Top 10 more Instagram worthy cafes that I think you should visit in Seoul, Korea!
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Top 10 more Instagram worthy cafes that I think you should visit in Seoul, Korea!

hi guys today I’m going to show you 10
more instagram-worthy cafes that you should visit when you come to Seoul. Cafe Dior by Pierre Herme in Apgujeong Rodeo is probably the fanciest and most
expensive cafe that I’ve ever been to in my life
let’s be real who do they think they are charging $20 for a cup of coffee? This
Cafe is located on the top floor of the Dior store in Apgujeongl Rodeo and it’s a
really fun place to visit just for the experience but I don’t think that I’ll
go back now that I’ve experienced it once. If you do visit I would recommend
going during the warmer months because there’s an outdoor seating area which
has these really cool umbrella tables that were closed when I went. so Pierre
Hermé used to have some shops in the Hyundai shopping malls in Seoul but they
pulled out a while back and after those Pierre hermé stores closed one of the
pastry chefs stayed behind and decided to work for Cafe DIor serving
pierre herme desserts and that’s why it’s called Cafe Dior by Pierre
Herme. even though it was expensive I really enjoyed this place. Passion V
bakery in hannam-dong is a bakery made of five components: a cafe, a bakery, a
patisserie, a chocolate shop, and lastly passion from passion 5’s patissiers.
while the bakery has some really good looking breads my favorite part of this
shop is the patisserie. the cakes on display are just beautiful works of art
that I probably wouldn’t want to eat just because they are so pretty. the
selection of eclairs and tarts is also pretty amazing. this bakery is run by the
same conglomerate that owns Paris baguette which I’m sure you guys have
heard about but there’s a wider variety of desserts and pastries here.
my favorite item from this bakery is not super pretty but is it’s insanely
delicious. it’s this Earl Gray chiffon cake which is the lightest airiest
fluffiest most delicious cake that I’ve ever had in my life.
Yeouguso means laboratory in Korean and this cafe is called dessert yeonguso, so
so they do an excellent job of carrying out the laboratory theme throughout the
cafe and it’s done in a really pretty photogenic way. the desserts are pretty
much all some iteration of a cheesecake mousse: raspberry cheesecake mousse,
cookies and cream cheesecake etc. we also picked up a rainbow soda which is
basically a ramune cream soda, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the food and drinks
here flavor-wise. I felt like the cheesecakes were overly sweet and I
would have liked to have some dessert choices other than cheesecakes. although the
cream soda was really pretty it didn’t taste very good. but if you’re
looking for something that’s instagram-worthy then you definitely
want to check this place out. as you can see the decor in the cafe is also on
point. so another cafe you may want to visit is Miss Lee cafe in Insadong, and
this is a quirky little cafe that has a vintage feel to it. you can buy
old-school Korean candy right in front of the door and you can play some
old-school video games as well it’s decorated with all this memorabilia like
Astro Boy and other little figurines and you’re at the cafe you’ll see love notes
hanging from the walls and the ceiling and you can actually write your own love
note. you can also write on the walls if you want to. the cafe actually provides
paper and a pen and a little twisty tie so you can write your note and just add
it to the decor. the special dish is this “dosirak” which is a Korean style lunch
box which contains kimchi rice a fried egg seaweed and some sausage and you’re
supposed to shake it up shake it shake it shake it and then you open it up and
everything’s all mixed up like this and you can enjoy your food.
other popular dishes include the bingsoo which is a shaved ice and other
traditional Korean snacks. just down the street from Miss Lee cafe you can find the
poop cafe which is a poop themed cafe of all things and while it might seem kind
of gross it’s actually pretty tastefully done I wasn’t super grossed out by it
but they really go all out with the poop theme they use old-school Korean toilets
as planters, and you can buy these little poop charms and there’s just urinals and
toilets all over the place they even make poop themed scones and they serve
your food or your latte in a toilet cup would you guys drink your latte out of a
toilet? I got a mint latte and it was actually quite good and you can also buy
these poop-shaped Korean pancakes called hotteok. they serve them on the first
floor of the shopping center as well and like as well as in the cafe and they’re
pretty good billy angel cake company is another very
instagram-worthy cafe that you can find in korea. it’s a chain so you can find
multiple locations but the one that I went to was in the coex shopping mall
inside of the starfield library. it’s one of those cafes that feels really nice
and fancy with white marble tables, and the thing that caught my eye was this
rainbow crepe cake. the reason that this was so amazing was because each color of
the cake had a different flavor and it was a really distinct flavor.
usually when you get a rainbow cake they just use food coloring to make each of
the layers a different color but this had different flavors as well. we also
got this rose mojito which is non-alcoholic obviously but it’s this
super pretty drink which has ombre colors and actual rose petals inside. the
bunny cafe in Hongdae is less of a cafe and more of a place where you can just
sit around and pet some really cute bunnies but they do serve some drinks I
decided to come here because my daughter loves bunnies and I thought that she
would have a blast just petting the bunnies the way that they decorated that
cafe is really cute and super instagram-worthy with tons of pink
bunnies all over the place and these black and white checkered floors and
they actually did it in the theme of Alice in Wonderland
sort of and they also use these molang keychains and wall on sticky note
so you can write a note on the wall and leave your mark. everyone’s supposed to
wear an apron so that if the bunnies poop or pee on you it doesn’t get on your
clothes too much also I would recommend buying one or two baskets of bunny food
which consists of some carrot slices and leaves and sticks surprisingly if you
want the bunnies to come up to you just have to offer them some food.
another cafe that I really liked was the Innisfree green cafe in Myeongdong and
this is located on the second floor of one of the Innisfree stores in Myeongdong. there are a ton of them so youll have to look it up on the map but the
food there is just really picture-perfect and pretty and so are
the drinks and I also thought it was pretty healthy and tasty there’s also a
place where you can experience virtual reality in the cafe. The Cafe is really
spacious there are two levels of seating and the decor is very natural and green
and it’s sort of a nice calm oasis among the hustle and bustle of Myeongdong when we went it wasn’t busy at all and it just felt so calming and zen inside I ordered a tangerine omija tea and a
green pesto mozzarella salad which came with this really cool black volcanic
cake. we also ordered these fluffy japanese-style pancakes and I found that
they were a little bit on the eggy side but they were still pretty good
especially with that big lump of whipped butter. if you like chocolate and mint
you will love mint heim in Hongdae and this is a cafe that specializes in
chocolate and mint desserts as well as drinks so the coffee that I got was an
Americano but it had a splash of mint flavoring at the bottom and while the
dark green color is a little bit scary it was actually really refreshing and
good it seems like they make all of their desserts in-house because in the
back you can see boxes and boxes of Oreos and they have everything from
cheesecake – cake – macaroons to whoopie pies to chocolate mint chucks mix and
all kinds of good stuff the tables and chairs and walls are also painted mint
green so they really went all out with the mint theme here and I thought it was
well done and I really if you guys love i love lucy’ then you
will enjoy visiting the i love lucy’ pie kitchen in ichon-dong and this is a
little cafe that serves up all different kinds of pies and some drinks and
coffees and cookies and this is a really cute little vintage cafe that i thought
i would check out because i used to watch a lot of I Love Lucy reruns as a
child and also you don’t really see pies too often in Seoul so I thought that we
would just check it out we ended up getting the blueberry cream cheese pie
and the lemon meringue pie and the blueberry cream cheese pie was really
good the lemon meringue pie not so much in terms of drinks we got the
recommended tea which is a vanilla iced tea and I ended up just being a C.O. Bigelow
tea which I was kind of disappointed about but this place was fun to visit
because it was just a cute quirky little slice of Americana in Korea. so what did
you guys think let me know in the comments below which one was your
favorite and if you’ve ever been to any of them before and also leave a comment if you
have a cafe that you think I should visit I’ll talk to you in my next video

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