged into Todd’s garage
and kept there for two months. Because of a social media post by Brown that
showed she’d planned to meet Todd at his property and a final ping from her cellphone
on the property, police had a lead. They searched the property, where they eventually
discovered Brown chained inside a storage container. As dangerous as Facebook can be at times,
it saved a life in this case. 10. Happy
In April, 2014, a 32-year-old woman was driving down a US highway, Interstate 85 in North
Carolina, at 8:30 in the morning, when she decided to take a selfie and update her Facebook
status as she drove. “The happy song makes me so HAPPY,” she
wrote. A moment later, she passed away. Courtney Sanford had crossed into the central
reservation and on the other side was a recycling truck. The other driver, 73-year-old John Wallace
Thompson, went off road, as Sanford’s car went up in flames. Friends informed police that her post had
appeared on Facebook around the time of this happening. “In a matter of seconds, a life was over
just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,” Lieutenant Chris Weisner,
said. He noted that doing so isn’t worth it, and
this incident was “a grim reminder” to pay attention while driving. 9. Facebook Stalker
Redditor creepersbegone submitted this creepy story to the site’s r/creepyPMs board a
few years ago. In it, she said the exchange between her and
a former classmate started innocently enough. “At first, I didn’t recognize him, because
the last name was different, and he had physically changed quite a bit since the last time I
had seen him,” she wrote. “Went ahead and accepted the request, and
he almost immediately went through all of my pictures and started ‘liking’ them.” What she found was that his profile was a
bit “off.” He only had only a handful of friends and
was supposedly engaged…but when she clicked onto his alleged fiance’s profile, it too
seemed off. No posts and zero pictures of her. Further investigation also showed that this
fake fiancé was the only one to comment on his posts…many of which centered around
being misunderstood. The happy couple’s writing styles were also
identical, with painful exchanges that read like they were both in their early teens…despite
being in their early 30’s. Maybe they were a match made in heaven? Or could this be part of a creepy mystery? A couple days later, she Googled the former
classmate’s last name, which was different than she’d remembered. Guess what she found? The man was a convicted offender. His last known address was in a whole other
state. Instead of unfriending the guy, she restricted
his access to her posts but kept him on her friends’ list for pure entertainment value,
alone. A half a year went by after the friending,
not a word having been exchanged between them, and the offender suddenly decided to send
this message to her inbox (photo of message). Time to block him. Many redditors also suggested that she alert
the local police. This offender not being registered at a local
address and, yet, consistently checking in at local places potentially broke a law by
not re-registering in his new location. Hopefully, she took the advice. 8. Busted by Facebook
If you’ve ever had a purse snatched from you, you know the feeling in your stomach
as some thief sprints off with not only your money, but all of your personal information. Now, imagine if that thief started snapping
selfies on your phone that were then uploaded to your Facebook account. That’s exactly what happened in Georgia,
when this man snatched a woman’s purse from her unlocked car, while she ran in to grab
her child from daycare. It wasn’t until the woman arrived home that
she noticed her phone and purse had vanished. But she was in luck. According to Police Major, Jason Bolton, “The
suspect apparently took a picture of himself on [her] phone, and due to her settings, it
automatically uploaded to her Facebook page.” Bolton was sure the suspect didn’t know
what he’d done. If he had, he would have deleted the pic immediately. When the woman’s friend saw the photo on
her Facebook page, she alerted her friend, who then told police. The picture quality was so good that the police
were thrilled. The guy was recognizable, gold teeth and all. “We’ve used Facebook in the past to solve
some cases, or help get warrants,” Major Bolton said, “but never have we seen a case
like this where the potential suspect provided his own picture to us to use in the investigation.” 7. Posts from the After life
In 2014, Redditor natesw posted something terrifying: his passed away girlfriend was
messaging him on Facebook. He claims she passed away on August 7th, 2012
when someone ran a red light as she was headed home from work. Nate had been in a long-term relationship
with her and would have married her, he said, if she was into the idea of marriage. Thirteen months after her passing, she messaged
Nate on September 4, 2013. Emily’s Facebook account had remained active
as a sort of memorial. Nate knew Emily’s mother had her login and
password, so he initially thought it was Susan messaging him from Emily’s account. Months passed. Then in mid-November, after Susan had told
Nate she hadn’t logged in, he received another message from ‘Emily’…one that he thought
must be from one of Emily’s friends who was screwing with him, recycling earlier messages
from the couple’s chat history. A couple months later, Emily began tagging
herself in Nate’s photos in the empty spaces next to him. In his own words: “I would get notifications
for them, but the tag would generally always be removed by the time I got to it. [This is] The first time I actually caught
one” Nate started losing sleep. He was angry. Whoever was doing this was being very mean. A self-described “social recluse,” Nate
became even more of a hermit. He decided to talk to Emily’s hacker. Ten days later, the hacker answered, again
with messages recycled from their past conversation. The messages kept coming, despite Nate having
changed Emily’s password numerous times. They kept coming through April…and May. Finally, Nate memorialized her page. And when he did, she responded with the messages
Nate had sent the day Emily passed. Now, every time he hears the Facebook ping,
he wonders, “Is it Emily?” 6. Revenge
If you ever date a police detective and it goes bad, don’t try to impersonate or defame
him. Seems like common sense. But it wasn’t to Dana Thornton. When she and detective, Michael Lasalandra,
broke up in 2007, Dana wanted to get even. So what did she do? She created a fake Facebook profile for Michael,
who is – let me remind you – a POLICE DETECTIVE, and used this fake Michael to badmouth
his career and lifestyle choices. “I’m a sick piece of scum with a gun,”
she wrote in one post. This was not just a lover, scorned; the detective
saw this impersonation for what it was: identity theft. When Micheal took his ex to court, she pleaded
not guilty. Superior Court Judge David Ironson was on
the case, however, and he noted that the evidence did, in fact, show that Dana had injured her
ex’s reputation. This revenge, it seems, was not so sweet. 5. Creepy Stranger
Facebook – or any social networking site – can sometimes be a scary place…especially
for children. And when older strangers start “liking”
or commenting a little too frequently on a child’s posts, it’s almost always a red
flag. This is what happened to Taylor Oakley, when
she befriended a stranger by the name of “George” (a likely alias)…a stranger who just so
happens to be a 40- 50-year-old man. In one post, Taylor wrote, “Like for a massage.” She misspelled the word, “message,” but
George was quick to be as creepy as possible, commenting with a suggestive, “A massage
eh? Well goodness then. Haha.”
Taylor chose to ignore him. Nice move…although I would have gone one
step further and blocked him. Because on the next post, which the young
girl posted that she felt ugly, likely shooting for some support from friends, she got another
response from George, asking the girl to message him. Hopefully, Taylor did not. But whether she did or not, George wasn’t
done creeping on her profile. When Taylor posted a selfie, his immediate
response was to tell her she was “very beautiful” and after she replied with a thank you, he
went on to say how mature and angelic she looked. Taylor replied, reminding the creepy old man
that she didn’t know him. That’s when Taylor’s friend, Aleksander,
dropped in to save the day with none other than a meme. George responded by saying that he had a wife
and family…as though having a wife and family was surefire proof that he wasn’t being
creepy. What happened to George afterwards remains
a mystery. 4. Burglar Login
You can learn a lot from bad thieves. Like, don’t log into Facebook when you’re
in the middle of burglarizing a home. That’s what Nicholas Wig, did when inside
a house in St. Paul. Not only did he check his Facebook and leave
it open on Wood’s computer, but he also left his belt, jeans, and a pair of Nike’s
behind. Hmmmmm…seems almost as though he wanted
to get caught. When Wood found Wig’s Facebook account open
on his computer, he posted that Wig had entered his home and that any information would be
helpful. Guess who contacted him with information? Nicholas, himself. Wig suggested that they meet up, so he could
return Wood’s cell phone and get his discarded clothing back. Wood agreed to it, but then called the cops
as he arrived. Wig was taken into custody. 3. The Demon
Some of the creepiest posts on Facebook tend to go viral. This is one of them. In it, an image posted by Richard Christianson
appears to show what some are calling a “demon” and others are calling an “angel.” The tagline written by Richard read, “What…do
you see in this picture for reals??? Anybody”
The dark, looming figure in the photo appears to have large wings, and spikes atop its head,
as it hovers in someone’s yard. Since its posting, the photo has been shared
more than 60,000 times across the platform. And, yet, no one can seem to agree on what
the creepy object is. An angel or a demon? Or some other scary creature? 2. Schools Be Warned
During the creepy clown mania of 2016, Green Bay and De Pere area schools became a target. “Schools that WE will be targeting on Monday,
October 10, 2016 are: Southwest- East- West- Preble- Washington- Franklin- Lombardi- Edison,”
the post read. The account which posted this message had
been created the same day. Police presence was boosted around the schools
in question and precautionary measures were taken to ensure school safety. At the time, creepy clown sightings were happening
across the country, and this targeted Facebook post was not an isolated incident. In fact, the trend continued in Houston, with
a Facebook group calling themselves, “Aint Clownin Around.” The page made a post that took things a step
further, claiming children would be taken and teachers having their lives taken as they
walked to the parking lot. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I’m currently doing a super poll on my Instagram,
if you believe ghosts are real, then go to my most recent photo, and tap the like button. If you don’t, DM me saying why. When you’re done come right back to this
video to find out the number 1 entry. Also follow me on Twitter @YT_Chills because
that’s where I post video updates. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1. Wanted Man Gets Caught
After breaking into a home in Butler County, Ohio, Andrew Marcum took to Facebook to taunt
police. An alert was posted to the Butler County Sheriff’s
Office Facebook account for Marcum, as they were searching for him. With a litany of creepy convictions. Marcum, brazen as can be, decided to pitch
in his two cents on the post, writing: “I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know
me.” Someone replied through the Butler County
Sheriff’s Facebook account: “If you could stop by the Sheriff’s Office, that’d be great.” Sheriff Richard Jones turned up the heat on
Twitter with a photo of a jail cell in Butler County Jail, and a simple message to Andrew,
confirming that they had his “room ready.” Marcum seemed to love being on the county’s
“wanted” list…but he didn’t love it when officers traced his location with help
from tipsters. Nor did he love it when he finally turned
himself in and had to take this sad-faced mug shot. The department was happy to have this man
off the streets. They even seemed a little smug about it, posting
that Marcum wouldn’t be on social media for a while, because there’s no access
in jail.

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