Tim Berners-Lee speaks about Social Networks @ Davos
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Tim Berners-Lee speaks about Social Networks @ Davos

>> …was generally that. To ask a question like
that, I think it is wrong to treat them all the same because it depends on how you design
them. And little changes, I think, for example Facebook [INDISTINCT], little–just little
changes in how you treat privacy can dramatically affect the way the social network works. The
fact that eBay works isn’t because they handle money really well or they advertise their
products really well, it’s because they threw in there reputation-based system for where
you can trust the other person. And it happened to be a reputation-based system where it worked.
Other sites like–I won’t mention particular ones. But other sites in which people tweet
about, you know, or get information about what they do or think about what’s just happened.
Where there is a reputation-based system that people can push the messages up and down,
you know, what–and there are still, it’s still generally those sites when you go there,
you find a lot of–as much garbage as those useful stuff. It’s not worth going there.
And it turns out that really small and the way you treat it in the way you designed the
interaction system, the way you designed these social machinery like the voting systems,
JP set. Yeah, we’ve got voting systems out there. Well, we’ve have voting systems, but
in fact–and there was some of those instances that kind of worked on a social network we
bridged across countries. And what sort of mandate should we get those and how can we
design them and actually, can’t we think there’s something better than voting. I think, you
know, we’ve been using democracy because there have been nothing better as in [INDISTINCT]
said for years, and years and years. On certain networks, every new social network that we’ve
been entrusted to redesign the way we actually make decisions together, the way we collected
inside of what’s true. And I hope we’re really at the beginning of that part. And each of
the social networks we’ve got at the moment is just adjusting experiments. And I hope
we find some really effective ways so that the power becomes very much more reliable
and I can put much more trust in it.

2 thoughts on “Tim Berners-Lee speaks about Social Networks @ Davos

  1. UberSecret it was very distressing, seeing that this man created the internet which is the biggest social network ever. I didn't want to see such a brilliant man rant like this, how very sad. Maybe if he came @ his point of view with a more structured-coherent manner would it be worth paying attention, I expected more from him, and got nothing.

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