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Titus Walks Out on Amara: “I’m Done” | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

What’s going on? I’m done. What do you mean you’re done? Done with what? What it’s been about
ever since the day you joined that meth ring
investigation, Damian Collins. Oh my god. What has he done now? I know, Amara. Yeah, of course
you know, Titus. You’ve known about
everything for months. No. Not everything. You said, it was one time. I said, I made one mistake. Don’t you dare play word
games with me right now, Amara. You know damn well
what was implied. How many times, Amara? How many times did you crawl
out of his bed and into mine? How many times you compare us? AMARA: No. Titus, it was never like that. I read your text
messages, by the way, all the ones I could stomach. Months and months of “I
love your hands on me.” How about this crowd favorite? AMARA (PHONE): Hey, I miss you. I um– I’m so hard
when I’m with you and I ache when we’re apart. He’s never home. And when he is, it’s
like I’m not even there. All I can think about is
being with you, Damien. I’m thinking about leaving him. Titus, I should’ve
been stronger. But I wouldn’t have turned to
Damien if you had been around, if you had just paid attention.
– Just stop. You do not get the turn
this around on me, Amara. I was working, trying to build
a life for you, me, and Daja, while you were getting it
on with your little partner. Maybe you never stopped. No, Titus. You know that’s not true. I don’t know [MUTED]. AMARA: Listen, Titus, OK? This– this is exactly
what Damian wants, right? So please, please, baby,
don’t let him ruin us, OK? You did that. Every time you laid
down with that [MUTED],, you killed us a little more.
– No. Come on. Titus, come on. Baby, we– we’re
better than this. No. We’re better than Damian. We are. Titus, please.
OK. Don’t go.
– Move. I can fix this. Titus, I can fix this. I know that I can, but if
you walk out that door, then I can’t do
anything about that. Please, Titus. Come on. Don’t walk out on me. Please.

96 thoughts on “Titus Walks Out on Amara: “I’m Done” | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. I think she’s weak! She’s not a very strong woman and I hate how she doesn’t stand on her feet to that dude. Titus is a good man, so far.

  2. Well, Stephanie's evil plan worked out pretty well. I guess this victory is a small consolation compared to the English Rose Development blunder.

  3. At 3:00 she said she can't do nothing about it. / That's a red flag meaning she gave up all of a sudden which she's the blame, in saying she probably will go back to other dude

  4. She won't win any acting awards for that scene. I wouldn't have stayed with that effort so we know "this guy " yes he rates "a guy" would have to run happily to get away from that weakness. Both so satisfied with a pass OuT they could have enjoyed a cigarette

  5. Really.now he wants leave.lol..lol..years after t he affair..hell if you been that dick she needed.. man she wouldn't have cheated.

  6. Titus is self righteous and she’s weak. She needs to take a few tips from her former bestie Stephanie and get a lil dirty.

  7. He mad because she said it one night stand she didn't tell him it was full affair. that why he's piss and find out from the other guy

  8. Lawd i really wish she had just put it all out there when it came out probably would've made a difference but this is all Stephanie wants SMH.
    He gonna be right in bed with Stephanie just watch SMH

  9. Amara was obviously feeling lonely while her hubby Titus was working but it seems they both didn't realize how lonely they were in there struggling days. The bad part is Stephanie will just about do anything to ruin anyone's life as long as it suits her needs and wants. If Titus really loves Amara he will realize while he was busy working he may have forgotten that he has a wife to pay attention to. This happens in reality as well how couples don't pay attention to one another while busy with careers etc.

  10. I feel for dude but at the same time I'm like come on dog. They might tell you it was one time but to us that 1 time last forever. Shoulda dipped from the moment you found out & with baby girl right behind you.

  11. I'm learning a lot from this one post. People really feel that he should've known she was lying about it being one time and shouldn't be this upset nor surprised. Nooo people! His wounds have been reopened by this mess. And not just wounds but down-to-the-bone hard to heal punctured wounds!

  12. I love Oprah and you have inspired me from day one. I'm now running my own charity work at this young age. I call upon God's followers to support me through subscribing. Thank you Oprah

  13. I really didn’t expect this. I assumed he knew it was an affair. I think him actually hearing the stuff she was saying to Damien is going to be nearly impossible to get over. It would be for me.

  14. I’m over this storyline with him and this jealousy thing! I hope they wrap this up it’s so tired. The show is so good this is just killing the vibe

  15. the fact they cant see whats going on is too much… sad they dont have a strong marriage after wht they went through… trust is the key issue in all of this… any lil thing., man up man dont let this happen

  16. But didn't she cheat on him once before? That's what Titus said in the first episode, so apparently she's a serial cheater.

  17. To be real Titus never forgave her for cheating. Even if she told him it was for 1 time or a full affair Men do not forgive easily as women do for cheating.

  18. Amara has been playing Titus for a FOOL!!! Comparing notes and all– got Damion knowing he's better in the sheets-just shameful- Titus better be DONE DONE!!!

  19. LMFAO I can't even feel bad for Amara. Her excise for stepping out on Titus was weak (like her self control). I hope he gets with Stephanie. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. Karla: Those Titus with Stephanie scenes were IN THE MIND AND IMAGINATION OF AMARA! Reading is fundamental Karla. Watch -Listen-Comprehend. YES TITUS SHOULD HAVE PUT AMARA O-U-T 😡. OUT OUT OUT😡

  21. I know she messed up, but he really shouldn't have left his wife alone. Damien is a fool, and now Amara has no protector.

  22. Oh and this Roderick character is the worst actor ever even in Saints and Sinners he is just horrible.. Sad to even say cause he's handsome but I hope he come back 💪 on they a** 😂

  23. First man me see fool fool so how can u believe that crazy ex bf over your wife n move out really Titus a that the guy want you to do so he can come in. Really Titus can't believe u

  24. Its crazy how a man walks away so quickly on a woman for one mistake and when it comes to man cheating they want us to keep put up with the bs but it is some good ones out there tho


  26. Forgiveness is a great attribute for the human spirit. In life we will need it. Our fellow human are as flawed as we are. We will hurt people to some degree and we will be hurt. The alternative to not being a forgiving person is to have emotional cancer constantly spreading. As someone who has been a both sides of broken fidelity. The pain is a daily agony & l did experience it like Titus. It took many days & nights to get over it. We confuse trust and forgiveness at times. Trust is earned forgiveness is given(a gift). As we see here there are consequences. When I didn't keep my word & finally realized I wanted to be a faithful, honorable, loving man.The Lord bless me to propose to my then girlfriend and I have kept my word ever since. I praise God we have been married for 7 years (8/25/2012). I will be faithful until the end. To those who have a forgiving heart you are great. Be wise and don't commit yourself to people who have not demonstrated in their lives what it means to be faithful,honorable, and trustworthy. To my fellow men be a man of your word. Love never fails

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