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Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 70’s | Donut Media

The 1970’s was the golden era of car chase
scenes in movies. Everyone who was anyone was making them, and
there are almost too many good chases to count. So we narrowed it down for you. Starting off our list at number 10 is… This is a weirdly entertaining movie, and
so is the car chase. Bond ends up stealing a fresh AMC Hornet from a dealership to chase down the tri-nipple dude and ends up sending it on one of the most famous stunts in film history. This film actually bought the rights to this stunt,
preventing it from being performed in other movies. The fact that this is the only movie car chase
with a successful barrel role from this era means that it had to be on our list. Coming in at number 9 is… This scene makes our list because it
was the first to be filmed at night. It’s also a great example of how reckless
cops are from chases in this era. The cops in this film are absolutely ruthless,
it’s almost like main character is at a wanted level of of 5 from Grand Theft Auto. They give absolutely no f%#$. which makes for some great action. and is what later lead the film to be adopted into video game. and of course, our list. Coming in at number 8 is… And because it’s Burt Reynolds in a Trans-Am. I mean come on, if that doesn’t scream 1970’s
car chase, we don’t know what does. But let’s put this film in perspective,
it was the second highest grossing film that year only to the movie Star Wars. That says a lot about this film as a whole,
and the car chases definitely live up to that fact. Now, we can’t prove that fact and I don’t
even think Hal can. But judging by the huge stunts in this film, It’s pretty obvious that Hal knows what he’s talking about. Landing in a respectful number 7 is… Mad Max movies are known for having awesome,
if not the most awesome, car chase scenes ever. And that’s exactly what happens here. Not going to lie, I was completely taken back
by that crash because it was seriously intense. And for that reason it earns a spot on our list. Number 6 is… This french movie has one mega car chase scene
that some consider the Bullit of foreign movies. The most impressive part is that… That’s some fast and furious level awesomeness I’m just going to go ahead and give him the nickname, Jean-Paul Walker. which were under military dictatorship at the time. We have no idea how they made that happen,
but we are super stoked they did because this car chase historically fantastic. Sliding into number 5 is The Seven Ups from
1973. That right there lets you know that this car chase is going to be good even before you start watching it. And it does not let you down. These two guys are doing everything they can
to kill each other, and they pull some pretty ingenious moves to get a leg up on one other while racing through the street. So much so that we get to witness the first
ever Hatchback convertible made In the worst way possible. By semi-truck. …coming in at number 4. This high flying battle between the two classic
American muscle cars goes everywhere and sees no boundaries. Fire Hydrants, rollovers, train jumps, the
list of stunts goes on an on, and each one more is just as thrilling as the last. It was hard not to place this chase in our
top three But you are about to find out why. Breaking into our top 3 greatest Movie car
chases from the 70’s is the movie… No music, just pure fear and engine noises. It’s what a car chase lover dreams of. It’s without a doubt the reason why semi-trucks
became such a popular weapon of choice in car chases for many year to come. The possessed semi truck just keeps coming And it doesn’t f&%# stop. It’s so crazy. I mean it’s scary as [email protected] Leaving you with one message: Don’t f^#%
with semi trucks on the highway. The most impressive part is that… Props to you, Steven, it only took you 12 days
to give me nightmares for 12 years. Our runner up at number 2 is… It’s another long one, and it’s damn good,
with a damn cool car, and it’s an interesting backstory as well. You win some and you lose some. Also true for stunt at the end. Talk about giving it all you got And that’s why this chase is one of our top favorites from 70’s. That leads us to our number 1 greatest and
most favorite car movie chase from the 70’s Let’s get one thing straight here first
and foremost. No filming permits! That’s right They put innocent people’s lives in danger for the sake of making a great car chase scene. It’s outright insanity. His white ford was destroyed and later paid
for by the studio. And apparently they were because they went
and they jammed on the street without a doubt. So you can blame it all on Hickman, even though
William sort of egged him on. The sheer lunacy involved in making this stunt
is what gave it our number 1 spot for two reasons. Uncontrolled stunts like this will most likely
never happen again, and because the people making the film were as loony as the stunts themselves. As always, we’d love to hear what movies
you think should have been on the list… There’s a lot of them that could have easily
made it, so let’s talk about it. And don’t forget to like and subscribe for

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 70’s | Donut Media

  1. That blue van in the original Mad Max? It was the director's personal vehicle. This scene was done last, and they ran out of budget for vehicles. In another scene, one of the four door cop cars is blowing blue smoke out its exhaust b/c its actually an old taxi cab losing its piston rings–which gives you an idea of their budget. Should you buy the movie on DVD, try to get the Japanese version with subtitles, b/c it has the original Australian voices–the American movie theatre version dubbed Mel Gibson's voice with some actor doing dog food commercials, thinking the accent would be too thick for the audience to understand. I also think Vanishing Point should have been added, but give credit for the movies mentioned–few know about The Seven Ups or that there was an original Driver (both can be seen for free in entirety here on YouTube)

  2. I’d like an episode about the highwaymen and the danger of driving long journeys back at the 30s and 40s, and 50s

  3. Thanks for such a great list. Gone in 60 shoulda been first, but the French Fry Connection info was new to me, thanks again!

  4. in the movie duel  the tractor was the most ugliest truck in the world but i'd keep it because it's a classic…

  5. Ok that was footage from both smoked and the bandit 1 and 2 and number 2 was released in 1980

  6. Bullet – didn't make the cut are you serious – what about Terminator 1 & 2 not really sure about I but 2 damn sure as hell had a good chase scene. What about "Herbie the Love bug" they sure as hell did have some unusual car chase scenes. A lot of "B" movies had a lot of good car chase scenes also. If you could get pass all the boring dialog the car chase scenes were some of the best. Not one Clint Eastwood film made it to the cut either hmm that surprises me. Thunderbolt and Light foot – the gauntlet – Not a single Charles Bronson either huh???

  7. INDEED WTF, where is Vanishing Point…? Fail top 10…! Vanishing Point would in comparison put all those to shame and those are good car chase movies.

  8. yall had scenes from several smokey and the bandit movies in your video, one was from 1983. (part 3) y'all should have included that.

  9. No bullet or vanishing point? You can’t even be American! If you are Your for dang sure not from the south

  10. Forgot to mention that the Gone In 60 Seconds, the director/driver managed (unintended) to hit a highway light pole at 100 mph without any brake application. Auch!
    (P.S. Vanishing Point WAS filmed in 1971, so where is it?)

  11. All good, save no Vanishing Point…or Ronin. An honorable mention for the first Transporter movie too…original Italian Job also.

  12. Original mad max was called road warrior, it was later changed for US audience to make the second movie make sense when it was released in the US. Both became hugely popular and replayed on TV in the US and Australia.

  13. This list is fucked. Made by non car guys. Probably never heard of two lane blacktop, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry or vanishing point. Smokey and the bandit at 8 gtfo

  14. Who made this list , are they smoking crack? Dirty Mary , Crazy Larry , Vanishing Point, Bullet, Gator …..

  15. Freebie and the Bean… It's got that bit where the baddie sneaks in front of a train just like a cartoon, and the trail bike through traffic.

  16. beginning starts me: 🎶Buford T. Justice, the fearless law of Texas, the man that chased the Bandit coast to coast🎶…what? Nobody else feels like singing? Btw Smokey and the Bandit is my favorite movie I always watch it and I'm 11 naw that ain't weird!

  17. Bullitt with Steve McQueen RIP (1930-1980) and
    H.B. Halicki (1940-1989)
    BTW Steve Mcqueen did his own stunts in Bullitt

  18. Where is Vanishing Point, Bullitt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Race with the Devil? On a lighter side, how about "What's up Doc" with Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand.

  19. I think the road warrior, dirty mary-crazy larry, Vanishing point & how in the fuck can you forget Bullitt?!!..make another top 10 or maybe 20 list.

  20. I learned to drive on the roads Duel was filmed on. The truck wreckage was left at the bottom of the cliff, and now has several thousand bullet holes in it.

  21. Personally I'd put the top 2 the other way around but that's just me. They're both great though and so is everything else on this list.

  22. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Starring: Peter Fonda, Susan George, Adam Roarke, Vic Morrow Release date: May 17, 1974
    Peter Henry Fonda was an American actor. He was the son of Henry Fonda, younger brother of Jane Fonda, and father of Bridget and Justin Fonda. Fonda was a part of the counterculture of the 1960s.
    Born: February 23,1940 – Died: August 16, 2019 (age 79)

  23. 1974 Dirty Mary Crazy Larry – '66 Impala 4 door hard top that Fonda jumped the open bridge with deserves a mention .

  24. Two words, VANISHING POINT. You cant put French Connection without Vanishing Point, since they double featured together and found it's success thanks to it

  25. There are other movies not featured on this long list. First is 'The Delta Factor'. A highly obscure movie from 1970 but if you watch it all the way towards the end you'll see a thrilling "David & Goliath" chase between a VW Bug & a 1965-66 Ford Mustang. Next is 1974 British movie '11 Harrowhouse' starring Candice Bergen. Then comes 'Brannigan' starring John Wayne from 1975. People keep mentioning 'The Dukes of Hazzard', well there was a forerunner to this called 'Moonrunners' from 1975 which starred James Mitchum (Robert Mitchum's son). Some good car chases there. From 1973 was 'The MacKintosh Man', which stars Paul Newman & (genuinely) drives a pick-up van being chased by baddies in a Mercedes-Benz across Ireland. 1974 movie 'Busting' starring Elliott Gould as a cop who takes an ambulance to pursue villains making off in another ambulance which is driven by "Dragos". Gould also starred in the movie 'Who?' from the same year & features a chase where he drives a 1967 Plymouth Fury III. Any more I can think of I'll let you know.

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