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Top 10 Best Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 90’s | Donut Media

Action movies from the 1990’s became bigger
and more elaborate than ever and the same holds true for many of the car chase scenes from this era. Buckle up tight and hold on for dear life. Here are the top 10 greatest movie car chase
scenes from the 1990’s. Starting off our list at number 10 is “A
Short Time” from 1990. This hilarious car chase involves a detective
named Burt, who thinks he only has two weeks to live. Now he’s attempting to die in the line of
duty to collect insurance money for his family. So he ditches his yogurt Burt your yogurt! to take advantage
of an excellent opportunity to end his life in a high speed pursuit with a couple of armed
robbers. What is he trying to kill himself? The bad guys start to get away, so at a last
ditch effort, he sends it through a barrier and off a cliff. Unlucky for him, he was wearing a seatbelt
at the time, so he survived the wreck. Lucky for us, that means chase keeps going,
and gets pretty heated between a red Plymouth Caravelle and a baby blue Pontiac Catalina. Burt ends up parking it right in front of
the speeding criminals and gets completely t-boned and still survives! We’re glad you’re still alive Burt, and
that’s why you made it on our list. Can’t you idiots do anything right? Landing in at number 9 is the movie “Jade” from
1995. It’s another great car chase directed by
William Friedkin. He’s the mastermind behind legendary car
chases from “The French Connection” and “To Live and Die in LA” both of which
have made into our top 3 from the 70’s and 80’s lists. Be sure to check those out after watching
this one. And check out the legs on this babe. Wait, oh my God. No. This chase gets your blood pumping from
the very beginning and holds it all the way to the very end. The hilly streets of San Francisco are a car chase wonderland for movies and that will always be the case. Chalk full of traffic, tight streets, and
a ton of angry Chinese people partying in Chinatown give this chase everything it needs
to hang with some of the best chases out there. Coming in at number 8 is the movie Taxi from
1998. This french action movie is about a pizza
boy who has some serious skills behind the wheel. He quits his job to take up racing full time
as a taxi driver and along the way challenges some criminals to a race. And check out these sweet euro whips. A Silver 500E Mercedes and a tastefully riced
out Peugeot 406. These three cars dance through city streets,
between loading docks, and down a highway while trying to out do one another. Mix in a Semi trucks spilling a bunch of valuable
water bottles, some super power car flipping capabilites and a bridge jump that leads
to nowhere, and you got yourself a bonafide chase from the 90s. Number 7 is the car rental scene in “Days of
Thunder” from 1990. In this scene, Tom cruise and that other guy
decide to take a couple rental cars on an ultimate joy ride that every teenager dreams of. And it’s even more special getting to watch
two professional NASCAR drivers get the job done right behind the backs of their motorsport managers. It’s a short and sweet car chase that really
satisfies your appetite. Number 6 is the BMW chase in “Tomorrow Never
Dies” from 1997. In this chase, bond is driving a tricked out
740IL BMW’s that he can control with his phone That’s right, Bond was already doing it back in ’97. They built 17 Aspen Grey BMW’s for this
chase, and four were adapted to be “hidden driver cars.” That means the stunt driver was actually sitting
in the back seat driving the car with a tiny steering wheel. The car that launches off the roof was also
modified and stripped of all it’s weight so it could gloriously soar through the sky
like my dreams of becoming a stunt driver. We are back in the busy streets of San Francisco
for this car chase in “The Rock” from 1996 coming in at number 5. It’s got 1990’s car chase written all
over it. A Black Humvee, A Yellow F-355 Spider, Sean
Connery, and internet meme god Nicolas Cage were all very popular things from this era. We get more expensive jugs of water exploding
from a semi truck that gets decapitated by the flying brick on wheels. We get cops taking huge wrecks. A Ferrari flying through a window. And a super intense trolley disaster where
a selfless conductor Oh my baby! manages to buy enough time to save everyone on board, and sticks it out by his trolleys side until they both explode into what seems like another dimension. You just f*** up your Ferrari. Landing in at number 4 is the car chase scene from “Who Am I?” in 1998. When it comes to action scenes, Jackie Chan
really knows how to bring the action up a notch. And for this film they utilized a bunch of
elaborate rigs that helped the car perform stunts never before scene in car chases while
still keeping it realistic enough for the purists. Like this clean 270 reverse park to ditch
the bad guys. They almost get away and end up being chased
up a parking where one of the black M3 sedans nearly bring down one of the actors off the
top floor. The innovative stunts in this film are what
landed it high up on our list. We’re entered into our top 3 car chase scenes
and what better way to start it off than the classic bus chase from the movie “Speed” in 1994. There’s a bunch of super intense moments throughout
the movie and the suspense of a speeding bus full of innocent people became an instant hit. Keanu Chases down the bus and sets himself
up to ghost ride the whip while pretending to care about the guy who’s convertible he just jacked. Sir, I need to take your phone. And of course, we get some more water to help
cool us down from the action. Leading us to the famous jump over the uncompleted
highway, which is pretty hard to top. Everyone escapes and the driverless bus slams
into a plane. Now that’s what I’m talking about. You’re not going to get a bigger explosions
unless you involve an atomic bomb. And that’s not really a topic we should
be getting into right now. Continuing the list is our runner up car chase
from The Terminator: Judgement Day in 1991. This is one of the greatest and most recognizable
car chase scenes even to this day. Pitching a motorcycle against a terminator
powered semi truck is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever heard of. That’s until the OG terminator shows up. I probably watched this harley jump over 30
times because jumping a bike like that ain’t easy and because the stunt double looks scarier
than the Terminator himself. Look at him, that’s some Michael Myers shit
right there. This chase has water, although not in bottles and its also got bridge jumps, convertibles, sawed off shotguns, not one, but two terminators,
and a major semi truck explosion. That pretty much checks every box on the list
for a great 90’s car chase. That brings us to our number 1 greatest and
most elaborate car chase scene from the 1990’s with “Ronin” from 1998. This car chase is as tense and it is realistic. The stunt driving in this scene is really
something to appreciate. During some moments in this chase, they were
using up to 300 stunt drivers all at once. And to make it seem like the actors were doing
all the driving themselves, they actually used right hand drive cars so that the actors
could mimic the same moves as the stunt drivers while sitting next to them. This chase doesn’t fall short in any other
key factors either such as semi truck disasters, innocent civilians getting caught up in the
funk, 270 drift entries, and of course driving against traffic on the highway. There are obvious nods to some of the films
we have covered from previous eras which is what all around makes this the hands down
best car chase from the 1990s. As always we’d love to hear what movies
you think should have been on our list. And please don’t forget to like and subscribe
for more.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 90’s | Donut Media

  1. What's the silver car that is crossing the intersection at 1:14? It's the one that is only seen for a split second in the middle of the screen.

  2. Black Dog? Not on the list? 2 semi's dueling !! An IROC-Z and Monte Carlo dueling! All at the same time you missed that one definitely should be on this list plus it has Patrick Swayze driving the semi!

  3. You are SO correct about Ronin. That is by far one of the best chase movies ever circa 1990. It’s too bad you could not include anything from the late 1980s because the Blues Brothers are by far my most favorite car chase scene ever in history. Smokey and the Bandit had quite a few also. Maybe do a review on those.

  4. short time is hands down my favorite car chases.. everytime you think it's over, nope.. he just keeps chasing after them.

  5. You need to do a little more research on some of these films. The Harley bike jump from Terminator 2 wasn't really a jump, it was run down cables to get the bike from the bridge to sewer level without breaking it or killing the stuntman. The wrecker, however, actually was jumped and broke its steering on landing, which you can see in the film. If you watch the right front wheel, so left side of the screen, when the truck emerges from the cloud of dust it creates you can clearly see the front wheels are pointing in different directions and the truck is trying to climb up the side of the storm drain. When the scene cut, the steering on the truck was quickly welded up and the truck, still running and driving fine other than the broken steering, completed the sequence, before being detonated in the usual movie way. Apparently, if you know the right place to look, you can still see an imprint of the grille of that truck on the concrete support it was crashed into…

  6. replace that cartoonish Tomorrow Never Dies crap with The Peacemaker car chase 1997 Big ass 500SEL mercedes wreaking havoc on three old school 5 series BMWs

  7. Nice videos. Plymouth Caravelle was a 4-cylinder sedan based on the K-car platform. Plymouth Gran Fury's, like the one seen here, were ubiquitous police cars from the late '70s through the '80s.

  8. Already lots of Bond entries but I liked the one in Golden Eye. Russian tank pursuing that tiny car in the streets of St. Petersburg.

  9. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is and will always be my Number #1 Favorite of the Terminator franchise!

  10. You forgot to add "James Bond: Goldeneye" St. Petersburg car chase featuring James Bond driving a Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank to chase after the Villain General Ourumov's car while being pursued by angry Russian soldiers in Military jeeps and Russian Police. In the process James Bond accidently causes a lot of damage to almost half of St. Petersburg with his tank that he stolen/borrowed. The largest stunt sequence in the film was the tank chase, which took around six weeks to film, partly on location in St. Petersburg and partly at Leavesden Film Studios in Hertfordshire, England.[1] A Russian T-54/55 tank, on loan from the East England Military Museum, was modified with the addition of fake explosive reactive armour panels.[2] To avoid destroying the pavement on the city streets of St. Petersburg, the steel off-road tracks of the T-54/55 were replaced with the rubber-shoed tracks from a British Chieftain tank.[3] The T-55 Tank used in the film is now on permanent display at Old Buckenham Airport where the East England Military Museum is based.Goldeneye Tank Chase:

  11. Car chase movies from the 70s were far better, Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary crazy Larry,Sugarlqnd Express , Two lane blacktop were one hour and a half long car chases and stunts were real not cgi

  12. I'm glad that Ronin gets the laurels, it also pays hommage to "C'était un rendez vous" that wasn't a movie per se. The other car chase in the movie isn't that good, it's a pity as they put so much effort on it but in the end they added some cheap digital smoke when the mercedes makes a backwards 180.

  13. Judgement day didn't have a sawed off. But I agree with the Ronin choice. It was one of the most expensive car chases to date. And it was definitely the longest. It's immortal.

  14. Fully agreed for Ronin. I think it is the best of all times. I went to watch it 20 years ago because there is a Citroen XM chase and didn't expect the car chase to be so intense

  15. What about striking distance with Bruce Willis, in my home town pittsburgh? That was a good chase, yinz would like it!! Look it up!!

  16. Seeing I grew up around that time but didn't exactly see all the movies that were here I kind of agree with you guys

  17. Speed and The Rock both great movies I've seen them so many times on TV I've lost count and that also includes Terminater 2 another great movie.

  18. Bruce Willis did a film in 1993 called Striking Distance, filmed in Pittsburgh. That chase scene was intense.

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